Visiting Card Template- How To Suit Your Visiting Card To Your Profession

When you start working at a place or start your own business, everything that speaks about your profession becomes really important. From your office desk to the clothes you wear, you might be making it a point to do it all according to your profession. While these are the most apparent and important aspects of portraying yourself as a professional, there are certain things that you might be forgetting about. Most of us don’t place a lot of importance on our visiting cards. A visiting card is a lot more than a mere card that displays important professional details about you. If you think a visiting card template is just about specifying the info to the visiting card designer and choose any random design, you are mistaken. You should spend a considerable amount of time in deciding the visiting card template since a visiting card has its own essence. When you look at the visiting cards of famous people, like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Evan Williams (Twitter, you see the reflection of what they do in their visiting cards. Let’s first see what is the need for you to have a nicely designed visiting card even in the 21st century.

visiting card template

Why Need a Visiting Card in the 21st Century?

  • Your visiting card can be the first impression of you and your profession. Technology surely has made the task of exchanging professional info, like contact numbers and email id easy. But when you meet someone for the first time and need to exchange contacts in a more formal way, nothing beats a visiting card. A visiting card leaves a more significant impression as compared to any other medium of exchange of professional information.
  • It is impersonal to leave your contact info via email, text, etc. People have a tendency to remember one who they have a direct contact with rather than receiving mail or text. Gestures, eye-contact, and body language mean a lot. A nicely designed visiting card is an added benefit to the impression you are creating.

What Should Your Visiting Card Template Be?

There are certain things that are common for all the visiting cards no matter what your profession is. We will start off by discussing what are the basic things to include on a visiting card and things to remember while choosing the ideal visiting card template for yourself.

Basic Information

visiting card template

  • It is the most obvious thing that your visiting card needs to have your name. And your name is the most important detail. So, for a standard visiting card, your name should have a font size that’s bigger than the rest of the information.
  • Right below your name, you should mention your designation. It should be in a smaller font size than your name, just like the other details. It is better to only include your designation and not stuff your educational qualification as well. A lot of people do that, but it takes away the clarity of your visiting card. If you have two designations or multiple designations at the same company, it is better if you get individual visiting cards printed. If you stuff your designations in the same visiting card, it might get confusing for the person at the receiving end. It is quite simple. Give a person just what he/she needs and avoid any confusions.
  • Next is- the important contact information that you need to include on your visiting card. You might already be knowing what information you choose for a visiting card. But just to make it even more apparent, you include your contact number(s), address, and email id. These are pretty much enough for your visiting card to be completely useful. Match the font size of these headings to that of your designation. While your designation comes right below your name, take the liberty to leave some significant space between your name and designation, and rest of the information.
  • Next is the company name. Wherever you choose to place your company name decides the whole visiting card template. It is a good idea to keep the company name one side and your name, and designation in the middle, and rest of the information on the other side. it would be better if you include just the logo of the company if that’s possible. If your company logo isn’t easily identifiable, don’t take the risk of not including the company name on your visiting card.

What’s More

visiting card template

  • It is better if your visiting card is of standard size. It makes sense since standard size means easy to carry. Also, it fits the wallet and pocket. And this would mean a person would easily be able to carry your visiting card when needed.
  • There are two orientations for a visiting card- landscape and portrait. Most of the visiting cards have the landscape orientation since it can carry the information without looking overstuffed. Also, it is easier to read. The portrait orientation is a more unconventional style that you might want to avoid.
  • The best color combination for a visiting card would be a dual color theme. If you choose mono-color, it should be a light shade of any color and the writings can be in black. At most, it looks good for a visiting card to have a maximum of three colors.

Visiting Card template According to Profession or Business

There are basically two types of business for a broad classification. Corporate business and creative business. Both these businesses involve different types of people you get to meet. This is why the visiting card template can have a few changes based on what kind of company you own or work at.

Corporate Business

visiting card template

If you are a part of a corporate business, it would be best to keep it simple. Starting from the font to everything else, keep it simple and formal. The color choice has to be subtle and shouldn’t be flashy. It is appropriate to say that in corporate business, a simple and sober design is most preferred. The visiting card, in this case, is more about being informative rather than being showy.

Creative Business

visiting card template

If you are working for a creative company, like fashion or media related, you have a lot of room for customizing your visiting card. This is because just as creative as you are, your visiting card will make it even more apparent. Based on how unique your visiting card looks, people might judge you. It gives you more chances of leaving a memorable impression on people. You can choose different colors, and even customize the shape of your visiting card.

Based on your business and kind of people you meet, make sure you choose the best and most appropriate visiting card template and leave a good impression on people.

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