Interview Dress Code Women Need To Follow To get Hired

If you are about to go for an interview and are desperate to bag the job, get ready to pick the most appropriate clothes from your closet and be interview-ready. You can’t just pick any random clothes, mix and match and imagine your resume would be enough to impress the interviewer. Your resume might be amazing, but the importance of the right clothes on an interview can’t be overlooked. Your clothes give primary cues to the interviewer about the kind of a person you are. Wearing the most appropriate clothes for an interview compliment your resume in ways that would enhance your value in the eyes of the interviewer. To make it easier let’s take you through the right ways of choosing clothes that are the best interview dress code women should follow.

Interview Dress Code for Women- Clothes

Women have the liberty to choose out of western or Indian outfits for an interview as opposed to men. Just as much of a blessing it is, it also gets tricky to understand what is more apt for the interview. The choice depends on what kind of place you are going to interview at and what designation you are applying for. So, here’s a list of interview dress code women can choose from.

1. Pants and Shirt

interview dress code women

If you are going for a corporate interview in a multi-national company, this look is highly recommended. The scale of rating a woman based on her clothes inclines to the western style of dressing in these settings. So, it is better to stick to more of a western look to prove you have a broad perspective- where you balance the Indian and western sides in you.

The pants that you choose can be of varying shades of navy blue, gray, and black. Make sure the pants are dark in color to compliment rightly the shirt that you choose. Coming to shirts, the best thing to do is to pair your pants with a light colored shirt. While white is the best choice, which goes especially well with gray pants, you can choose the lightest shade of pink and blue with dark navy blue or black pants. Avoid wearing pants or shirt that have patterns, like checks or any such patterns.

2. Pencil Skirt and Shirt/ Peplum Top/ Blouse

interview dress code women

Pencil skirts are considered to be the most professional outfits, especially in the western corporate work culture. Just as good and flattering they look, there are a number of points you need to consider before you wear a pencil skirt for the interview. Make sure you first try the skirt by walking around, sitting, and standing in it. You need to make sure the skirt lets you be comfortable and free, without hampering your movements and making you feel smothered. A knee lengthed skirt is the best, not shorter, not longer. The color that you choose is almost like that of your pants. Pencil skirts give you the liberty to even pick light colors or colors, like bottle green, light pink. Any color is fine as long as it doesn’t sting the eye or seem too bright. The rule for a shirt, peplum top, or blouse is just like that for a shirt you choose for your pants.

3. Kurta and Salwar or Leggings

interview dress code women

When you are not sure about the kind of clothes that would be called “appropriate” by the interviewer, the best idea is to wear salwar and kurta. This is the safest interview dress code women can wear to any place for an interview. The best kind of fabric in a kurta or salwar-suit is cotton or khaki. It gives a complete professional look to you. The kurta/ salwar-suit should be very simple, with no trendy cuts or necklines. Stick to a normal fit without choosing a kurta or salwar-suit that is a tight fit or body-hugging. The Chinese neckline is best for a kurta or suit. If you also want to wear a dupatta, choose a simple one. The colors should be sober, never gaudy. If you plan to wear leggings instead of a salwar. choose a pair that is opaque and of good quality.

4. Saree

interview dress code women

You should wear a saree when you are sure the work requires you to wear a saree on a daily basis in that place. A lot of government jobs and teaching jobs in India require women to wear a saree. So, the interview dress code women need to follow for such job interviews is definitely to choose a saree. Make sure your saree is a neutral color and made of cotton or hand-loomed. Completely avoid wearing chiffon and chiffon-like materials. The saree should be pleated and should cover our body properly. Don’t go for the ones with fancy prints. The saree should be plain. Also, the blouse that you wear should be relatively longer and preferably have a three-fourth sleeve. The neck can be Chinese collar or a round-neck.

5. Wear a Blazer/ Coat

interview dress code women

If you are wearing pants or a skirt, it is a good idea to wear a coat or blazer to enhance your look. Match your coat with the color of your pants or skirt. Make sure your blazer/ coat is not too long or too short.


interview dress code women

The ideal kind of shoes to wear is heels that are of two to three inches. Don’t go over three inches and make a clickety-clack entrance into the interview room. You should not be exposing your toes for the interview. The colors should be neutral and should complement the color of your entire outfit. If heels seem to be uncomfortable for you, you can choose to wear a pair of ballerinas that are of a neutral color.


interview dress code women

Based on the length of your hair, different hairstyles can or can’t be made. Like, if you have really short hair that doesn’t touch your shoulders, you can leave them open. But if you have longer hair, make sure you make a neat ponytail. If you have curly hair, it is better to straighten them temporarily, although it is not necessary to do so. If you have bangs, clip it properly and make sure tresses of hair don’t fall on your face.


interview dress code women

Keep your makeup to a very minimum. Everything is good that doesn’t look too loud. Try to avoid dark kajal (kohl) around your eye. A single coating of Kajal is enough. Also, avoid shades of lipstick, like red, maroon, hot pink, etc. The color should be sober. Try to avoid too much of mascara or applying fake lashes.


interview dress code women

You can wear a pair of studs that are small in your ears. A very thin necklace would look good. Don’t overdo. Danglers or long and gigantic stones are a big no-no. Also, don’t wear colorful and loud jewelry. Try sticking to neutral colors and golden or silver. Don’t wear any showy bracelet. Mostly, people avoid wearing jewelry because the bling-bling of jewelry is distracting for the interviewer. Also, it gives an impression that you are too show-offy.


  • Wear neat, clean, and well-ironed clothes to the interview.
  • Make sure the clothes that you wear make you look sober and decent.
  • Don’t wear a very strong smelling perfume.
  • Cut your nails short and keep them clean.
  • Wear clothes that fit you perfectly. Ill-fitted clothes ruin the look.
  • Don’t unbutton your shirt’s first button.
  • Carry a bag or a proper folder for your resume.
  • Wear a watch but make sure you pick the one that has a simple dial.

Whatever kind of interview it is, to be prepared and to give your best is what you should do. The reason why we’ve been focussing so much on the attire to be worn in an interview is that it really matters. We all have a tendency to look at strangers and judge them by their looks even before we get to talk to them. That’s the same rule that follows even in interviews. With so many different types of people, you can’t really tell if the interviewer who is going to interview you would be unbiased or not. So, to be prepared is the key to bag the job. So, using the information that has been mentioned in this article about interview dress tips for female, pick the best of your interview clothes and get ready to impress your interviewers in every way!