Top 10 Money Making Apps in India 2018 : Secret to Earn Money Online

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Money making apps:Though philosophers and saints say money is not everything, but still, the value of money never degrades. Everyone wants to know how to make money money from phone apps. Nowadays almost everybody owns a smartphone, be it students, teachers, and even aged people. I wish to bring you the top 10 best money making apps in India for 2018.

To earn money from big money making apps, you don’t need to be a pro in programming knowledge, you just need to understand the language it depicts( may be English or your native language). It’s a helpful post for you if wondering how can I earn money by making apps.

Money Making Apps and its Tips and Tricks

1. Loco – India’s first live trivia money making app

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It’s one of the top 5 money making apps. The live quiz hosted by Gaurav Kapoor of IPL fame has become popular on Twitter, Facebook and most of the other social media platforms. Loco invites people to play games and earn real cash. It’s similar to the Indian-hit TV show Kaun Banega Crorepathi. This quiz takes place twice at 1:30 PM and 10 PM on weekdays and once on Weekends at 10 PM. Because of long IPL 2018 schedule, it has also added Loco cricket league quiz that happens at 7:50 PM. The questions will be based only on Cricket.


Loco notifies people and invites them to join the quiz before it starts, then the host asks general knowledge questions giving three options. If you answer all the questions correct, then you’ll be awarded money automatically to your PayTm account.


link to download – for Android

2. Tez – Google’s payment best apps to earn money  

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If you want to earn money with an app – Tez is the best option for you. It’s one of the best apps to earn money online with simple tips and tricks. You can earn free money directly into your bank account just by downloading Tez app from Google play store.

You’ll get free Rs. 51 as the signup bonus that’s directly credited to your account. It lets you win and earn too. Every signup for your invites fetches Rs. 51 to your account. Each transaction you make through this app renders free scratch cards that provide you cash prize directly to your account. Sometimes, you can win as big as Rs. 100000 by this app. Read more on Tez apps here

link to download – for Android

3. Dream11 – Fantasy League Big Money Making Apps


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If you’re a sports fanatic, then this is the app that gives you entertainment as well as money through a mobile app. Whenever there’s a game, you need to pick up a team of yours and pay an entry fee of some amount to participate in it.

The amount is distributed to the winners after the completion of games. If your players outscored the list, then you’ll be credited hefty amounts. It’s like the low investment and huge returns. As IPL 2018 has just begun, you can make research and download this highest paying apps for android and create your Dream 11 team to win real money.

link to download – for iOS / for Android

4. PhonePe: Earn Rs.75 on signup and Rs. 150 on 1st and 5th UPI transactions 


Online money earning appsIf you want instant money making apps for Android, then PhonePe is great for you. Download it and get instant Rs. 75 to your account. You may think what else should you do to earn free money. After downloading the app, invite your friends and family. Each signup for the invites gets you Rs. 75. 1st and 5th transaction of yours will provide you Rs.150 to your account. It gives online shopping offers where you can order items for your friends or family through this app and get real cash from your close-knit members.

link to download – for iOS /for Android

5. YesMobo – No.1 online apps to earn money

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If you’re very curious to have free best money making apps, then  YesMobo is for you. It’s an advertising app. Download this app and share Ads present in it with your friends and families on WhatsApp and make easy money online. When you share Ads on WhatsApp and if the person you sent clicks on the link you earn Rs.1. Usually, most of the contacts in your phone use WhatsApp nowadays. Say you share it with around 500 contacts, say, at worse you may get 200 clicks, you’ll earn Rs. 200 per day. It means you can earn online money more than Rs. 5000 per month. This issue your payment on 10th of each month. The app is very user-friendly and anybody can join to earn.

link to download – for Android

6. Squadrun – Big money making apps

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It’s fascinatingly one of the top 5 money making apps available to anyone in India. In this, you should complete the tasks and earn the coins called ‘Squadcoins’. Rs.1 equals to collecting 100 Squadcoins. You can withdraw money once you reach the 6000 squadcoins. Money earned in this app is transferred to your PayU or Paytm accounts. Currently, this app is available only in India.

link to download – for smartphones

7. HalaPlay – Play Fantasy Cricket League and earn money with an app

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This app is similar to Dream 11 cash making apps. It’s a legit app which craves a little knowledge of Cricket, Kabaddi, and Football. Instead of wasting money on betting in the ongoing eleventh edition of IPL, you can download this app and make money on the mobile app. You get Rs.100 on downloading the app. Like other apps, it also gives the facility of invite and earn. Make your fantasy team for each game and earn free money online.

link to download – for your Android

8. ESPN streak for the cash – Best apps to earn money

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With IPL 2018 running around the corner, you can consider it as an app to make money fast. This is based on ‘fortune favors the brave’ rule. When you win in this, you always WIN huge. In this, the contest is to predict the winner of sports competition, and the person who predicts it right gets the huge PRIZE. If you think you have good predicting skills, then put your knowledge into it. You can approximately make as big as 1.2 million dollars by all the prizes yearly.

link to download – for your Android

9. Moocash – Online apps to earn money

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This is one app that helps you earn cash rewards just by doing simple tasks. It pays you money to explore new things and download it from the app. You can also earn by watching the videos. They provide easy money withdrawal option. As soon as your cash rewards reach $2, you can transfer it to PayPal account. Using this app, you can also recharge your phone for free talk time, get shopping gift cards, buy bitcoins or trade cryptocurrency, and game wallet codes.

link to download – for Android

10. Cash Pirate – Big money making apps

Free money earning appsIt’s similar to other instant money making apps where you watch online videos, doing provided surveys, and downloading apps like spots connect, goat Sim madness, and frontier defense, the apps promoted through cash pirate.

The owners of this money making app reward cash to the users for promoting their apps. The cash rewards increase as the number of people using cash pirate increases. To allure more number of users and make this popular, this app provides numerous benefits to download and browse.

link to download – for Android

Wrapping it Up

If you really crave to make online money from mobile in your free time, then start using all the apps mentioned above. Make use of the referral programs. It’s one easy method of how to earn money online through apps real fast. Every app has an option to invite and earn. Invite friends and family and suggest that they can earn money if the apps are installed.

Do keep a regular check on here to know more about latest apps trending online.