Zarfund Review: How Zarfund Works, Full Support | Sept Update

Zarfund Review: Hey Friends, Today I’m going to share everything about Zarfund as one of our beloved reader asked me to throw some light over Zarfund. You must have heard about Zardfund through your Friends or Relatives and even it is getting a lot of hype over Social Media aswell. Alot of people talk about Zarfund Review as an amazing and unique way of Earning Money Online.

Minimum Investment: 0.03 BTC (Approx Rs. 2200)

Refund Policy: Its upon Members

Pays Money: Yes

Payment Deposit: Bitcoin

Payment Way: Bitcoin

Category: MLM Donations

Referral Amount: 100%

Is Zarfund Fake: Till Now, it is paying Money Regularly. But Read till end to know more

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The tagline Zarfund – Where Wealth is Predictable is reaching new heights among common people. And as a result millions of people has joined Zarfund and a lot of them are earning handsome amount of money in the form of Bitcoin. These Bitcoin can however be easily converted in to real cash.Zarfund Review

So, In this post I will tell you about the following points:

  • What is Zarfund
  • How Zarfund works
  • How to use Zarfund
  • Zarfund Reviews if it is fake or not

So just read this post till the end and under the whole concept of Zarfund.

What is Zardfund?

Zarfund is a “Peer to Peer Direct Donation Platform” where various Fundraisers can collect the money to acheive their dreams. In simple words, ZarFund is a Bitcoin Matrix System, where you can donate a certain amount of money to your up-line and get donations from your down-line. Zarfund claims that, if the platform is utilized to its full potential then a person can earn maximum of 164 BTC easily i.e. around $173966/ Rs. 1 Crore.

Zarfund involves the use of Cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin. And it’s members are increasing exponentially day by day. The company was started in August 2016 and is being operated from South Africa.

Who is the Founder of Zarfund?

The founder of Zarfund is Hannes Jordaan and he is located at South Africa. According to Hannes, the sole reason for starting Zarfund is to help people like you and me to achieve our dreams. Also, you can get in touch with Hannes Jordan via his Facebook profile here.

How Zarfund Works?

This is one of the most important question that people ask about Zarfund as this is a unique business model. It is a forced 2×2 matrix so that you can make money. Here, People Join below someone and then voluntarily donates to the person who had invited them.

Let’s Say that you had joined the program and you at Level 0 in the starting. Now you need to donate bitcoins to your up-line in order to upgrade yourself level-1. Once, you make the donation, you will be eligible to take donations from your down-line and hence Earn Money.

Similarly, When you will reach Level 2, you will have to donate some amount to your Up-Line inorder to receive money from your down-line. And you have to repeat this process until you reach level 6. how does zarfund works

So, this was the crunch of Zarfund Plan and now I will you how much exactly you can earn and how the process works and also how to join zarfund. Stay Tuned! Meanwhile, If you want have a look at Afoffe Plan which also gives you Bitcoins.

Step by Step of Zarfund Working:

Step 1: When you Join Zarfund, You will be on Level 0. Now, You need to Upgrade to Level 1 by Donation 0.03 Bitcoins to your Sponsor. That’s it, Now you will become eligible to receive 0.03 BTC per person i.e. (0.03 x 2) = 0.06 BTC

#Note: Bitcoin prices keeps on changing, so do check the current price before making the payment in Bitcoins.

Zarfund process 1

Step 2: Once, You are at Level-1, You need to Donate 0.05 BTC to your Up-Line inorder to Upgrade to Level-2. Now, You will be eligible to receive 0.05 BTC per person i.e. (0.05 x 4) = 0.20 BTC.Zarfund level 2

Step 3: Similarly, Now you are on Level 2 and have to Upgrade to Level 3 by Donating 0.1 BTC to your Up-Line. Thus you instantly become eligible to receive 0.1 BTC per person from your Down-Line i.e. (0.1 x 8) = 0.80 BTC.Zarfund level 3

Step 4: So, You are at Level-3 Now, and need to Upgrade to Level-4 by Paying / donating 0.2 BTC to your level-4 Up-line. Once donated, you will immediately be eligible to receive 0.2 BTC from each of your Sixteen Level-4 referrals of down-lines i.e. (0.2 x 16) = 3.20 BTC.Zarfund level 4

Step 5: Now, You are at Level-4 and need to Upgrade to Level-5 by donating 1 BTC to your level-4 Up-line. Once donated, you will immediately be eligible to receive 1 BTC from each of your thirty two referrals of down-lines i.e. (1×32) = 32 BTC. Zarfund level 6

Step 6: So, Its the final step and Now you need to Upgrade to Level-6 by donating 2 BTC to your Level-6 Up-line. That’s it! You will immediately become eligible to receive 2 BTC from each of your Sixty Four (64) down-liners i.e. (2 x 64) = 128 BTC Zarfund level 5

So, I hope you must have understood the whole working process of Zarfund. Moreover, You will get the time of maximum 1 month to upgrade to the upper level or else your account will be closed.

How To Join Zarfund?

Join Zardfund is really very easy, Anybody can join and become a member. All you need is just Bitcoins to start with the lowest level and become eligible for earning money.

  1. First of all you need to Visit Zarfund from here.
  2. Now, Fill all the Details like Username, Email, Password etc. Zardfund signup
  3. Now, Within 48 hours you have to add your Bitcoin Address, so that 0.03 BTC can donated to your up-liner.
  4. And Now your account will be activated within next 4-5 hours.

How To Get Bitcoins for Zarfund:

If you are new to Bitcoins, then you must be really confused on How to buy Bitcoins or from where you get your bitcoin address.

  • First of all you need to make a Bitcoin account and from their you will get your Bitcoin address.
  • And then, You will have to add that Bitcoin address in your Zarfund account to Donate and Accept Bitcoins.

How To Make your Bitcoin Account:

  • Download Zebpay App from here or Directly make on BlockChain
  • Signup on it & You will get your Bitcoin Address.
  • Now, Verify your Bank Details and Pancard.
  • Once Verified, You will have to add an amount of around Rs.2200 in it.
  • N0w, you will have to buy 0.03 BTC from it.


You can just Call or Whatsapp on 7827034256 and I will help you with all the process. Or reach me at my Facebook Profile here.

Some Key Points about Zarfund:

  1. Hannes Jordaan is the founder of Zarfund. Mostly if the company is Scam their Founder names are not known.
  2. Zarfund does not store your money and they do not even pay you. It is just a person to person donation platform.
  3. The money is Sent and Received only though Bitcoins Hence you need to make an account on Blockchain or Zebpay or any other Bitcoin platform.
  4. You need to convert your money from Bitcoins to your Currency. For that you can use any of the platforms. You can contact me if you need any help.

My Verdict on Zarfund Review & Plans

Most of the people think if Zarfund is Fake or Not, if it is real and shall they invest in Zarfund or not. This is one on of the toughest question that people generally thinks before investing their money in any plan. So, here I would like to give my review as well and do let me know what do you think about it so that we can exchange out thoughts.

Till know, I got to know alot about Zarfund and it is still in the Early days. Hence, It would surely be beneficial if you join itnow and make the most of it. People are really making alot of Money through it and had earned Lakhs.

Day by Day people are getting to know about Zarfund Review and are really crazy about its working. So,My advice would be If you want to join then you should as you can really make good money out of it. But invest only if you can feel the setback of 0.03 BTC if the company closes or anything. So to be on a safer side just take the call according to yourself and not under someones influence.

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