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If you’ve watched stranger things and thought you’ve witnessed real weird stuff, read ahead and know what strange actually is. Unlike the series, the weird trends that are listed here are for real. People and the fashion industry actually went crazy and followed these strange trends despite them being lesser trendy and more on the spooky, creepy side. We wouldn’t be wrong to call these trends too much for ordinary people to follow. I see no time in near or far or for that matter, absolutely far future when these trends will be taken to the streets. Being the ordinary human beings that we are, we wouldn’t want to follow these crazy trends. Still, so many celebs were spotted rocking these trends like it was normal to get out of home wearing transparent shoes. Let’s see what these weird trends of 2018 are (that we’ll only be reading about, never trying to follow).

Faux Freckles

stranger things

We’re talking about the least weird or strange trend that started this year. Yes, people are wanting to get faux freckles on their nose and cheeks- stranger things than piercing at weird places now. No offense, I don’t mean to imply freckles are ugly or something. They are absolutely stunning and women with freckles look amazing. But there’s this thing- a lot of things looks flawless when they are natural. Freckles are one of those things. The beauty of natural freckles is unmatched. But off-late people who believe they can have anything they find cute have gone next level getting these faux freckles inked on their faces. This trend has taken over so much that people are even getting relatively permanent forms of freckles inked on their faces. It’s something strange that takes away the natural element of your face when you haven’t actually had freckles right from the beginning.

Holographic Hair

stranger things

We have witnessed holographic nails and holographic makeup. While some liked the idea of it, others dismissed it off for being too whacky. Talking about whacky, it has only gotten wackier with holography making it to the latest hair trends and now we see holographic everything. For certain occasions, like Halloween and fancy dressing and stuff, holographic hair makes sense. But, imagine interviewing a person who is wearing the best of formal interview clothes and you just look at that person’s hair that’s holographic- nothing less than a disaster. If you’ve been starving for your crush’s attention for a long time and plan to totally capture his eyes, don’t think of holographic hair, please. It sure will help you with the attention part, but it ends there. You don’t want to come off as a wanna-be unconventional person in the eyes of your crush, do you? We’re not Kylie Jenner- let’s be realistic. For anyone who has a normal life like me and has normal people around, the idea of going to the office with holographic hair every single day and shocking colleagues every single day would be cringe-worthy. However, if you are a Disney princess, go ahead, paint your hair with all shades that a holographic hair is supposed to have- but only if you are a Disney princess.

Wavy Eyebrows

stranger things

With Instagram mostly going insane about this stupid trend (yes, I confidently call it stupid), I don’t see people wanting to actually try this, except for crazy celeb picture edits some of the obsessed fans are doing. Last month I saw almost every celeb’s face edited with the curly eyebrows capturing all the attention. We all know thick eyebrows have become a trend, for good. We all worship those goddesses with Cara Delevigne like eyebrows. But here’s a fact if you are even imagining getting curly eyebrows- it just isn’t going to work out. For that matter, I’d even warn Kylie Jenner if she plans on getting curly eyebrows. Any person who would wish for curly eyebrows would only be called crazy.

Nose-Hair Extensions

stranger things

Yes, you heard me right. I don’t just mean hair extensions- I’m talking nose-hair extensions here. For ages and still, we’ve all been trimming and cutting those ugly nose hair playing peek-a-boo and convincing people nose hair is totally non-existent mythical creatures. But, a pack of girls just decided to look unique by inventing the trend of nose-hair extensions. I’d not hesitate to say that I detest every person who gets nose-hair extensions. I’d rather choose to be cursed with a flat chest forever than getting nose-hair extensions.

Lollipop Lips

stranger things

Remember the time you were just 6 and stole your mom’s lipstick? As a kid, we’ve all applied our mom’s signature red lipstick that would look all smudged and poorly done. Thanks to how weird the world has become- this is a legit trend of 2018. Okay. It is an amazing idea to appreciate how we are imperfect at something. But, calling that imperfection a brand new trend is next level crap. I just don’t get how smudges lipstick that is all around your lips can be accepted as something cool enough to be a trend. Still, lots of fashion shows have taken this trend to the ramp, after it was first started by the MAC cosmetics.

Polka-Dotted Lips

stranger things

If lollipop lips didn’t seem weird enough to you, here we introduce the brand new trend of coloring your lips with the polka-dotted pattern. If your boyfriend has trypophobia, you better not wear those polka dots on your lips- you might end up rushing to the ER. I’ve always had a deep love for polka dots. They’re cute and adorable. But polka dots and lips just don’t share that kind of chemistry. We love polka dots on clothes, bags, and even ear-studs. But coloring your lips with polka dots is just too extra. Besides polka dots, people are even getting animals prints and other sorts of prints that we once saw only on the nails, clothes, and bags.

Black Highlighter

stranger things

Every time I bought a dark colored highlighter, I have ended up using them just for the eyelids. This is exactly why getting black highlighter doesn’t make sense to me- why buy black highlighter when all I need is kohl? But it puzzles me how black highlighter around the cheeks can even become a trend when the end result is your cheek looking like you accidentally touched your cheeks with charcoal stained hands. If you are looking for a goth look for the Halloween, sure this is something you can try for once. But spending money on buying black highlighter doesn’t make sense to me and a majority of people.

Wet Hair

stranger things

The trend of wet hair started when Kim Kardashian decided to rock her wet hair on several occasions, like the VMAs and MET Gala. Besides Kim, a number of fashion shows had the models flaunting the wet-hair look. To begin with, for me wet hair isn’t a very weird kind of a trend. It is more suited for people who always rn out of time for blow drying their hair and look stunning with wet hair at the same time. But sadly, not a lot of people would look flattering with wet tresses. In fact, the whole idea of being out and about with wet hair seems really irritating. The reason why this is one of the weird looks is that not a lot of us would look like Kim Kardashian or Rihanna with wet hair.

Glitter Roots

stranger things

Yet another unrealistic trend of the year 2018 is glitter roots. There are a number of reasons why even a person who generally loves glitter wouldn’t want to rock this look. First up, we are all deeply in love with our natural roots- all those side parts and mid-parts. If you have had an experience of going to the beach and having sand particles on your head, you know how complicated it can get if you think of sprinkling glitter on your head. People who have tried the glitter roots-look reported that it took them several hair washes for several days to completely get rid of the glitter. Also, besides occasions, like the Halloween, it would be too weird to get glitter on your roots and hit the road.

Thong Denims

stranger things

From all the weird trends that were introduced this year, we are moving on to clothes- because we all know 2018 has been next level weird with respect to almost everything. One of the weirdest styles of this year in clothes is thong denim. If you know what a thong is, you can imagine what thong denim is. For ordinary people like us, the purpose of wearing denim is to hide the thick layer of hair we have on our legs and at most shave the little-exposed parts, like knees. But with thong denim, they show all your legs and more than just legs for that matter- what a weird world to live in today. I don’t understand the purpose of thong denim, to be honest. If you want to go out, you can’t wear thong denim. If you want to chill at home, you can’t wear thong denim, when you can wear a thong made of comfortable fabric instead of denim.

Detachable Denims

stranger things

Denim is one of the most basic, dress-down sort of clothing. The amount of innovation people are trying to do with denim is straight up offending and disturbing. Detachable denim is like you can get rid of the leg part and make them look like shorts. For any moral person, it is either shorts or full pants. No one is trying to save so much buying one piece of denim with two functionalities. Also, since these styles were brought to the fashion industry by renowned fashion designers trying to add a little quirkiness to denims, they’re least expected to be cheap or money-saving. You’d rather just buy a pair of shorts and a pair of full denim and wear what you want to whenever.


stranger things

UFOs aren’t the only strange things in the world in 2018. We have all seen rompers, most of us even love them. Girls wearing rompers on a sunny day is a very common sight. But this year we witnessed one of the weirdest trends where we saw pictures of guys wearing rompers, which gave them the name “romphims”. The only thing I’d appreciate here is the fact that whoever thought of romphims tried at least to get rid of the gender and cloth related stereotype. But, remember girls shave when they wear rompers. For me, guys wearing tight fitted romphims and not shaving their legs is just as gross as it would be if girls don’t shave their legs before wearing rompers.

Zipper Jeans

stranger things

Jeans obviously have a zipper. But the concept of special “zipper jeans” is different from what you think. When you go to a store that has these special zipper jeans and say you want to try a pair of zipper jeans, you get a pair that has the zipper right from the front till the back, covering the crotch region as well. The first question that comes to the mind is- what exactly is the purpose of having a zip down your crotch? Also, for most occasions where we decide to wear jeans, the idea of wearing a pair of zipper jeans sounds too inappropriate. Basically, zipper jeans are not just strange things or stranger things. They cross the level and make it to strangest of things.


stranger things

Ruffles are everywhere this year. Out of all the weird trends, we have talked about, ruffles are the only ones that make a little sense and are something that ordinary people can wear too- lesser of stranger things. But still for a lot of people, wearing ruffles is like devoting all the attention to one thing- RUFFLES. If you have an amazing body and want to flaunt it, wearing clothes with ruffles is a bad idea for you. On the other hand, for anyone who feels a little insecure about being a little fluffy can wear ruffled clothes and look super cute. Ruffles totally depend on your perspective and what kind of look you are trying to achieve.

Super High Platform Shoes

stranger things

For anyone who felt too tiny, platform shoes were an amazing innovation for the ones who would find walking in a pair of stilettos too hard. They let us look taller without having to compromise with the comfort of shoes. But of late, the whole concept of platform shoes has been twisted so much that it makes to the list of stranger things. Platform shoes now mean super high platform shoes with a weird base of the platforms. It looks more like a dangerous tool that can crush just about anything on its way- more savage (not in a good way) than cool.


stranger things

We have seen Halsey rocking that top that showed her underboob. And ever since that happened, underboob has become a weird obsession among the Hollywood stars. Rihanna, Lady Gaga (the queen of stranger things), Kylie Jenner- name any female celebrity (obviously) and you might’ve seen at least one picture of them wearing a top that bared their underboob. Still, no matter how hard you try to digest the fact that it has become a trend legit, it just doesn’t happen. Underboob looks a ninety-nine percent like a wardrobe malfunction where you just feel like walking up to the person and pulling her top down. But with weird things already becoming a trend, this one is no exception. If soemone finds someone trying to rock the underboob, it would come off as a weird news and the person would become a hot topic arounf the town.

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