Zong Internet Packages: All Zong 3G Net Pack Details [Sept 2017]

Zong Internet Packages: Hello Friends you are looking for Zong internet Packages? Do you know Zong Internet Packages? Or do you want to recharge your Zong Internet package? Then Friends you will be wondered to know that you are at the right place at the right time.

So Today I will tell about all the packages of Zong telecom Company which you can use to recharge your internet. These net packs are only for Zong customer who want to use 3g data on their phones.

Moreover, Zong is a Pakistan based company which was started in the year 2008 and headquatered at Islamabad. It is Pakistan’s second largest GSM mobile service provider and third largest mobile service in terms of subscriber base of over 25.6 million. It is one of the fastest growing telecom company in pakistan with a market share of 19%

Zong Internet Packages

Zong Internet packages has amazing plans for their customer to join new other users.

Here I will give you each and every single information about Zong Internet Packages. These details will be include package charges ,volume, bundles details, subscription code etc.

Zong Internet Packages(3G / 4G)

There are some amazing Packages are provided by Zong Telecom Company for their users. In Which user can choose any one of them packages according to their needs.

Zong 3G 4G Internet Packages

There are five Zong 3G Packages:

  1. Zong Daily Internet Package
  2. Monthly Internet Package
  3. Weekly Internet Package
  4. Zong Social Bundle
  5. All In one

Zong Daily 3G Internet Package:

This is for those users who are not surfing on internet for a long time period So for them this is one o the best Zong Net Packages. So i will give all the details about this Zong Internet Package in table below:

TypeDaily BasisDaily Premium
VOolume15100 MB

You should go for it:

Weekly Internet Package

If users want to surf more time rather than one or two days then this Zong Package is very beneficial for those users. This package is comes with validity for a full week. So if you are long time internet surfer then recharge with this zong 3G net pack on your mobile. I will give all details about this package through table below:

TypeWeekly PremiumSuper Weekly
Volume70700 MB
Price1002 GB

Monthly Internet Package

Guys If you are a Student and searching for Zong 4G net pack to use internet for longer period of time. Then this net pack will be the best for you, as these are monthly data plans. You will get a really good experience by using this data package.

This is Zong Monthly Internet Package:

Monthly Mini50 PKR150 MB
Monthly Basic150 PKR500 MB
Monthly Premium 2300 PKR2 GB
Monthly Premium 6600 PKR6 GB
Monthly Premium101800 PKR10 GB

Zong Social Bundle

Nowadays everyone want to save their data but want to stay longer on Social Media aaswell. So I am here with amazing Zong Packages in which you can recharge your mobile for different types of internet purposes like Facebook, WhatsAPP etc.

So if you are liking this pack and want to know all details about this Zong Net Package, then have a look at the below table:

Social Pack (Facebook,WhatsApp,Twitter)10100 MB
Classified Pack (Daraz,Lamudi,Kaymu,PakWheels & Carmudi)550 MB
Facebook550 MB
WhatsAPP15300 MB
Twitter220 MB

Must checkout:

All In One

Some Users are searching for the offer in which they want all benefits like Sms, Talk time, Data etc. With this pack you will get all the benefits just by recharging only one plan and thus you don’t need to recharge with each and every plan.

Here are Zong 3G Packages Combo details: 

Basic Add-On10 PKR30 MB
Premium Add-ON20PKR80 MB

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