WebPageLike Review: WebpageLike Login, Plan, Booster, Scam or Not

WebPageLike Review: Hey Friends, Alot of users has been regularly asking me aboutWebPageLike. If WebPageLike is legit, if it is scam or not or it will run with your money. So, I thought to share some of my insights with you on WebPageLike Review topic. Moreover, in this post I will also tell you about WebPageLike Plans, How to Join WebPageLike along with WebPageLike Review.

webpagelike review

In brief, WebPageLike is a Social Media Exchange Portal which gives you money on clicking advertisements and referral. Firstly, You have to buy a WebPageLike Package and then you can Earn Money by clicking the links daily.

I had already written Post about Social Trade Biz, Web Work, AdsCash, Devineads.net and even Pesa Marketing. So, I thought why not give a genuine review of WebPageLike now. You must have already heard about Webpagelike review from some of your relatives or friends with ppt plan as this company is really in limelight these days.

Get Quick Idea about WebPageLike Review:

Minimum Investment: Rs.5750

Work Type: Multi Level Marketing with Daily Earning

Gives Money or Not: Gives Money Regularly

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: Automatic Redeem & No Minimum Amount

Refund Policy: Yes, 10 Day Refund Policy

Payment Way: Bank Transfer i.e. NEFT

Is WebPageLike Scam: No, Everyone is getting their money on time till now. Read till end to know more.

What is WebPageLike?

WebPageLike is an advertising company which promotes companies through their portal. Webpagelike provide good audience to the advertisers and publishers and help them improve their ROI. The Webpagelike promote companies on its portal through their own subscribers.

The company works on Multi Level Marketing statergy where people have to join members below them and earn more through it. works on affiliate marketing and help companies to grow their business. WebPageLike works on Multi level Marketing structure and helps people to earn money online. The company is located at Sahibabad Industrial Area which comes in NCR and was started in September 2016. Since, its foundation the company is growing really fast especially in Delhi and NCR area.

WebPageLike gives Rs.8 per click whereas Social Trade give Rs.5 and Web-Work gives Rs.6 per click.

Benefits of joining WebPageLike: 

  • Per Click you Get Rs.8
  • Direct Refer Income – 5%
  • Binary Income – 10%
  • Royalty – 50 Lakh
  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • No Minimum Redemption Amount
  • Daily Payment
  • 5 Day work

Way Of Earning With WebPageLike Plans?

Their are various ways to earn money with Webpagelike plans. So, lets see how you can make money by using webpagelike:

  1. Daily Link Clicks
  2. Direct Refer Income
  3. Binary/Promotional Income
  4. Monthly Reward Income

WebPageLike Plans / Packages in India:

WebPageLike.com Trade has 5 different Packages which includes a free package also. You have to buy any one package according to your need. All the Web Pagelike company Plans has a validity of 11 months.

WPL 0Rs. 00
WPL 10 Rs. 5,7502.5
WPL 20Rs. 11,50010
WPL 100Rs. 57,50050
WPL 250Rs. 1,15,000100

webpagelike plan

Earning With Each WebPageLike Package:

You can earn unlimited amount of Money with WebPageLike. Moreover, Initially your earning directly depends upon the package you buy. So, now I will try to summarise how much you can earn by investing in each plans of web page like.com.

WPL 0 – Free Package (Trail Package)

  • Member Gets 5 Links daily
  • Per Click Income – 25 Paise

WPL 10 – Rs.5750 Package 

  • Member Gets 10 Links daily
  • Per Click Income – Rs. 6
  • Binary Capping/Week – Rs.25,000
  • Daily Income – 60
  • Income After Booster – 120
  • B.V. – 2.5

WPL 20 – Rs.11500 Package

  • Member Gets 20 Links daily
  • Per Click Income – Rs. 6
  • Binary Capping/Week – Rs.50,000
  • Daily Income – Rs.120
  • Income After Booster – Rs.240
  • B.V. – 10

WPL 100 – Rs.57500 Package

  • Member Gets 100 Links daily
  • Per Click Income – Rs. 8
  • Binary Capping/Week – Rs.2 Lakh
  • Daily Income – 800
  • Income After Booster – 1600
  • B.V. – 50

WPL 250 – Rs.11500 Package

  • Member Gets 250 Links daily
  • Per Click Income – Rs. 8
  • Binary Capping/Week – Rs.25,000
  • Daily Income – Rs.2000
  • Income After Booster – Rs.4000
  • B.V. – 100

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Registration Requirements in WebPageLike Review:

To register with Web-Work.in login you should have the below mentioned documents as your address and identity proof.

  1. Pancard
  2. Identity Proof like Aadhar Card or Voter ID Card
  3. Bank Account and Passbook
  4. Email Id

Steps to Join WebPageLike Plans:

So, I think now you know alot about webpagelike review. Now, i will tell you how you can easily join webpagelike link company and earn money online. Just read the steps below to know about webpagelike registration and login information.

  1. Go to webpagelike.com for registration/Signup.

2. Enter all details like Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Pan Card ID and Country.

3. Now, Enter Sponsor ID: and Choose the position.

4. Now You will get the Username and Password.

5. Now, Login to Webpagelike.com 

6. You will see the account details now as:

Account Holder NamePay Way IT Solutions Private Limited
Account Number916020062119755
IFSC CodeUTIB0000095

7. Now Make the payment through NEFT or IMPS or by Filling Bank Receipt on the given account.

8. Go To Pin Menu and Click on “Send Pin Requestwebpagelike pin

9. After that, Click on “New Deposit Requestwebpagellike deposit request

10. Now, Enter Payment details and Click on Submit.

11. After 3-4 hours you will get EPIN & SI Number. So Now, Go To Pin Section & Click on Available Pin. (Here you will get both EPIN & SI Number)

13. Now, Go To General Setting & Click on Registration.

14.Enter your details, Sponsor ID and Click on Register Now. Your ID will get Activated Instantly.

How to Get WebPageLike Booster:

To activate your booster, You just have to add 2 members below you. You have to add people of same or above your package amount in order to activate the booster.

WebPageLike Address:

Web Page Like has their branch office Sahibabad.

Head office Address:

Pay Way IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
B-233/371,Pacific Business Park site -IV,
Sahibabad industrial Area Ghaziabad

Company Number:


Email Address:

You Would Like:

Legal Documents of WebPageLike:

Below are the legal details of Web page Like company.

COI of WebPageLike


WebPageLike PanCard

pan card of web work

WebPageLike Review,Scam or Not?

So, Lets end the post by giving my final verdit on WebPageLike. If Webpagelike is a scam or not or you should invest money in it or not. Moreover, I had already shared my views on Social Trade Biz, Adscash & Web Work but for WebPageLike my view is something different.

You can join WebPageLike as the company has recently started and doing good work. But I would recommend you to just invest the money that you can afford to lose. Do not come under anybody’s influence to join higher value package.

Do share your views about what do you think and if any questions you have. 🙂

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