Winter Skincare Regime To Make Sure Your Skin Stays Healthy

It’s the month of November and winter is coming. Winters bring with them Christmas and snow- which is a beautiful sight. But sadly, your flaky skin isn’t. This is why the importance of winter skincare cannot be overlooked. Yes, the sun doesn’t shoot its rays right at your face and burn it. But, winter quietly damages your skin. The initial days of winter seem care-free but very soon you see white flakes and cracks in your skin that demand more time to recover. This is why you have to stick with the habit of caring for your skin right from Day 1 of the winter season. Here’s the winter skincare routine you have to follow to make sure your skin stays healthy throughout the winters.

Winter Skincare Routine You Should Swear By

1. Use Moisturizer

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Moisturizing is the most basic and most important winter skincare routine for dry skin. Most of the winter skin problems are associated with not moisturizing. I personally can’t imagine not moisturizing my entire body no matter what season it is. Dry skin is a big NO. While it’s okay to leave your skin unmoisturized in other seasons, winters necessitate the need for moisturizing. If you skip moisturizing, your skin becomes flaky and itchy. And when you scratch your skin when it itches, it easily bleeds. When your skin is dry, it also develops cracks which are a bad sight. To escape all of that, you should make it a point to moisturize your entire body soon after you take shower. Any kind of moisturizer will help you. Instead of hunting for moisturizers that claim to enhance you farness, just buy an ordinary moisturizer that promises to keep your skin moisturized for long hours. Also, remoisturize when you notice your skin turn dry.

2. Use Lip Balm

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Using a lip balm in the winters is really important. If you don’t use a lip balm, your lips become dry and chapped. With the slightest movement you make with your lips, they tear and bleed. The spot that bleeds develops a mark that stays for days. It is not just bad to look at, it is painful as well. While moisturizing the rest of the body doesn’t require to be done that frequently, your lips need to be moisturized very frequently. This is why you should always carry a lip balm with you in your bag or purse so that you can use it whenever. Lots of cosmetic brands make lip balms as well. But the best kind of lip moisturizing product is petroleum jelly, like Vaseline. It keeps your lips super moisturized and is quite cheap.

3. Exfoliate Your Skin

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When it is winter, most people think they can excuse themselves from exfoliating their skin. It feels like there’s no need for exfoliation. But the truth is, you need to exfoliate regularly no matter what season it is. There’s a continuous formation of dead skin that keeps adding a layer over your skin. Exfoliating helps get rid of the dead layer and lets your skin breathe. The reason why exfoliation seems like a bad idea in the winters is- it leaves the skin feel rough and dry. To make sure your skin doesn’t end up being rough and dry, choose a mild exfoliator. The exfoliating granules should be small. Also, soon after you exfoliate, moisturize your skin.

4. Use Mustard Oil or Coconut Oil

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This is one of the best homemade tips for glowing skin in winter. Using mustard oil or coconut oil is the answer to “how to get glowing skin overnight”. When you are about to sleep, it is a good idea to apply some mustard oil on your legs and arms. This deeply nourishes your skin and makes it healthy. If you have already developed cracks in skin, using mustard oil will help your skin recover pretty quickly. If you don’t like the smell of mustard oil or find it too sticky, you can use coconut oil instead. It is light and as good as mustard oil.  All the oil get soaked up by your skin at night. The next day when you wake up, you can again apply your regular moisturizer in the daytime.

5. Don’t Forget Sunscreen

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The idea of applying sunscreen in the winters seems absurd. But there are days when the sun manages to come out. When it does, UV rays make it straight to your skin. If you still wouldn’t want to apply sunscreen every day, at least keep it in your bag so that you can apply if the sun comes out.

6. Moisturize Before Foundation

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Foundation makes the skin dryer if applied without creating a base. In winters, it is better to moisturize your face before applying foundation. You can even rock a glowy look by mixing a few drops of coconut oil or a nice smelling essential oil in the foundation and applying it.

7. Drink Proper Amount of Water

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In winters, you don’t feel too thirsty. That’s because your body doesn’t sweat. But a lot of people don’t know the fact that we pass urine more often in winters. Even though you don’t feel thirsty, make it a point to have water from time to time. Instead of gulping large amounts in a go, keep sipping water. You might forget to drink water. So, set a reminder or do something about it so that you don’t dehydrate your body. When the water quantity decreases in your body, your skin is affected as well.

If you keep these points in mind and follow them religiously, you’ll be flattered when you notice the results. It doesn’t take extra efforts or too much time to follow these winter skincare regime. You don’t even need to buy expensive products and go out of your way to care for your skin. All it takes is really affordable products that you might already be having at your home and a little bit of patience. If you have a tendency to forget, keep the winter skincare products you need right on the table. This will keep reminding. However, moisturizing your body doesn’t need a reminder since most people feel uncomfortable in the winters without moisturizing because of dry and itchy skin.

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