Tiktik App : Switch to any network with a single tap on Tiktik Android app

If you’re living in India, then there have been at least a number of instances where you’ve gone “Can you hear me? Now?”, while you keep pacing around to find a spot where there is better connectivity. However, the TikTik App helps you solve all your network problems.

What is the TikTik App?

The creators of the Tiktik app have attempted to discover an answer for this issue utilizing information from TRAI. The telecom controller discharges a great deal of information about systems, rates, and availability, and finding the applicable data for your region and your system can be a test. However, Tiktik app computerizes the procedure, so you can locate the best system in your general vicinity.

Tiktik App

The free application, accessible on Android, requires (to some degree) an unnerving number of authorizations to run, including the ability to get to your records, contacts, area, SMS, telephone, read and adjust documents, access storage, device ID, full network access, et cetera. That is because, the application likewise causes you to begin the handling of porting networks, and change different settings also, yet it is still hard to legitimize the level of access being given, considering that the primary function – of checking the network in your general vicinity, is refined by questioning TRAI on the web.

The Google Play Store even goes on to list why these permissions are an important aspect of this TikTik app:

  • Location: to identify the best mobile network wherever you are in India
  • SMS: to send toll-free SMS to protect you against spam callers & balance cuts. We receive SMS, don’t read them. We need this for the port, control SIM features.
  • Phone: to dial and check my best offers for you.
  • Photos: to instantly share app insights with your friends. We will not access your personal files.
  • Identity & Device ID: to send a few important notifications (not ads) to your email ID. No spam guaranteed.
  • Contacts & Call-Log: for the fun-insights. This feature works even on airplane mode, we don’t access any personal information.

What does the TikTik App do and how?

In case you are comfortable with the innumerable conditions and permissions, then you will be surprised to find that the app actually works, and well too. The app is available in roughly 8 languages: including English, Hindi, and other regional languages except for Gujrat, Assamese, and Punjabi.

Tiktik App

The primary screen after that is a straightforward and easy to interpret screen that demonstrates to you the different networks in your general surroundings (picked through area location), in light of the information distributed by TRAI. This depends on TRAI’s Myspeed application which shows that there is genuinely detailed information from around the nation, especially in urban regions.

When the TikTik app was tested, it was found to be fairly accurate and most of the information seemed to match with those of TRAI, which gives an assurance that the TikTik app is using at least recent or live data.

Tiktik App

Even on a minute-to-minute basis, there is immense fluctuation seen in most mobile data speeds. Therefore, the indication given by the TikTik app should not be treated as an absolute, but as an indictive one.If you are aware of that, the app is going to be highly useful to you. However, this is just one part of the numerous functions that the TikTik app has in store.

TikTik App: Additional Features

On this screen itself, you’ll see a door symbol (the exit symbol) which you can tap to send the MNP SMS to port out of your telco with no exertion. The application additionally gives you a chance to make sense of which telco to move to, in light of the network in your neighborhood and what’s the best arrangement accessible for you.

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The next tab(s), meanwhile, demonstrate to you the best plans and services accessible from your telco(s), and you can likewise observe the talk time and remaining data on your SIM (if you have a prepaid connection). Tiktik app likewise guarantees that the recharge offers it has give contribute towards more savings. The application isn’t ad-supported either, unlike numerous other free applications from India.

Tiktik App

At last, there’s a tab marked “fun”, and it demonstrates to you the general population you talk to the most. You can see charts separating whether you call that individual or get calls from them; you have “one call friends”, et cetera, all represented by boxes of various sizes. The box size usually depends upon the amount you get in touch with them. It might not be especially helpful, yet in the event that you’re trying to break down your general calling behavior, it could be convenient.

With everything taken into account, the Tiktik app is a pleasant looking application that could be extremely valuable if you are considering changing your service provider. It’ll locate the best offers, the quickest systems, and everything occurs through a natural interface. What is cumbersome is the authorizations the application requires, however the vast majority of these can be clarified.