Social Trade Biz Refund Form: Today’s Update | Steps to Get Your Money Back?

Social Trade Biz: Hey Guys, Are you a Social Trade Member? Did you hear about the latest News of Social Trade Refund Process? Do you want to get your Money refunded? If yes, then read about all the latest information about Refund Form of Social Trade Today.

Here you are going to read about Social Trade Biz in which people like you invested lot of their hard earned Money. As per the recent news, Social Trade is giving refund to all the users. So, Here I will tell you about Social Trade Biz Refund Process which will be started soon.

Many people were waiting for this day and finally it has arrived when you can get your hard earned money back. Click on the right to know about update on Social Trade Biz Refund form.

Social Trade Biz Plan

I would like to tell you about Social Trade which is also know as Ablaze Info solution Private Limited. Their has been a lot of confusions about Social Trade Biz plans, if it is scam or not, if social trade is fake or not? Also, If the company will start again or not.?

As we all know, Social Trade or Ablaze has already stopped and its owner went to the Jail. Government has already seized assets worth Rs.564 crores. Now, the government is planning to give money back to the ST investors.

Check out Social Trade Refund Form

Social Trade Refund Farm

This is a Social Trade Sample Refund Form and we are waiting for other information.

But currently no further information has been given by the STF team. We will let you know about the latest update, just Click on the Red Bell icon on the right bottom for instant updates.

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Some Quick Points about Social Trade Biz Plans :

Type of Work: Earn Money Online with Multi Level Marketing

Pay Money or Not: No, Scammed

Minimum Investment: Rs.5750

Minimum Withdrawal: Rs.50

Refund Policy: Yes, 10 Day Refund Policy

Payment Way: Bank Transfer i.e. NEFT

Is Social Trade Fake: Fake

Some Quick Information from Frihub Social Trade:

  1. Social Trade/Frenzzup/Frihub none of them is working
  2. After December No one got the Payment
  3. Anubhav Mittal is in Jail
  4. Anubhav Mittal was arrested on 2 Feb 2017
  5. People also did March on Jantar Mantar
  6. A total Scam of Rs.3700 crore was done
  7. Alot of People earned by more than that lost their Money
  8. The company said, site will be closed as soon a Frihub start running effectively. 

What is Social Trade Biz?

Social trade is a company registered under Ablaze Info Solution Private Limited. It is a link exhange company where people have to click on links in order to easily earn money.

Ablaze is a ISO : 2008 Certified company. Social Trade biz was founded by Mr. Anubhav Mittal in 2010 as a Information technology company. Moreover, Social Trade started its operations in August 2015 with the aim to provide the power people of India by giving them employment. But later on this company surely made poor to a lot of people.

social trade biz dashboard

Social Trade Biz gives services which includes likes on Facebook pages, buying products through them, clicking on Ads etc. This help you promote the brand by giving them “Forced Targeted Traffic“. That means, people are paid on visit some sites, liking a Facebook page or buying a product. Social Trade part time work has become famous in a very short duration of time. The site has become so famous that it get has a monthly traffic of about 90 Lakh, which is really a very huge number. Even big news sites do not have such a huge traffic.

A lot of people are saying that you they can get the money back. But according to me, I don’t think if their is any way to get the money back. Their are no signs of Anubhav Mittal being released from the Jail as he did very a serious crime.

So, The chances of getting the money back is very very less and still a lot of people are praying to god for getting the money back. But don’t worry I will keep you posted with the latest news.

Reality of Social Trade Biz Plan:

So as you all know Social Trade is currently closed and you are not getting your daily task or income. Also, Anubhav Mittal is in the Jail at the moment and their are no sign of him getting out.

Actually, Social Trade was a well though plan to make fool of people.

  • Anubhav Mittal told everyone that they are getting Money from big companies for their advertisement.
  • Hence, giving money to the people for doing the work(Clicking & visiting website/Facebook page)
  • But it was all fake. Company was not getting any links from other companies. They just made their own links that people clicked on.
  • Thus they were not earning from outside.
  • It was only people’s money that was being rotated among each other.
  • Also, their was a concept of booster where on adding two people in 20 days of joining. Users got some commission, thus in the urge to earn more, people joined other members aswell.
  • But people already trusted the Anubhav Mittal or you can say people became greedy forEasy money.
  • So more People agreed because other people were earning a huge amount of Money
  • Company regularly gave Work as well as Money to all the people.
  • But in December things got complicated when the site went down due to heavy traffic and even they were not getting money
  • So, after some time around January end, Police & STF got to know about the whole Ponzi scheme of Social Trade.
  • At the last STF arrested Anubhav Mittal over charges of Fraud and money laundering.

But I would say, it was a very well thought plan and he really got successful in it. And the main reason of his success was the trust he built among the youngsters.

People were not even ready to hear the reality behind the whole scam because they were getting easy money. And at the end, about 30%people who joined in the starting earned a lot of money while other lost lakhs.

So currently people are really frustrated and one person has already hanged himself as alot people started asking for money from him. So, Overall their is a lot of tension among people due to social trade latest news that took place. But we will keep you updated with all the latest information and happeing regarding Social Trade biz.

But their are very less chances that people will get their money back since, Anubhav Mittal is stiil in Jail. And their are very less chances of him getting out of the Jail. We still hope for the best and se what happens to people money.

And now their are no signs of getting money back from Social Trade Biz plans. I hope you got spme insight about Social Trade. If you are interested in its plans, payment proofs, reviews then make sure to read further.

What are Social Trade Biz Plans:

Social Trade has 4 Packages from which you can select anyone, according to your needs and pocket. Below you can see the Joining Fee Structure and the Daily income as per your selected package. Below are the names Ablaze Social Trade Plans along with their prices.

ST Plans
Plan Cost
STP 10
STP 20
STP 50
STP 100


These Social Trade Plans are called STP plans and their are 4 such plans. Each STP plan has the validity of 1 year and has to be renewed after 1 year. These prices are inclusive of all taxes, hence their is no cost apart from this.

Methods of Earning Through Social Trade:

Their are various methods of Income with social trade biz plans. I will tell you about all the possible ways with which you can earn money online from ablaze social trade.

  1. Daily Work Income
  2. Booster Income
  3. Binary Referral
  4. Reward Income

How Much You Can Earn With Each Plan?

Here comes one of the most frequently asked question regarding Social Trade Biz which many people ask. I will show you how much you can earn daily and monthly by using this platform.

Social Trade Biz Plans

Actually in Ablaze Social Trade the money you earn depends on the plan that you have opted for. So now I will show how much income you can earn online with Social Trade with each of their plans.

Plan NamePlan CostNo. of Daily Links You GetDaily Earning(Rs.5/Link Click)Daily Earning after Tax Deduction
STP - 10Rs.575010Rs.50Rs.42
STP -20Rs.1150020Rs.100Rs.84
STP - 50Rs.2875050Rs.250Rs.212
STP - 100Rs.57500125Rs.625Rs.530

On a average you have to work for about 22 days a week as Saturday, Sundays and official holidays are off. Furthermore, I would like to tell you about Deductions from the income at the time of withdrawal.

  • T.D.S – 10% of the Income
  • Admin Fee – 1/3/5% of the Income

The Admin fees is charged 1% if you withdraw once in a month, 3% is charged on withdrawing weekly and 5% will be charged if you select daily withdrawal system.

Hence, If you have opted for the highest value of the social package then you would earn more money.

Note: Currently Social Trade is finding it difficult to manage daily transactions as Banks are studded with lakhs of transactions. As an alternate for now, payment mode is changed to weekly. ST is finding a way to manage this and expected to be daily payment after 1st week of Jan 2017. More good news is daily task amount is expected to be credited within 15mins of invoice generation.

Trick Tip: No payments are processed on Saturday & Sunday.

How to Join Social Trade Biz Plans?

  1. Signup on by Entering all details like Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Pan Card ID.
  2. Now, Enter Sponsor ID:
  3. Choose the position as Right, Select Plan and Enter the Password.
  4. Tick terms and Just signup.

Social Trade Payment:

  1. Once signed up, You will get a User ID on your Mobile Number.
  2. Now, You have to pay the selected Package Amount on Social Trade Company account. You can pay through NEFT or IMPS on the below account details.(You can see the bank details on Social Trade Biz Company Here)
    Plan NamePlan CostNo. of Daily Links You GetDaily Earning(Rs.5/Link Click)Daily Earning after Tax Deduction
    STP - 10Rs.575010Rs.50Rs.42
    STP -20Rs.1150020Rs.100Rs.84
    STP - 50Rs.2875050Rs.250Rs.212
    STP - 100Rs.57500125Rs.625Rs.530
  3. Once, Your payment has been made, Now login to your Social Trade Account.
  4. Click on purchase Digital Marketing Package.
  5. Now, Enter the Payment Details, Payment Reference Number, Payment Receipt and click on Submit.

Once, Everything is done, Your Social Trade Id wll be activated within 48 hours and then you can start earning money online. You will get the task and on completing them, the money will be credited in your account.

How To Do Daily Task in

Once, You have successfully signed up with Social Trade Biz plan then you can start earning money. You will be given daily task according to the package you selected. All you have to do is just follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your SocialTrade account.
  2. Click on Home and then click at “Today’s Task” tab.
  3. Now, You can see different Page Titles with Pending status.
  4. Just click on the “Finger” under action tab & it will turn “Clicked.
  5. Now, Click on other tasks until you finish all of them.

Social Trade Daily Task

Now, On completing each task you will get Rs.5 in your account. The maximum amount of money you can earn is by clicking all the links in the dashboard. Whenever you click a link a new window pops up and after 30 seconds it automatically closes. So it will take a maximum of 40-50 sec to complete one task. Hence, Completing the task are quite easy.

What a is Booster in Social Trade Biz?

You must have heard about something called booster in Social Trade plans. Booster is a process of doubling your income by Joining Two people under you within 20 days of account activation. Once the booster is activated, the user will get various benefits of it. The user will get double the number of the links, hence double the Income by clicking more links daily.

Video Description: In the above video you can have a clear tutorial of how does Booster and Binary Referral work in Social Trade Biz.

What is Binary Referral Income in STP?

Binary Referral Income is another way of earning through Social Trade Biz company. On referring two people you will get 8% of the Package amount they have bought. So, if someone buy a Rs.50000 package using your sponsor id then you will get Rs.4000 in your account. But their is something called B.V. ie. Business Value which should always be in 1:1. This is also know as promotional income.

Social Trade Promotional income

Also Have a look at:

Reward Income From Social Trade:

The other form of Income through Social Trade is Reward Income. It is the simplest form of income that you can get. On completing monthly task you will get Rewards from Social Trade. These rewards can be Sport Shoes, Ablaze T-shirts, Dairies, Portable Music Speaker, Laptop bags and a lot more things. Nowadays, Social Trade is issuing new Rewards like Flipkart/Snapdeal/Amazon coupons for Tablet/iPhone/Laptop/Mac Book.

Social Trade Monthly Reward

How To Get Refund From Social Trade?

If you are not satisfied with Social Trade Package then, you can easily cancel or refund your Social Trade account within 10 Days of registration. Social Trade Company says that the refund will be initiated within 15 days of your request. Consequently, once cancelled or refunded, you can not signup again for next 6 months.

So, Getting Social Trade Refund is not a big issue, you can easily get that.

Legal Documents of Social Trade:

Below are the legal documents of Social Trade that can be found on their website. The suspicious part is all these documents are on the name of Ablaze and not on Social Trade Biz.

Social Trade Pan Card

social trade pan

Ablaze Social Trade Biz Registration

Social Trade Biz Registration

Social Trade Plan COI

Social Trade COI

Social Trade Customer Care Number:

Here I will give you all the details related to Social Trade Customer Care Number and Social Trade Address. So that you can use it to resolve your query regarding your money.

Social Trade Customer Care Number:

You can Contact Social Trade Customer Care No. at: +91-8868888868

Reach the customer service between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM only on Monday to Friday.

However, The customer care service of Social Trade is really pathetic and their is very less probability if anybody will pick you phone call.

As per the latest news the company office is closed and no employee is picking up the phone, But you can still try your luck.

Head Office Of Social Trade Customer Care:

ABlaze Info Solution Pvt. Ltd.

F-472, 2nd Floor, Sector 63,

Noida – Uttar Pradesh, India

P.O. Box Number : 201301


Branch Office of Social Trade Company:

D-8, 3rd Floor,RDC, Ghaziabad – Uttar Pradesh, India

P.O. Box Number : 201001

Social Trade Registered Office Address:

Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited
Shop no. 107 First Floor Rishab IPEX Mall,
IP Extension- Delhi
New Delhi – 110092 , India.

 Official Website Address Social Trade:

Some Quick Changes that Social Trade Made in their New Website:

1)For Today Task –>go to “Earn ePoints” and click “View Advertiesements”

2)To Submit Daily Task — >go to”My Campaigns”–>”epoints”–> “Redeem epoints”

3)For my work Payout–> go to my account and click “redeem summary”

4)For my Promotional–>go to my accounts and click “commission summary”

5)For my Network –>go to my connections and click “genealogy”

6)For my Team –>go to my connections and click “connections”

7)For my Business–> go to my connections and click “sale statistics”

8)To Update kyc & my Profile & Bank Details –> just click on 3 horizontal lines near dashboard. (Upper right corner)–>manage profile
9). New Id Creation –> Register or Free User just below to login space. After filling signup page in same manner your id will get created. Then go to Manage Campaign, click on ePoints—>Purchase then put figure as per plan like 5000 for STP100 and then click on purchase. You will get NEFT option below then fill details in same manner and submit.

Video Description: In the above video, you can see the working flow of the new site as this will give you a lot of information about working on Social Trade Biz.

Social Trade Review on Fake or Not?

Before writing this post, I did some research about the Social Trade Biz. I was completely unaware about its working and process. Consequently, I met some people who are related to Social Trade part time work. I did some research over Internet about Ablaze also.

Their is no point of denying that people are making huge money through Social Trade. First of all, Social Trade is a Multi Level Marketing company which helps people to Earn Money online.  Their are a lot of questions if Social Trade is fake or not, is social trade scam?

So, At the end people lost a lot of their money and I do not think they will ever get thier money from Social Trade Biz.

Social Trade Biz Payment Proof

Finally, Below you can see the Income proof of Social Trade Biz. We do earn money from this but the matter of fact is, if you can really take that risk or not.

Social Trade payment Proof

I will surely keep you updated with activities of Social Trade. So, Do share your views in the comments below.

Moreover, You can also ask me any question related Social Trade Biz plans, I will try my best to help you. 🙂

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