Symbols of Witchcraft You Should Watch Out for- How to Identify Them?

Moving into a new house or sharing room with someone new? Beware, because people who perform black magic can be anywhere and can leave their harmful traces. Not all witches are harmful,but sometimes the things they leave behind in a place can cause harm to you. This is why it is important to know the symbols of witchcraft.

There are many symbols of witchcraft because different people with different beliefs follow different type of rituals. Some of the symbols are also related to religion and we cannot really learn about all of them. Apart from the religions that are established by a majority, there are pagan gods and cults that practice different ways of worship.

I started researching about these symbols a few months ago, when my friends had an encounter with one of them in their newly bought house. Once you buy the house, you sign the agreements and fix the deal. There’s no giving it back if you discover something wrong, unless you’re extremely rich.

Before you move in to a new place, know about the previous owner and the history of the land and the building. Check every nook and corner for symbols of witchcraft and piles of bones and nails. Lol! I’m just kidding. But make sure that you don’t fall into any trouble because of ignorance.

Learning about symbols of witchcraft and black magic can be helpful to recognize if someone’s getting into it, or if someone’s trying to hurt you through it. If you think in a neutral way, practicing any kind of ritual or worshiping any force is up to the person; unless it harms other people. There are many symbols of witchcraft, but I’m listing down just a few that are most commonly used.

  • Pentacle (Pointed downwards)

symbols of witchcraft

A pentacle is a pentagram within a circle. What a pentacle means depends on its positioning within the circle. If the pentagram is pointing upwards, with the pointy end right at theĀ  top center, it stands for faith in god. Whereas, a pentagram that’s pointing downwards, like shown in the image above, is evil.

The downward pointing pentacle has been considered as a symbol of satan since a long time. The author of Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals, Anton LaVey has used this symbol a lot during the rituals he used to perform. If the person is more inclined to satan, they will use pentacles with a goat’s head in it.

An important thing to know throughout this article is that witchcraft is different from satanism in many ways. However, many of their symbols are similar and they both do not believe in god. There are good witches who worship nature and wants good things for others, but there are other witches who performs black magic to harm others. In this case, satanic symbols can be used by them to seek closeness to dark forces.

  • Triquetra (symbols of witchcraft)

symbols of witchcraft

Triquetra, is a symbol used to represent the Triple Goddess and is considered to be a protective symbol. Wiccans and some new agers use this symbol often. Now, we don’t know what kind of witchcraft was practiced around that symbol. The best thing to do it is to stay away from the place where it’s marked.

Now who are Wiccans? Wiccans are a group of people who follow the modern religion Wicca. Wicca has its roots in the ancient witchcraft practices. You don’t need to be a Wiccan to be a witch, anyone who practices witchcraft can be called a witch. This doesn’t really mean that the Wiccans are bad people, and they practice evil witchcraft. They follow the pre-christian way of worship and living that is closer to nature.

  • Serpent consuming itself

symbols of witchcraft

A serpent eating its own tail has many meanings in many cultures. However, what we are concerned here, is about the possible harm this symbol can cause. In bible, a serpent consuming its own tail represents sin, temptation, destruction, and Satan.

Some Pagan and Egyptian cultures worshiped snakes and considered the symbol as a sign of rebirth, protection from evil, rain, and mediator between physical and spiritual world.

In ancient Greek culture, a symbol that depicted a snake or a dragon consuming its own tail is called as an Ouroboros. It represents the cyclic nature of life and how birth is possible from death.

  • Zodiac

symbols of witchcraft

We all know Zodiac and a lot about the zodiac signs, even if we don’t believe in them. They are pretty popular. However, a small variant of the symbol of zodiac is used by people in Satanic or occult worship. This symbol includes the zodiac signs around the outer circle. The practitioners call their god as “Baal” or lucifer.

  • Sigil of Lucifer

symbols of witchcraft

Sigil of Lucifer refers to the ultimate symbol of Lucifer which is used to conjure demons through black magic. This is one of the most dangerous symbols of witchcraft because if this symbol was used in a place you’re planning to live, you never know if the demonic presence is still there or not.

  • Blood ritual symbol

symbols of witchcraft

Blood ritual symbol is drawn when an animal or human being is sacrificed for witchcraft or satanic ritual. Even here, we need to realize that satan worshipers are not really people who are involved in black magic. These people have their own ways of worshiping the satan. However, many a times there’s just a thin line between witchcraft and satan worship.

A witch who performs witchcraft and black magic, can be inclined towards the beliefs of satan followers and can use satan and dark forces to conjure demons. Witches who conjure evil forces to seek “favor” from them often pollutes the area around them through the ritual as well. It’s sometimes difficult to get rid of the demonic presence in such cases.

This is why it is very important to ensure that the place you’re buying or moving into is free from any such symbols. This article is to help you know about symbols of witchcraft, and I couldn’t include all of the symbols that are used. As I explained earlier, different witches and cultures have different symbols.

If you found this article useful, or you’ve had any experiences with these symbols, please share with us in the comments section below. If you know more about them, and want to start a healthy discussion about them, feel free to leave a reply.

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