True Balance App Hack: Get Rs 33 Free Recharge with Sept Hack

True Balance Hack: Hey Readers, Hope you are having a good day. Well after reading this post, your day will become even better. Today, I’m going to share a mind-blowing way to earn Free Mobile Recharges. We are going to talk about True Balance App which gives unlimited Free Recharges and Instant Rs.20 on sign up. Here we will be discussing about True Balance Hack and True Balance Referral Code to get Free Internet Recharges.

True Balance app

True Balance App Hack

I will give you a step by step guide on how you can use True Balance App and What are the opportunities available in true balance app to earn free money. has been know for providing the latest and best way to earn and save money online.

If you are our old users then you must be aware about the various internet tricks we offer. Free Internet tricks for BSNL, Tata Docomo, Aircel, Reliance, Idea, Videocon and even Dish TV. So know i thought why not give you an amazing offer of True balance Hack.

Trick Tip: You might not build an empire by using True balance App offer but yes their is no harm if you can easily get paid for your Mobile Recharges. ūüôā

I would like to tell you True balance is really an amazing app to use and has become very popular within a very short span of time. The main feature of True Balance app is giving real time information of your remaining main balance and internet balance. People are searching for true balance referral code, true balance invitation link and even true balance hack app. But you do not have worry as you will be getting all the required information here in one post only.

You can get Unlimited Free Recharge by using True Balance App. First of all you will get money on signup and then you can earn alot by referring True balance Android App to your friends & Family. You will get Rs.10 every time a person downloads the app using your link. You can use your earned credits to make Mobile Recharge or Internet Recharge.

So, If you like to get free recharges then you are surely going to love this android app. It will be your one stop destination to get free recharge in future. Not only this, you can even add your card details in the app and make recharges similar to Paytm, Mobikwik, Jio Wallet and Freecharge.

Initially when True Balnce Android App was launched, their services worked only for people in Delhi-NCR, Maharashtra etc. But now true balance works like a charm all over india and for all the telecom networks. Hence you can easily use True Balance Hack Pan India. As a result, User from any state of India will get real time mobile and internet data balance.

Coming to the main point, TrueBalance app gives Rs.20 as soon as you download the app from the True Balance referral link. You just have to Click on the referral code link and install the app to get your initial free Rs.20.

Here is a quick trick to turn Rs 20 wallet balance to Rs 33 just by downloading Amazon App. Don’t worry, I will you through till the end.¬†Not only this, You can even take Rs 33 wallet balance¬†to a massive Rs.10000. This can easily be done by inviting your friends to download the app under True Balance Refer and Earn offer.

What is True Balance App ?

All over the web you will find that True Balance is the best app for getting Free Recharge. But here a, I will to tell you about the actual use of True Balance App. True Balance app is the most efficient and simple way to to check your Mobile balance. You can also check your remaining Internet Data balance. And also the the recharge plans that your mobile operator provides.

True Balance Referral Code

The other amazing feature in True Balance App is their Wallet, in which all free money gets saved. And whenever you want to recharge your number, you can use these credits to continue your chats. Moreover, you can also add your card details and make recharges from the same.

True Balance App Offer

True balance App offers a wide range of opportunity to earn money through it. But the main offer that True Balance is running is an instant Free Recharge of Rs.20. You can get this free recharge by downloading the app with our True Balance App Referral link or referral code in your android mobile. With refer and earn offer of true balance, you can earn upto Rs.10000 in your true balance wallet.

Trick To Get Rs.20 Free Recharge From True Balance App:

By following the below steps you can easily earn Rs.20 Free Recharge on your mobile number. Just make sure that you use our True balance Referral Code to download the app or else you would not earn your free money.
  1. First of all Download True Balance App for Android though this Referral link.
  2. Once downloaded, All all the permissions True Balance asks in your phone.
  3. Now, Register with your Mobile Number.
  4. Verify your number with the OTP.
  5. After verification, Your account will be created and Rs.10 Balance will be available in your wallet.
  6. Once you redeem Rs.10, you can now get another Rs.10 from Emergency Loan Service.
  7. I hope by now, you must have understood “How to get Rs.20 Free Recharge with True Balance referral code”.

As you have got Rs.20 Free recharge, now i will tell you how you can get Rs.13 easily and then how to earn upto Rs.10000by refer and earn.

How to Get Free Rs.33 in True Balance wallet ?

As, I told you in the starting that you can easily earn Rs.33 in your true balance wallet. So, Till now you have got Rs.20 in your account and now I will tell you how you can get Rs.13 more.

Here is an amazing thing that true balance recently did. You must have heard about free recharge apps, that give you money on downloading various apps and completing tasks. True balance had tied up with some ad networks that they implemented in their offer wall. So, By completing tasks from the offer wall you can earn unlimited money.

Steps to Get Rs.13 or Even more in your Wallet:

  1. Open the True Balance App.
  2. Click on¬†“Earn” tab.
  3. Now, Click on “Offers” tab
  4. Just click on “Apple offer“.
  5. You can see various offers including Amazon App download.
  6. On click the Amazon App, You will be redirected to Playstore to download the app.
  7. Once you download the app, you will get Rs.13 in your True Balance account.
  8. Similarly, You can earn more money by completing other offers from apple offer and supersonic offers.

Hence, You can use these True Balance App Hacks to get your free recharge instantly.

Trick Tip: Make sure that you download the app for the 1st time or else you will not get the credits.

How To Earn With True Balance Referral Code/Link ?

Earn money with referral program of True Blance is quite easy and quick. Just follow the below steps to get your True Balance Referral Link and how to share it. You will get the referral money when someone downloads the app from your True balance referral link. so, lets see how you can grab your free recharge now.

  1. Open True Balance App.
  2. Click on “Earn” tab.
  3. Share your Referral Link with friends by any given mode.
  4. You will get Rs.10 when anybody downloads True Balance from your referral link.
  • You true balance referral link should look like:¬†
  • Your true balance referral code will be the last digits of the link like:¬†2AJ3mpg6

Trick Tip: You can earn upto Rs.10000 in your true balance wallet by referring your friends. You might also earn more as the refer amount increase sometimes and the maximum people you can refer is 1000.

True Balance Hacks For Free Recharge:

Now, as you must have earned money with true balance app, it time to make a free recharge. Making a recharge with true balance is the most easiest part. In facts this is the best thing that i like about True Balance App i.e. a Recharge never gets declined. So, lets see how you can make the recharge request on true balance app.

  1. Open True Balance App.
  2. Click on the “Recharge” Tab in the header.
  3. Select the tariff plans available on your network like Top-Up, Rate Cutter, 3G recharge etc.
  4. Select the desired recharge plan and click “Buy
  5. Your recharge will be processed instantly and you will get confirmation message.

Hence, By following the above process you can easily make your Free Internet Recharge with True Balance Hack App.

Limitation of True Balance Hack:

Their is only one limitation that I feel in True Balance app is that, You can recharge your registered mobile number on true balance app. So, Make sure to choose your registered number wisely.

Their is another condition that true balance recently added is that you can make only Rs.300/ day recharge. Although, for a genuine user this is not such a big issue.

Trick Tip: You can recharge other number also. Just insert the sim in your phone and register other number as well. In this way you can recharge other number through your true balance wallet money.

True Balance APK Download

If you are facing some issue in downloading the from google playstore. Then you can directly install the True Balance APK and use it. In this case you do not have to go to playstore to download the app. just download True Balance Apk and then Install it from your setting in the Android Smart Phone.

Unlimited Trick with True Balance Hack

Now, I will tell you a brief about how you can Earn Unlimited Money with True balance App Hack. All you need is a Rooted Android Mobile Phone and Mobile Numbers which are unregistered on true Blance app. So, Just follow the below steps and get yourself Unlimited Free Mobile Recharges.
  1. First of all Download Android Id changer in your Rooted Android Phone.
  2. Download True Balnce App with your previous referral link.
  3. Change Android Id / IMEI Number of your Mobile.
  4. Now, Open True Blance App again.
  5. Now, Enter a New Mobile Number and Complete OTP verification.
  6. Important – Enter your previous True Balance referral code.
  7. Hurray! You will now get Rs.10 in the new account and Rs.10 in your previous True Balance Account.

In this way you can earn Unlimited Free Recharge with True Balance Hack App.

Note: This True Balance Trick is just for informational purpose. Changing IMEI number and Android Id to manipulate apps is illegal. do not encourage such activities and is not liable for any wrong doings.

True Balance Online Script

Previously we had a 100% working True Balance Script to get unlimited Free Recharge just by adding mobile number. But currently that True Balance script trick is not working due to some technical reasons.
Hopefully, I will soon get the new True Balance Script ready within a few days. And with that you can do unlimited referral to earn free recharge with true balance hack app.
I hope you liked the post and if yes then please share this with your friends and family. Do comment below if you have any query! ūüôā