How To Use WiFi and Mobile Data At Same Time To Increase Download Speed


Use WiFi and Mobile Data At Same Time: Hey Friends, Today I’m going to tell you an amazing trick where you can run both WiFi and Mobile Internet in your Android Phone at the same time. Actually one of my reader asked me how to do that, hence I thought to write it for everyone.

Actually, this feature of using Cellular Data as well as WiFi is available in some Android phones but not all the phones. So, With this trick I will tell you how to use this trick in your device but you need a Rooted Phone to do this process. And we will be using a Mobile App called “Super Download App” or “Speedy App” for Android.use wifi and mobile data at same time

Also, When you try using Mobile Data and WiFi simultaneously, the speed of Downloading Data and surfing will also increase rapidly. So, get ready to enjoy enhanced data downloading speed instantly.


  1. Rooted Android Phone
  2. Mobile Internet
  3. WiFi

How To Use WiFi and Mobile Data At Same Time

  1. Firstly, Install “Super Download App” or “Super Download Paid App
  2. Open the App & Click on Top Right “3 dots” section.use Wifi and Mobile Internet at same time
  3. Now click on “Setting Tab.use Wifi and Mobile Internet at same time Android
  4. Under Settings, Click on “Dual Network” option.use Wifi and Mobile Internet at same time android super app
  5. That’s it! Now, Restart your Phone.
  6. Open Super Download App & Tap “+” icon.
  7. Now Enter the “Link” that you want to Download.Download link using WIfi and Internet at same time

That’s it! You will be able to use both Mobile Internet and WiFi at the same time and hence increase your download speed with this App.

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About Super Download App:

Super Download App is an amazing Android app which lets you use Both WiFi as well as Mobile Internet at the same time. The size of this App is less than 1MB and require Android 2.3 or more.

Their are two types of Super Download App available in the playstore. 

  • Super Download Lite
  • Super Download

The only difference between both the app is that with Super Download App is Paid and costs Rs.60. However, Super Download App is Free of cost but you can not download any file of more than 50 MB.

You can however, download the cracked apk by searching it on Google but I would recommend you to cooperate with the developer and pay for the app.

App NameSuper Download LiteSuper Download
Size1 MB1 MB
Rooted DeviceYesYes
Download Limit50MBUnlimited
Download LinkFree VersionPro Version

Some Questions You Might Ask

Q1. Do I need a Rooted Android Phone?

Ans. Yes, This trick can not work on Non-Rooted Android Device.

Q2. Will I be charged for using Mobile Data?

Ans. Yes, You would surely be charged for using the Mobile Data unless it is Reliance Jio. This trick only helps you to increase the download speed if your wifi or Cellular data speed is slow.

Q3. Can I use Torrent Links in the App?

Ans. No, This is a legit app hence does not support Torrent links to be downloaded. Moreover, Torrent and FTP links are not supported by this app.

Q4. Will this App work on all Rooted Device?

Ans. Yes, I think so, because it requires Android version of 2.2 and above. So, Make sure to use the free version of the app before purchasing the paid version.

Q5. Is their any way to surpass 50 MB limit in Free version of Super Download?

Ans. Yes, you can purchase the Paid version of the app and use more than 50 MB download links. 😀

Q6. Will I be able to use the Paid version of this App for life time?

Ans. Yes, You can use the paid version of this app for life time. But the matter of fact is that company services should not be closed 😀

My Views on Super Download App

According to me, this is the best way to use Wifi and Mobile Internet at same time. You can use the free app to download Songs and small videos. This would surely help you get over the frustration of slow downloading speed, that most of face at times.

Do share this trick with your friends.! 🙂


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