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USSD codes or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data code is a protocol used by mobile service providers to connect with their users. You can use different USSD codes to interact with your mobile service provider in order to check your balance, search for data packs, know your special offers, know about value added services, and a lot more services. Here’s a list of USSD codes of all major mobile service providers in India.

Get all networks ussd codes

We can check information related to any particular service from any particular service provider using a unique USSD code. Here are the lists of ussd codes of airtel, idea, vodafone, reliance, jio, aircel, BSNL, and more.

All Airtel ussd codes

USSD codes

Bharti Airtel is India’s number one telecom service provider. Here’s a list of all the USSD codes regarding various services offered by Airtel.

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Airtel ServiceUSSD Code
Airtel Customer Care Number121
Airtel Complaint Number198
Airtel Main Account Balance Check*123#
Check AirtelSim Validity*123#
Airtel to Airtel Balance Transfer Code*141#
Local Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes Balance*123*6#
Airtel Night Net Balance Check*123*197#
Airtel Voice Pack Balance Check*121*2# and Press 2
Check Airtel SMS Balance*121*2# and Press to 3
Airtel Recharge by CouponDial *121*3# and Enter Coupon Code
Hello Tune Airtel Number*121*4#
Check Airtel Active Services*121*5#
Airtel Digital TV Details Number*121*6#
Airtel last 5 call details codeDial *121*7# and then Press 1
Airtel Value Added Service Check CodeDial *121*7# and then Press 2
Airtel last 5 call charges details codeDial *121*7# and then Press 3
Airtel Last 5 SMS Details CheckDial *121*7# and then Press 4
Airtel Last 5 Data Charges DetailDial *121*7# and then Press 5
Airtel Last 5 Recharge Details CodeDial *121*7# and then Press 6
My Airtel My Offer code (My Airtel Offer Code)*121#
Airtel 3G Activation ussd CodeSMS 3G to 121
Airtel Missed Call Alert Service Activation Code*888#
Airtel Missed Call Alert Service Deactivate Code*888#
AirtelTalktime Gift Service(Send/Ask Talktime)*141#
Airtel GPRS Activation*567#
Airtel Loan USSD Code*141*10#
Airtel offers available on usageDial 12131
Airtel Twitter Service*515#
Airtel Facebook Service (Re.1 per Day)*325
Airtel Special 5 Offers*222#
Airtel Live Services*321#
Airtel Special Offers and Rewards*566#
Port Airtel NumberSMS PORT to 1909


Reliance Jio ussd codes- List of USSD Codes pdf

USSD codes

Reliance Jio is a total game changer in the telecom industry since we all know the hype that hasn’t calm down even now, regarding Jio. Jio surely came up with a lot of new calls and internet packs that right away raised it to the list of the big names in the communication industry of India.

Needless to say, that it’s low price plans attracted many users to ditch their regular service provider and get a Jio SIM. One among the best things about Jio is that it challenged other telecom service providers to offer their services at lower costs, which was definitely beneficial to us as users.

If you have any troubles in finding USSD codes for Jio’s services,refer to the table below. Also read Reliance Jio USSD code: Know Own Number, 4G Data Balance in Sept


Use of Jio USSD CodeJio USSD Code
Check Jio Main Balance*367# or *333*1*1*1#
Check 4G Internet Balance*333*1*3*#
Check Free SMS Balance of Jio*367*2#
Check Local Call Minutes*367*2#
Check Latest Balance in Jio*333*1*2*1#
Check VAS balance of Reliance*333*1*4*1#
Activate Miss Call Alert (charges may apply)*333*3*2*1#
Deactivate Miss call Alert*333*3*2*2#
Activate Caller Tune in Jio (charges apply)*333*3*1*1#
Deactivate Caller Tune*333*3*1*2#
Know your Reliance Number*1#
Special Deals and Discounts*789#
packs of hot news, bestsellers, cricket, news, sports, movie masala, love fun,
Hot News, My Tunes, Ring Tones*999#
Reliance Jio Customer care*333
Or *369
Recharge with Scratch Card*368#
or *305*<14 digit pin>#


Vodafone USSD Codes

USSD codes

Over 210 million people use Vodafone for their telecommunication needs and that makes it one of the giants in the sector. Vodafone’s predecessor was Hutch which was owned by the Hutchison Essar. Vodafone, an international player in the telecom industry changed the service’s name from Hutch to Vodafone, after it bought the major share from Hutchison Essar in May, 2007.

Just like the pug in Vodafone India’s commercial, the company tried hard to be with their users through thick and thin and provide a wide range of services to them. Here’s a list of all the USSD codes you would need to check with Vodafone about their services.

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Vodafone USSD Codes:

Vodafone Service ProcessVodafone USSD Code
Vodafone Recharge Offers Check*121#
Vodafone Best Internet Offer Check*111*1*5#
Vodafone My Delights Check*111*1*2#
Check Vodafone My Plan Rates*111*4*1#
Check Promotional balances*111*4*2#
Check Vodafone Plan Validity*111*4*3#
Check Vodafone VAS*111*5#
Check VAS Activated*111*5*1#
Activate New VAS on Vodafone*111*5*2#
Activate Data Plan*111*6*1#
Vodafone Bonus Card*111*7#
Check Best Vodafone Offer*111*8#
Vodafone Pay Code*111*9#
Vodafone Low Balance Service*111*10#
Check Vodafone Alternate Number Details*111*11*1#
Check other Vodafone Info*111*12#
Check Vodafone Roaming Minutes Validity*142#
Activate Vodafone DND Service1909
Vodafone Alerts*123#
Vodafone Hello Tunes5525



USSD codes


BSNL stands for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, which is a government owned telecom company. Most of our homes had a landline connection which was BSNL’s. It was popular throughout the country except for in Mumbai and New Delhi where the communication industry was ruled by MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam).

BSNL is the oldest telecom service provider of India had a customer base of 93.29 million as of June 2015. However, due to privatization of the communication sector, BSNL suffers major loss since the past decade. Even then it is the largest provider of fixed telephone lines and broadband connections covering 60% of the user base. It is still the fifth largest mobile service provider in India as well.

Here’s a list of all the USSD codes for different services provided by BSNL.

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Bsnl Net Balance Check Code*124#
Bsnl 3G Internet Data Balance Check*112#
Bsnl Balance Check*123#
BSNL SMS Balance Check Code*123*1#
Bsnl Minute Balance Check*123*5#
Bsnl 2G Internet Data Balance Check*123*6#
Bsnl Video Call Balance*123*9#
BSNL GPRS Balance Check*123*10#


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