WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: WhatsApp Hidden Tricks and Trips

WhatsApp tips and tricks: In this present world where you see hundreds of apps released every day, WhatsApp is by far the top messaging service app that people use. The Facebook-owned messaging services giant is one of the foremost contenders to become one of the most used apps of all time. WhatsApp is very simple and the addition of services, like sharing pictures, videos, audios, and even files have added to the popularity of the messaging app. This might get you thinking that WhatsApp is a basic app with very basic function. However, that’s not the case, there are many WhatsApp tips and tricks that can bring out many hidden features of the app.

whatsapp tips and tricks

All these WhatsApp tricks and hacks are hidden in plain sight, which makes the app so successful. WhatsApp is a simple app for people who are new to it and yet has advanced features that are a fingertip away if one needs them. If you want to know about the best WhatsApp tips and tricks, you’re at the right place. Here are some of the WhatsApp tips and tricks that you can use.

Best WhatsApp tips and tricks

1. View and read WhatsApp messages without the sender finding out

This is one thing that most of the people want to do, but the moment they open the message the sender knows that the receiver has viewed the text. If you don’t want to happen to you, worry not. Just follow the steps that are given below and view WhatsApp messages without the sender finding out about it.

  • Once you see a received message notification, turn the Flight Mode on in your smartphone.
  • Open WhatsApp and read the message.
  • After you read the message, close the application.
  • Turn off the Flight Mode on your smartphone.
  • This will make sure that no blue ticks appear for the sender and the sender will never know if you’ve viewed the message or not.

2. Use WhatsApp on your smartphone without any number

Do you know that you can use WhatsApp without having any phone number? You might think this is some kind of a joke and there’s no way you can use WhatsApp without any mobile number. Well, think again. There are some WhatsApp tricks and cheats that can help you run the application without any mobile number. Follow the steps given below to start using WhatsApp without a mobile number.

  • First, you need to uninstall WhatsApp if already present on your smartphone.
  • Download WhatsApp again from Play Store or App Store.
  • Install one of the spoof messaging app from the play store.
  • Once you’re done installing, you need to turn on the Flight Mode.
  • Now install the WhatsApp with the flight mode on and when asked to insert your number.
  • You’ll be now be prompted to choose alternate methods to verify your mobile number.
  • Select ” check through SMS” and then fill in your email ID.
  • Now tap on send and then immediately tap cancel button.
  • Once you’ve done it open the spoof messaging app.
  • Go to its outbox and copy the message details of the message spoof application and send it for a fake verification.
  • Use the given details in spoofed Message: To: +447900347295 from +(country code) (mobile number) Message: your email address.
  • Once you complete the above process, the spoofed number will start working and the message will be sent to that number.
  • This will let you use WhatsApp without any number.

3. Star messages and find the message later

There are times when you look for an important message in WhatsApp and because of a large number of messages, you cannot find it. This happens to most of the people and this is when this WhatsApp trick can come in handy. Luckily, WhatsApp lets you bookmark the messages that you find important to help you find them easily whenever you want to. Follow the steps given here to star important messages and view them whenever you want.

  • Find the message that you want to star
  • once you find the message long press on it
  • Now you’ll have the option to mark the message as starred.
    • Android users can find the option on the top of the screen.
    • iOS users can find the option in the pop-up that comes when you long press the message.

4. Recover deleted message on WhatsApp

There are times when you might accidentally delete your chats that are important. This is a situation where you would think that there’s nothing that could be done about it. Well, you’re wrong. There is a hidden WhatsApp trick that might help you get your messages back. Follow the WhatsApp tips and tricks that follow to get back your messages of the last 7 days.

  • First, you need to connect your smartphone to the PC through a USB cable.
  • Open the storage and access the files and folders present in your phone.
  • Find the folder with the name WhatsApp.
  • Open the folder and go to databases.
  • Once you open that, you’ll find two files: msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt and msgstore.db.crypt
  • The msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt file contains all your messages sent or received in the last 7 days.
  • Open the file through WordPad or notepad to view all the messages stored in the files.
  • You can also restore back the messages on your WhatsApp and for that here are the steps
    • Uninstall WhatsApp.
    • Go to Play Store and install the app again
    • Open the app and fill in the details
    • Choose to restore from backup.
    • You’ll have all the messages from the last 7 days in your WhatsApp.

5. Send WhatsApp messages using Google Assistant and Siri

Think of a situation where you are in no mood to type or a situation where you can’t type messages, what will you do then? Well, worry not, we have a WhatsApp trick for the situation as well. WhatsApp now lets you send a message using the various voice assistants, like Google Assistant or Siri. This Awesome WhatsApp tip can be of much help for you. Here’s how you can do it

For Android users

  • Launch Google Assistant or just say “Ok Google” to open Google Assistant.
  • Now say the phrase that follows ” Send a message to <the name of the contact> on WhatsApp”.
  • You’ll now be asked to say the message you want to send.
  • Once you say the message you’ll be asked by the Google Assistant to confirm sending the message.
  • Say send or yes to send the message on WhatsApp.

For iOS users

  • Open Siri or just say “Hey Siri”, to open Siri.
  • Now say the phrase that follows ” Send a message to <the name of the contact> on WhatsApp”.
  • You’ll now be asked to say the message you want to send.
  • Once you say the message you’ll be asked by the Google Assistant to confirm sending the message.
  • Say send or yes to send the message on WhatsApp.

6. Improve security through two-step verification

You might obviously agree to the fact that today, most of our conversations happen through WhatsApp. This makes it imperative to protect the messages or data that are present in WhatsApp. You can find many WhatsApp tips and tricks and WhatsApp hidden features that can help you do it. However, this step that we are going to tell you now is a great addition to the security of the app.

The easiest way to access your WhatsApp data for an outsider is by logging in to your WhatsApp account from any other device and look into all your messages. This can be avoided by having a two-step authentication process that could be very hard to break. Fortunately, WhatsApp now has a two-step authentication feature. Here’s how you can turn it on and improve the security of your WhatsApp account.

  • Open the WhatsApp app.
  • Now head to the settings of the app.
  • Once you open the settings, you’ll find Accounts.
  • Open accounts
  • There you’ll find an option Two-Step Verification.
  • Enable the option.
  • You’ll be now asked for a six-digit code.
  • Enter the code and re-verify the code.
  • You now need to enter your email id for the backup.
  • There you go, the two-step verification is activated in your WhatsApp account. Now if anyone tries to log into your account, he’she will be asked to provide the six-digit code to authenticate the account.

7. Create shortcuts for friends whom you contact often

It’s obvious that there are certain people in your WhatsApp account, whom you text more often than others. Sometimes finding those people inside the app can be difficult and frustrating since you might get texts from others as well. This is when you wish to be able to find all your favorite contacts with a simple click. Let us tell you it’s possible. Yes, you heard it right all you need to do is create shortcuts that’ll give you access to your favorite contact with a click. Here are the WhatsApp tips and tricks that can help you create shortcuts for friends.

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Find the contact or the group you want to create a shortcut for.
  • Long press on the contact or the group.
  • You’ll see a pop-up
  • Select add conversation shortcut
  • Once you select it, the shortcut will be created on the home screen.

8. Text format

This is a new feature od WhatsApp that most people are unaware of. The formatting text feature of the app now lets you change the font style, helps you make the fonts bold or italics, and even strike off a text. The new font that WhatsApp allows you to write in is called Fixedsys. If you’re now wondering how to access these fonts and features, worry not, We have got you covered. Here’s the WhatsApp font trick:

  • To change the font of your message to Fixedsys, you need to use grave accent character (`) before you start writing the text and after you complete the text.
    • iOS users can find this character by long pressing the apostrophe character on the keyboard
    • Android users can access this feature by going to the second page of the character keyboard.
  • If you want to make your text bold, all you need to do is just add the star or asterisk character (*) at the start and the end of the text and it will get bold.
  • For making a text italic use underscore character (_) at the start and the end of the text that you want to make italics.
  • Additionally, you can also use the new strike-through feature by adding a ~ character at the beginning of the text.

9. Use multiple WhatsApp accounts in a single device

This is not exactly a WhatsApp trick, but this is one thing that most of the people want to learn. As you know WhatsApp allows you to only use a single account on your phone no matter if it’s a dual-sim phone or a single sim phone. People having dual-SIM phones generally wish to have two WhatsApp accounts. If you’re one of them worry not. Here’s a WhatsApp dual account trick that can enable two WhatsApp accounts on a sing smartphone. Remember, this trick is only for Android phone, which is why it may be regarded as a WhatsApp trick for Android.

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • Search for an app called Parallel Space.
  • Download and install the app.
  • Once done, open the app.
  • Add WhatsApp to the app.
  • Open WhatsApp in the Parallel Space app.
  • Complete the initial process and then run the app.
  • Here you go you have another account running on the WhatsApp installed in Parallel Space app.

10. Create GIF images in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has recently introduced the support for sharing of documents, like PDF, DOCX, PPTX, and many things. In addition to the documents, you can also share GIFs using WhatsApp with this new feature. You can create GIFs and share with anyone present in your contacts. This is a cool WhatsApp trick that everyone must know about. Here is how you can create GIF in WhatsApp.

  • Record a video that’s not more than 6 seconds.
  • Open the video to share in WhatsApp.
  • Now change the format of the video to GIF.
  • To do that you can see the top right corner of the screen where you’ll find a slider that can change the video to GIF.
  • Remember, you’ll only get the option if your video is less than 6 seconds. If your video is more than that, you’ll not get the option.

11. Check who all have read your text in a group

You might agree to the fact that blue ticks don’t work when you’re texting in a group. If you’re texting in a group, you’ll see the blue ticks only when everyone in the group sees the message, which might take a while. However, if you want to know the people who have already read the message that you have sent to the group, there’s a WhatsApp trick that can help you. Here’s one of the popular WhatsApp tips and Tricks that can help you see the number of people that have viewed your message in a group.

  • Open the Group.
  • Long press the message that you’ve sent.
  • Now tap the more info option that comes
  • Once you click on that you’ll see the list of people who have read your text in the group.

12. Use gestures to reply

This feature at present is available only for people using WhatsApp in iOS devices. This WhatsApp tips and tricks for iPhone comes in handy especially when you’re chatting or texting in a group. In Android phones, you need to long press a message to reply to the message, but for iOS and iPhone users, the process is much easier. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go to the person or the group you want to reply to.
  • Find the text that you want to reply to.
  • Once you find the text, just put your finger on the text and swipe right.
  • The message will directly go as a reply.

These are some of the best WhatsApp tips and tricks that you can use to access various WhatsApp hidden features. Use these WhatsApp tricks and let us know how useful do you find them. Also, you can suggest us some WhatsApp tricks and hacks in the comments so that we can include them in our article.


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