Vodafone Balance Check: Sept 2017 USSD Codes To Check Own Number

Vodafone Balance Check: Hey Guys, Is your Mobile Sim out of Balance? Are you looking for Vodafone Balance Check No? Do you want to know the latest Data Balance check codes? If yes, then you are at the right place.

As in this post I will give you all the information about Vodafone Balance Check and other USSD details. Their are a lot of times when we need to check our Vodafone Net Balance, Vodafone Prepaid Balance etc but lack in information of its process.

So, Today I will tell you about how to check balance in vodafone, how to check vodafone balance, how to check vodafone 3g balance and other Balance check related queries. Although you can easily contact Vodafone customer care number and ask them about your net balance etc. But I don’t think that you need to waste your time for such a small work. Instead use the below given Vodafone ussd codes and get the required information about your SIM within seconds. 

Vodafone balance check

And don’t forget to bookmark this page because you are going to need to need it whenever you need to get any information about your sim. Also, I will keep all the Vodafone USSD codes updated as per the company information.

So without wasting any more time, let’s hop on. And one more thing that I will segregate all the ussd codes as per their usage.

Also, If you are new to USSD codes and want to know what USSD code actually is, then read the post till the end as I had explained everything in details.

Vodafone Balance Check USSD Codes

Here you will find all the Vodafone Balance check ussd codes which includes Vodafone Internet data Balance check, Vodafone Net balance check, Vodafone Prepaid balance check and much more.

These are Vodafone Balance Check Codes:

Vodafone USSD ProcessVodafone USSD Code
Vodafone Balance Check (Main Balance)*141#
Vodafone Net Balance Check*111*6#
Vodafone 3G Balance Check*111*6*2# or Send DATA BAL to 144
Vodafone 2G Balance Check*141*9#
Vodafone Call Balance Check*145#
Vodafone Minutes Balance Check*148#
Vodafone GPRS Balance Check*111*6#
Vodafone Night GPRS Balance Check*123*8#
Vodafone Video Call Balance Check*123*9#
Vodafone Data Usage (Check MB)*111*6*2#

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Vodafone Services USSD Codes

Vodafone provides alot of value added services to its customers. You can easily activate or deactivate any VAS as per your requirement. You just need to dial the USSD code for the desired service and you are done!

These are Vodafone USSD Codes:

Vodafone Service ProcessVodafone USSD Code
Vodafone Recharge Offers Check*121#
Vodafone Best Internet Offer Check*111*1*5#
Vodafone My Delights Check*111*1*2#
Check Vodafone My Plan Rates*111*4*1#
Check Promotional balances*111*4*2#
Check Vodafone Plan Validity*111*4*3#
Check Vodafone VAS*111*5#
Check VAS Activated*111*5*1#
Activate New VAS on Vodafone*111*5*2#
Activate Data Plan*111*6*1#
Vodafone Bonus Card*111*7#
Check Best Vodafone Offer*111*8#
Vodafone Pay Code*111*9#
Vodafone Low Balance Service*111*10#
Check Vodafone Alternate Number Details*111*11*1#
Check other Vodafone Info*111*12#
Check Vodafone Roaming Minutes Validity*142#
Activate Vodafone DND Service1909
Vodafone Alerts*123#
Vodafone Hello Tunes5525

Check Own Vodafone Number

Their are a lot of times when we forget our own number and for that Vodafone has a very cool feature. You can easily Check own Vodafone Number just by using the below given USSD Code. This is an add on to Vodafone Balance Check. You can check own Number of Airtel, BSNL, Jio, Idea here.

  • Dial *111*2# or 164

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Vodafone Transfer Balance USSD Code

A lots of times we are countinue to talking to our companion on an important topic your office work and suddenly you lost your main balance and there is not any hope to recharge your number. So the company has started a latest service for all users of same telecom company named Transfer balance to your close friend circle.

 Balance Check Number

we get out of balance and find ourselves in an urgent need to ask for balance from our friends. So to use this feature by Vodafone, you just need to use the below given code.

  • *131* Transfer Amount*<Phone Number># 

Vodafone Loan Number & Talktime Loan

Some time we are talking to our relatives friends or to any other companion of our office, on an important topic or any assignment of office or about any presentation but suddenly you lost your balance and there is not any hope to recharge your number so for un stop your conversation the company named like Loan.

If you do not have Main balance or Internet balance and you don’t even have any friend from whom you can borrow. Then do not worry, as Vodafone has a cool service where you can easily take a talk time loan or Internet MB loan.

  • Send SMS Credit to 144 Or *111*10#

Vodafone Last Service Check USSD Codes

Do you know that Vodafone all you to check the last activities done via your Vodafone sim. So here I present you all the USSD codes to check your vodafone last calls, SMS and internet usage.

Vodafone ServiceVodafone USSD Code
Check Last 3 Calls and SMS*111*2*3#
Check last 3 SMS*111*3*1*2#
Check last 3 Charges on Vodafone Sim*111*3*2#
Check last 3 Vodafone Recharge*111*3*3#

Activate Vodafone Packs USSD Code

Vodafone PlanPriceUSSD Code
One day Vodafone internetRs.5*444*5#
45 MB data for 1 DaysRs.11*444*11#
100 MB data for 3 DaysRs.27*444*27#
150 MB data for 4 DaysRs.37*444*37#
260 MB data for 7 DaysRs.65*444*65#
380 MB data for 10 DaysRs.95*444*95#
1GB data for 2 DaysRs.96*444*96#
1GB data for 7 DaysRs.128*444*128#

I didn’t add any more Vodafone packs as I think Jio Plans are much more better than Vodafone’s expensive plans.

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Important Vodafone USSD Codes

You must have already seen all the required Vodafone USSD Codes, but I would like to summerise some of the most important codes including Vodafone Balance Check and Loan codes.

Vodafone ServiceVodafone USSD Code
Vodafone Balance Check*141#
Vodafone Balance Transfer*131* Transfer Amount* <10digit number>#
Vodafone customer care number198 or 111
Check Own Vodafone Number*111*2#

What are USSD Codes?

Till now you must have got the USSD code that you wanted, so If you are interested then you must have a look here as well.

USSD Codes stands for “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data“. Do get confused as I will tell you in a very easy way. USSD Codes are the protocols set by your Network provider that provides you information. So, whenever you enter a USSD code, a protocol runs and you receive the required information on your phone. Each USSD code is set to perform a certain function and all the process are done automatically without any human interventions.

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How To Use USSD Codes?

Using a USSD code is really very easy. Just have a look at the below given steps and you can easily get the required information of Vodafone Balance Check or any other ussd codes.

  • Open the Keypad
  • Enter the required USSD Code
  • Hit “Call Button

That’s it! You will instantly get all the information of the screen of your phone.

So you guys have got understood that why are these ussd codes ar so important in our technical life. These ussd codes make our life more comfort in comparison of some years ago facilities.

I hope you liked this post about Vodafone Balance Check, Vodafone Loan Number (MB Check). Also you must have understood How to check your vodafone main balance and internet data balance.