Plan: Earn 200% Income Guaranteed | Viewclip Review Hey Guys, I’m back again with another amazing way to Earn Money Online. Today I will be telling you about a very latest and trusted company called Here you will get to know everything about Viewclip .net i.e Plan, Review and joining process of Viewclip net.

Payment Mode:Bitcoin

Type of Work: Earn Money Online

Minimum Investment: Rs.7500

Refund Policy: Yes, 20 Day Refund Policy

Does it Pay Money: Timely Paying Money (Instantly)

Viewclip Review: It is Paying Regular Money but Read till end to know in detail.

Call/Whatsapp Support

Vikas: 9613139511

Rishabh: 7827034256

What is Viewclip?

Viewclip is one of its kind digital marketing company of India. helps advertisers by promoting their videos on various platforms. On the other hand, gives an opportunity to people to earn money online through their portal.

Here users have to watch videos online and Earn Money for the same. Once, a user purchase a Viewclip plan they will start getting task and money is credited on completing those tasks.

Moreover, Viewclip is a renowned UK based company and was officially registered in 2016. Also, Viewclip works only through Bitcoin Mode for depositing and paying money.

So, let me tell you some quick benefits of joining Viewclips:

  • No Booster Required
  • 200% Income in 9 Months
  • 8%Binary Income
  • 5%Referral Income
  • Daily Earning Task (No Holiday)
  • ID activates in just 2 hours
  • 10 Level Downline Income
  • Income in Bitcoins

Requirements for Joining

To join Viewclip you just some basic requirements:

  1. Bank Account
  2. Pancard
  3. Bitcoin Account (Zebpay)
  4. Email ID Plan:

Viewclip offers 4 plans and you can select anyone according to your requirements. Each of the plan has a validity of 9 Months/300 Days and you can double you money with each of its plan.

So Lets see what plan has to offer you:

PlanDaily EarningTotal Earning
Rs. 7,500 ($100)Rs.50Rs.15,000
Rs.15,000 ($250)Rs.100Rs.30,000
Rs.37,500 ($500)Rs.250Rs.75,000
Rs.75,000 ($1000)Rs.500Rs.1,50,000

1.  Rs. 7,500

Daily earning – Rs. 50

Total earning – Rs.15000

Validity – 300 Days

2. Rs.15,000

Daily earning – Rs. 100

Total earning – Rs.30,000

Validity – 300 Days

3. Rs.37,500

Daily earning – Rs.250

Total earning – Rs.75,000

Validity – 300 Days

4. Rs.75,000

Daily earning- Rs.500

Total earning- Rs.1,50,000

Validity – 300 Days

#Note: Each of plans has different daily income capping according to the plan.

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How To Join Plan

Joining is a very simple task. All you need to do is just follow the below steps.

  1. Click Here to Register
  2. Now Enter all the required details like Your Name, Mobile Number, Referral Id: R439229  and select the position.viewclip registration
  3. After filling all the details, Just click on Create Account Now.
  4. You will now get your User ID and Password on Email.

How To Activate Viewclip Account?

  1. First of all you need to Add you money in any Bitcoin App like Zebpay.

    Watch this video to Know how to use Zebpay App
  2. Now Login to your Viewclip Account
  3. Click on “Buy Contract
  4. Just Select the desired Plan, Enter Captcha & then “Find an Offer
  5. Now, Send the money to “ Bitcoin Address” using Zebpay App or Blockchain.viewclip send bitcoin
  6. Click on “I HAVE PAID” after sending the bitcoins.
  7. That’s All! Youaccount will be activated within 2 hours of sending the bitcoins.

#Note: Do not close Bitcoin Address Window while sending the Money to their Address.

Call Me on  7827034256 if you face any issue in sending the Bitcoins.

Types of Income in

Their are 4 types income in Just have a look at each of them:

  1. Daily Task Income
  2. Direct Referral Income
  3. Binary Income
  4. 10 Level Downline Income

Daily Task Income

You will get the Daily Income on completing your tasks of watching Videos. You will get 5 tasks to complete daily inorder to earn full money.

Direct Referral Income

Direct Referral Income is the is the one one that you get on Referring to some other person. You will get 5% of the package when some other person joins using your link.

Direct income is one of the best way to increase your income with viewclips net plan.

Binary Promotional Income

Binary Promotional income is another simple way to earn more money online with Here you do not need to work again and again.

You will get 8% of the common amount of your downline. Binary Income will be transferred to your Viewclip account weekly. Hence you do not have to worry about this income.

Here is a simple example of how much binary income you will get: If your Left & Right person takes Rs. 50,000 plan each, then your Binary Income will be 8% of Rs. 50,000 i.e. Rs. 4,000. And you will get similar 8% when your downline increase more.

10 Level Downline Income (300days)

The best thing in Viewclip plan is that you will get huge amount of money with their 1 level downline program. You will simply earn 2-5% of others income whenever your level increases.

Level 1  5%
Level 2  2%
Level 3  2%
Level 4  2%
Level 5  2%
Level 6  2%
Level 7  2%
Level 8  2%
Level 9  3%
Level 10 3%

viewclip level income

My Verdict on Review

According to me this UK based company is doing quite well. This is similar to afoffe plan and as we all know afofee is also a great company which offers regular income to us.

Till now everyone is being paid from and it is a huge opportunity for you too. Moreover, You must surely try your hands on joining and earn money through it.

Also, Do not come under any one influence and take the package according to your pocket. So, If you want to join just whatsapp massage or call on on 7827034256 right now.