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WebPageLike Plan: Hey Friends, Today I will share amazing information with you about WebPageLike Plan. You must have already read about Social Trade Biz, WebWork Plan, Adcash Plans, Pesa Marketing in our previous Posts. So, one of our beloved visitor asked me about WebPageLike which is also a way to Earn Money Online. After knowing various things about WebPageLike through internet and other member, I will try to give you the important information about WebPageLike.

webpagelike plan

In this post I will tell you about WebPageLike plan, its Reviews, how to earn money through WebPageLike, WebPageLike login, if web pagelike is fake, scam or not? You must have already heard about this company from your friends or relatives. But I will try to summarise everything for you in this post so that you get a better Idea about Earn Money online with webpage like company.

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Some Quick Facts about WebPageLike Plans:

Type of Work: Earn Money Online with Multi Level Marketing (Scammed)

Minimum Investment: Rs.5750

Minimum Withdrawal: No Minimum Amount (Automatic Redeem)

Refund Policy: Yes, 10 Day Refund Policy

Pays Money or Not: Not Pay Money

Payment Way: Bank Transfer i.e. NEFT

Is WebPageLike Fake: Till Now, it is Paying Good Money but Read till end to see the Reality.

What is WebPagelike.com?

WebPageLike trade is a advertising company which works on affiliate marketing and help companies to grow their business. WebPageLike works on Multi level Marketing structure and helps people to earn money online.

The company aims to provide livelihood to Indian people so that they can fulfil their dreams. Moreover, To earn money with WebPageLike, you have to click on the ads and you will get Rs.8 per click. You have to first invest in the company by taking a desired plan and you can earn accordingly by working daily. So, overall to earn money you just have to do the link clicks.

How To Earn Money With WebPageLike Plans?

Their are various ways to earn money with Webpagelike. Below are some ways that can help you get money online.

  1. Daily Link Clicks
  2. Direct Referral
  3. Promotional Income
  4. Reward Income

What are Requirements for WebPageLike Registration?

To register with Web-Work.in Trade you just require a few documents as your address and identity proof.

  1. Pancard
  2. Identity Proof like Aadhar Card or Voter ID Card
  3. Bank Account and Passbook
  4. Email Id

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How to Join WebPageLike Plan?

So, As of now you would have understood how webpagelike works. So in order to Join Webpagelike you just need to do the signup or register. Just follow the below steps to know how to easily signup on WebpageLike.com:

  1. Go to webpagelike.com for registration/Signup.
  2. Enter all details like Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Pan Card ID and Country.
  3. Now, Enter Sponsor ID: and Choose the position (If you want to earn fast with booster, then add this sponsor id & call on +91 7531936992)
  4. Now You will get the Username and Password.

How To Deposit Amount for WebPageLike Plan?

Once you have registered on WebPageLike website, Now you have to pay the amount inorder to activate the ID and Start earning money.

  1. Now, Login to Webpagelike.com 

2. You will see the account details now as:

Account Holder NamePay Way IT Solutions Private Limited
Account Number916020062119755
IFSC CodeUTIB0000095

3. Now Make the payment through NEFT or IMPS or by Filling Bank Receipt on the given account.

4. Go To Pin Menu and Click on “Send Pin Requestwebpagelike pin

5. After that, Click on “New Deposit Requestwebpagellike deposit request

6. Now, Enter Payment details and Click on Submit.

7. After 3-4 hours you will get EPIN & SI Number.

8. Again Go To Pin Section & Click on Available Pin. Here you will get both EPIN & SI Number.

9. Now, Go To General Setting & Click on Registration.

10.Enter your details, Sponsor ID and Click on Register Now.

That’s All! Your ID will get Activated immediately.

WebPageLike Plan & Packages:

WebPageLike.com Trade has 4 different Packages from which you can select anyone, whichever you like. Below are all the packages of Web Pagelike company with a validity of 11 months and once the package expires, you need to renew it inorder to continuing earning money.

  • PlansCost
    WPL 10 Rs. 5,750
    WPL 20Rs. 11,500
    WPL 100Rs. 57,500
    WPL 250Rs. 1,15,000

webpagelike plan

How Much You Can Earn With WebPageLike Plans?

Now another major question that most of the users ask about Webpagelike is that how much money you can earn with webpagelike plan. So, the earning completely depends upon the package you take. So, now I will try to summarize how much you can earn by investing in various plans of web page like.com.

Actually the earning in webpagelike.com completely depends upon the plan that you had invested in. So now I will show how much income you can earn online with each of their plans.

WPL 10 – Rs.5750 Package

  • Member Gets 10 Links daily
  • Per Click Income – Rs. 6
  • Binary Capping/Week – Rs.25,000
  • Daily Income – 60
  • Income After Booster – 120

WPL 20 – Rs.11500 Package

  • Member Gets 20 Links daily
  • Per Click Income – Rs. 6
  • Binary Capping/Week – Rs.50,000
  • Daily Income – Rs.120
  • Income After Booster – Rs.240

WPL 100 – Rs.57500 Package

  • Member Gets 100 Links daily
  • Per Click Income – Rs. 8
  • Binary Capping/Week – Rs.2 Lakh
  • Daily Income – 800
  • Income After Booster – 1600

WPL 250 – Rs.11500 Package

  • Member Gets 250 Links daily
  • Per Click Income – Rs. 8
  • Binary Capping/Week – Rs.25,000
  • Daily Income – Rs.2000
  • Income After Booster – Rs.4000

WebPageLike Booster:

You will get the booster activated when you join 2 people under you within 30 days of activating your id. If you have any queries regarding this just call on 7531936992.

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WebPageLike Coustmer Care Nubmer:

Here in below I will give you all Customer Care Numbers Related to WebPage Like. So,You can use it all solve your all complaints & queries Regarding your Money.

WebPageLike Customer Care Number:

You can Contact WebPageLike Customer Care No. at: 0120-4311618

Reach the Customer Care Service No Between 9:00 Am To 9:00 Pm.This service is available only Monday to Friday.

Furthermore, The customer Care support service is not working as of now their is very less probability if anybody will pick you phone call.But you can still try your luck.

As per latest news company office is closed and no employ is coming in the office.And the employ who is coming in the office is not pick up the phone,But you call again and again to try your Luck.

WebPageLike Address:

Web Page Like has their branch office Ghaziabad.

Head office Address:

Pay Way IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
B-233/371,Pacific Business Park site -IV,
Sahibabad industrial Area Ghaziabad

Company Number:


Email Address:

WebPageLike Legal Documents:

Below are the legal details of Web page Like company.

PanCard of WebPageLike


WebPageLike COI


WebPageLike India Review on Fake or Not?

My final words about Webpagelike Trade are similar to what I said for Social Trade Biz, Adscash & Web Work. I think that joining WebPageLike part time work is not any harm but My advice is Don’t Invest more than that you can afford to lose.

Do share your views about what do you think and if any questions you have.

I want to tell that you will get Rs.8 on clicking a link in WebPageLike where as in Web Work you will get Rs.6 while in Social Trade you get only Rs.5/click. But as per my knowledge Web Work is the best in term of income.

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