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Gone are those days when you had to carry your big and bulky SLRs and DSLRs everywhere with you so that you don’t miss a great shot. Nowadays the job of the cameras can be done by the smartphones that are more easier to carry around and click pictures whenever you need it. With the number of smartphone users growing drastically, you can find that the cameras used in these smartphones have become more and more powerful. This is also because of the increasing interest in smartphone photography among the people.

However, there are many people who still underestimate the power of a smartphone camera. After all most of the people understand little about the smartphone camera sensors then the megapixels it can take. However, smartphone photography can be as good as the digital photography. In fact, by tweaking the settings, angle, and lighting, in addition to the use of multi-featured apps and tools, you might actually be able to click interesting and beautiful pictures just like you do with a professional camera.

Smartphone photography tips for better pictures

If you have a smartphone and want to use it for taking pictures that look professional, here are some smartphone photography tips that might help you.

Know your camera settings

Before starting off with the smartphone photography, it’s mandatory that you know all the camera settings that you have on your smartphone. Remember, don’t always rely on the default auto camera settings on your phone as it might not provide you the click that you need. Of course, tapping on where you want the camera to focus on will give you a better focus on the subject you want to capture. However, you can improve the overall quality of your images by tweaking the other features in the camera settings. Although different smartphones have different camera settings, still you should be able to find the controls for exposure, focus, white balance and ISO. Adjusting them will get you great photos.

Light your subject well enough

The better lit your subject is the clearer the image you click on your smartphone is likely to be. If possible you could try to shoot outside or turn on lights when shooting inside. Always remember that if you’re taking the help of artificial lights in a room, it could affect the color casts in your photos. This is where you can use the white balance settings to good effect. Today you’ll find most of the smartphones come with an inbuilt flash to help you take pictures in the dark, but the flash might not be a good way to take good quality pictures. So it’s recommended that you should light your subject well for clicking great pictures.

Be still

As with all digital photography tips, the more steady your smartphone is when you’re taking pictures, the clearer your photos will be. Especially in low light situations where the smartphone camera will automatically turn to longer shutter speeds to make up for the lack of light. One trick is to lean your smartphone to leverage any solid surface so that it doesn’t move. You can also take the help of the tripods and monopods that help you keep your smartphone still while clicking any picture.  Keep in mind that smartphone cameras also suffer from shutter lag, which means that you need to hold the camera still a little longer to ensure it doesn’t take a shot as you’re moving away from the subject.

Background is as important as the subject

Most of the people trying their hand in smartphone photography tend to forget about the background and focus more on the subject. This might make your subject in the photos look better but overall when you see the picture it might look that good. Having a bad background can detract the attention that is needed for the subject. This is why you should be aware of the background before clicking a picture with your smartphone.

Edit images after clicking them

While it could be fun for you to try the inbuilt filters and effects that your smartphone camera comes with, editing pictures later in a computer or through a good photo editing app will produce much better images. Nowadays you can find many good smartphone apps for editing pictures. It’s recommended that you invest in them and add those little tweaks to your photos that could make them look professional.

Don’t zoom in before clicking pictures

Today most of the smartphone cameras come with a feature called digital zoom. No matter how tempted you are to use the feature to get closer to your subject, it’s recommended that you don’t use it. Optical zoom is completely different from the digital zoom, which means that when you click photos using the digital zoom, you might end up clicking a picture that looks pixelated. However, if you have a smartphone camera that comes with optical zoom, you can use the zoom to some extent.

Take loads of pictures and don’t restrain yourself from experimenting

Photography is all about taking a load of pictures and choosing the best among them. The same thing goes for smartphone photography as well. You might not always get a perfect shot everytime you click a picture, which is why you need to click more than two pictures to make sure you get the best spot. What you can also do is experiment with the photos. Click a single frame in various different modes and settings, and after doing that choose a picture that you think is the best among them. Experiments also allow you to bring the best out of your smartphone camera.

Keep your lens clean and make sure you are on the highest resolution

Smartphones spend most of their times in your pockets and as a result, the camera lens gets dirty and easily get damaged. Additionally, the fingerprints on the camera lens is a very common problem that many people face. Dirty lens means that the pictures that you click on it might get very hazy and the quality might degrade drastically. This is why it’s recommended that you keep the lens clean all the time.

Also, remember that your phone camera might have many different resolutions to choose from and it’s suggested that you choose the highest resolution between them. The higher the resolution, the better the pictures look. So make sure you always keep your smartphone camera at the highest resolution.

These are some of the best smartphone photography tips that you could use for better pictures.


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