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We’ve all been complaining for too long about having to wake up early in the morning. Whether you are or have been a student or are working at a 9 to 5 job, waking up early is a real task. I have even had mental breakdowns when I would open my eyes in the morning and look at the clock. For people who have set their body clock such that they stay up till late and struggle to wake up in the morning, life becomes complicated. Dozing off at your office desk becomes a daily sight and it almost feels like a hangover every day. Sadly, there isn’t a life hack that would let you stay up till late and still feel amazingly energetic in the day times. But, reading this article, you will rethink your routine and the reasons why life seems so messed up. Waking up early puts a lot of things to perspective and is that one little step that leads to bigger changes in life. Let’s take a look at the perks being an early bird!

Extra Time For Getting Things Done

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When you wake up early, you have a lot of time to get useful things done. Even if you haven’t completed the tasks in hand, you have extra time to scratch off everything on your to-do list and go to sleep completely satisfied with your day. Morning is mostly the time when people feel really productive. Once you wake up late in the morning, you are shrinking your productive time. Yes, there are people who feel equally productive at night as well. But we all know, the early bird gets the worm. People waking up early have an upper-hand when it comes to committing to things and fulfilling those commitments- think of it! People who often hit the snooze button five times in the mornings obviously have a lower level of determination. Once you wake up late, you have already wasted the productive time of the day and end up feeling lethargic rest of the day and not really feeling like getting things done.

Sense Of Achievement

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Most of us feel like being up early every single day is one of the biggest challenges. That is obviously why we all wake up late and feel guilty about it. Remember that one day when you were up at 6 am? You can’t deny the feeling of exuberance and pride you experienced from being up so early. Once you actually take it as a challenge and start getting up early in the morning every day, you get a feeling that you can set goals and actually achieve them. It is a great boost to the self-esteem. I remember back when I developed the habit of waking up early. That’s when I made myself proud and shocked people around me. There’s a weird but real association between you getting up early and people developing more credibility in what you promise. People who wake up early are seen as achievers and ones who do the real-talk, no far-fetched stories.

You Don’t Rush Through Things

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Like already mentioned, getting up early leaves you a lot of time to do things without being hasty. You don’t just brush your teeth or shower just for the sake of doing so. You can actually turn the whole process of getting ready to the office a very relaxing task. After taking a shower, turn up the music while you get dressed. You know why you end up making lots of mistakes when you do something? That’s possibly because you rush. Waking up late leaves little time for things you have to get done. This, in turn, affects your productivity since you rush. Instead, wake up early and do things slowly and steadily. This will help you make sure your work is perfect and sans mistakes.

It Regulates Your Sleep Cycle

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Sleep is definitely the most important element in revitalizing you and preparing you for the next day’s activities. Yet what most of us do is- sleep till late to the point that waking up feels exhausting and the rest of the day becomes hard to deal with. Waking up early fixes this problem. Once you start waking up early, you feel energetic in the morning and are active all throughout the day. Working hard in the daytime exhausts you by night and lets you have a very good sleep at night. When you get up early, it fixes the sleep pattern and builds or restores your habit of sleeping for 7 hours. Night time is when the body is at peace and takes its time to relax. Working the whole day and again staying up at night makes our body function more than it should. And even when you sleep till late in the morning, it makes you rush through the day, exhausting you even more. This one habit can completely bring a sense of balance and leave you energetic when you work.

It Regulates Your Eating Pattern

We all know how important breakfast is. In fact, to say that breakfast is the most important meal out of all wouldn’t be wrong at all. But unfortunately, most of the late risers skip their breakfast. By the time a late riser wakes up, it is time for brunch or lunch. Breakfast is the healthiest of all meals of the day. Most people who wake up early have a very natural urge to eat something that’s not cooked in too much oil or isn’t junk food. So, this way you skip junk food or fatty food at least once in a day. Besides, people who keep up till late have a habit of eating a lot late night. That is the time when your body and digestive system need rest. Also, there has to be a gap of 2 hours between your last meal and sleep. But night owls generally eat late and sleep soon after. This affects your digestive system and the process of digestion. This is why you should wake up early and maintain a good eating habit.

You Can Spend More Time With Family

Usually, when you wake up late, there’s a tendency to get things done that matter the most. So, you end up spending most of your day completing your work or rushing to your office, coming back and again doing important work. This leaves lesser time to devote to your family. It has been scientifically proven that a quality time with family regularly helps you stay optimistic and harbors positivity in you. But with late risers, there is always a sense of rush throughout the day. The time when they feel free is generally at nights when they spend the available time alone or partying. This takes away a healthy family time from them.

You Can Enjoy Pleasant Morning Times

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The chirps of the birds in the mornings and the fresh breath of air are absolutely unparalleled. Mornings are the best time to do anything that matters the most to you. If you love to read, waking up early and reading leaves with pleasant vibes for the rest of the day. Besides reading, anything that you like doing can be done in the mornings. When you wake up and do something you find great, there’s an amazing amount of motivation that you are filled with, pushing you to spend the rest of day in the most positive ways. Quiet time is really important in life. When we think, we give birth to amazing ideas that can be changed into actions and do wonders. Morning times are when you wake up really fresh and get to think clearly, without being interrupted. Also, you can do so in a very relaxed manner without any rush. This gives a sense of productivity and makes the rest of the day pleasant as well.

Tips For Waking Up Early

Keep The Alarm Clock Across The Room

The hardest part is getting started. It takes a lot of factors to finally build the habit of getting up early. You have to have determination, to begin with, and support your determination with efforts. Besides determination and efforts, there has to be something that drives the lazy you to just get out of the bed. For this, you can do things, like keeping the alarm clock across the room and making the alarm tone really loud, disturbing, and unpleasant. This will definitely make you want to get out of your bed and turn it off. The whole process of getting up to turn off the alarm will already get you to a half-awake condition, where convincing yourself to not go back to the bed again can be relatively easier. If you live with your family, or have your husband/wife/sibling int he same room and don’t wish to startle them, there is something else you can try. Have a very soft-toned alarm set right next to your bed. Keep another alarm across the room a set for a few minutes after your bed-side alarm goes off. Now, make sure this second alarm across your room is really loud and might startle the person next to you. The fear of waking that person and having to face repercussions of it will make you get up and turn it off. By the time you do so, you will be half-awake and not feel like going back to your bed and sleep.

 Have A Waking Up Early Partner

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To have someone around you who has same aims as you helps a lot. We have all had that one study partner who helped us and who we helped. So, the effects of having a partner have always been proven to be helpful. Taking it a step ahead, you can find out if your sibling or a friend is wanting to wake up early too. If so, you and that person can take responsibility and put combined efforts. It is as simple as switching roles every day. One day, you wake up the person by calling or knocking on his/her door if the door is next to you and alternating the next day. This makes you feel responsible for another person and drives you out of bed more easily than you would for yourself. Also, you can give this responsibility to another person who already wakes up early. To make sure this works out a hundred percent, give that person the liberty to punish you by doing something that irritates you the most, like pouring water over you. There are no chances you’d not wake up in those circumstances!

Stay Away From Your Bed Once You Are Up

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In the mornings, even the sight or imagination of bed for that matter can make a person like me yawn. This is why people who have just started waking up early should keep themselves away from the bed after waking up. This is because when you sit on your bed, it makes you want to stretch a bit, half lie down, and finally give in to the warmth and comfort of the bed. When I started getting up early, I would end up sleeping after an hour of getting up. And instead, I would end up sleeping even more than I would without getting up. This totally beats the purpose. This is why, until the time you totally get used to the habit of naturally staying up after getting up no matter what, you should not sit on your bed after waking up.

Have The Right Kind Of Kick

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If you got up and are afraid would fall asleep again, try to have a kick in the morning, not literally. Play the most energetic songs that would get you dancing. Also, make a cup of green tea or a bit of coffee to fill you with needed energy. Another important thing to do in order to stay up after you wake up is- have a good night’s sleep. having a sound sleep will help you wake up feeling satisfied with the amount of sleep you have had. don’t ever try to tell yourself that no matter how late you sleep, you could just get up to feel productive. It just doesn’t happen that way. In fact, it will leave you even more tired the entire day. You have to make it a point to go to bed early and have a good sleep for at least 7 hours- because our body needs 7 hours of uninterrupted resting time.

Now that you know the perks and benefits of waking up early, develop this habit as soon as you can. It will bring multiple changes in your life that will help you achieve your goals and make you a better person. If waking up is still a hard task, try making use of amazing technology that will force you to open your eyes widely and just not being able to go to bed again. There’s this alarm that makes you solve an easy yet time taking math problem or doing some task in order to be able to turn the alarm off. There’s no chance you’d want to sleep again after doing so much of calculation or mental work right after waking up. Make use of it and develop the positive habit of waking up early.