Signs of Ghosts Around You: Do You Feel the Presence?

I first started researching about paranormal experiences and existence when I felt someone was always around me at night. There are many signs assumed to be pointing towards the existence of an unnatural presence around you and this article will help you learn about these signs of ghosts.

You may notice these signs in your regular life too, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Also, paranormal existence has been a topic for debate since decades and the views and signs are all subjective, in a way. However, many paranormal researchers and activists believe that the use of electronic devices like EMF recorders and EVP recorders do get them some proof for the existence of paranormal forces.

Signs of ghosts- what are they?

signs of ghosts

Do not freak out if you feel one or more of these signs of ghosts, thinking that you’re being haunted. It can be just a matter of coincidence. So, to make sure that something is bothering you, keep a track of what’s happening around you and try to figure out a pattern.

Below are some of the signs that point towards the fact that there’s something unearthly around you or in your place.

  • You always feel like you’re being watched

Do you feel that someone is following you? that someone is really close to you and is watching over you all the time? if yes, this may be one of the signs of ghosts being around. These spirits may or may not be harmful, but the mere thought of them being around can spoil our peace of mind and that’s why we should do something about it.

  • You can see shadows and hear whispers behind your back

signs of ghosts

Another sign of a spirit around you is that you can see someone’s shadow and hear someone whispering in your ears. Sometimes you can hear voices in your head but that may not be spirits and can be your imagination. So, before getting into any conclusion, make sure what you’re experiencing is real.

It’s not necessary that you always hear whispers of a human being or see shadows of “people” ghosts; sometimes you can hear moaning sounds of animals and see their shadows as well. Animals do have spirits too and this can also mean that there are more than one spirit around you.

  • You can hear someone calling out your name

You might have heard a lot of people saying “do not turn around at night when you hear someone calling your name.” Spooky, right? well, it’s a good point and it’s better not to turn around to see who it is unless you’re familiar with the voice. It’s best to avoid such signs and walk away.

Sometimes you may hear someone calling your name in the voice of your family members or friends, but this doesn’t really mean that they are there behind you. If it’s someone you know, they will call you again and again until you turn. So wait for them to call you at least three of four times.

  • You can feel sudden temperature variations

signs of ghosts

It is said that if a paranormal presence is there in a particular place, the place will be colder or warmer than the rest of the area surrounding it, in a very odd way. If you’re sitting in your bedroom and watching a late night movie, beware if you suddenly feel extremely cold.

This is because the spirits are said to draw energy from everything around it and the energy over here is heat energy of the environment. We’re talking about “cold spots” which are said to be found in haunted houses and areas.

  • Strange orbs in photographs

Orbs are spherical shaped blurry spots that you will see in photographs if a ghost was around, when you clicked that picture. They may appear if you’re clicking pictures with a possessed person as well.

  • You feel a sudden rush of cold air, as if someone has walked past your side

Like we discussed above, since ghosts absorb heat energy from its surroundings, it creates unusual and extremely cold spots. So, the rush of cold air can be explained as a feeling you get when they move past you. Since you don’t really see them, you might feel that it’s just a cold breeze; but if you’re in a room with closed windows, beware!

  • Your pets behave weird (signs of ghosts)

signs of ghosts

It’s said that animals can sense things that we don’t, including natural disasters and paranormal energies. They are extremely sensitive to smell, temperature, and most of them can see in the dark. If there’s any paranormal presence around you or in your house, your dog may bark a lot, looking at spots where you don’t see anything.

Even your cats may get kind of shocked and stare continuously at a particular spot. These animals will warn you by making noises and running away from the spot because of course, they’re gonna get scared too. So, don’t ignore the signs of ghosts around you if your pets are acting weird. Make sure that both of you are safe from the entity.

  • You get pungent smell around you

It is said that paranormal forces have a strong odor and you will be able to identify what kind of a paranormal entity it is with the help of its smell. If you smell something bad like rotten meat, sulfur, or a corpse, that means the entity is dark and is a harmful demon. If you smell flowers and good scents, it’s believed that an angel or a good spirit is around.

Some people identify the spirits of their dead family members or friends with the smell of the paranormal entity around them. It may smell like a particular cologne or perfume that the dead person used when he or she was alive.

  • Uneasiness during a particular period of time (signs of ghosts)

signs of ghosts

Do you wake up every night during a particular period of time? Well, I did around 3 am every night and it totally freaked me out. It is said that if you’re feeling uneasy during a particular period of time almost ever day, you’re being visited by someone. You may feel uneasy, scared, exhilarated, and sweaty. There are chances that you get recurrent nightmares about weird things. This may be a way of the dead to show you what they saw.

  • You can hear footsteps and other noises

signs of ghosts

Many spirits like poltergeists are popular for their “naughty” behavior. They throw and break things at your place just to have fun and irritate you. However, there are cases, where people hear things being dropped, broken and when they search around they don’t see anything dropped. These happenings are said to be the work of spirits to get your attention.

You will hear footsteps in the hallway or even near you, in the middle of the night as if someone is actually walking around. Sometimes they will be loud enough and sometimes you will have to hold your breath to listen to it carefully. Do not go to check who’s there if you think that you’re place is haunted. It’s best to do something about it with the help of people who know better like paranormal investigators and priests.

  • You feel tired all the time

Our work life and personal tensions can sometimes weigh us down. But if you feel very tired all the time and you’re also getting other signs of paranormal presence around you, this may be one of the signs of ghosts. Spirits draw energy from its surroundings and that includes you as well.

  • Your electronic devices act funny

Ghosts are said to mess with the electro-magnetic field around them. This is why your electronic items act funny, switch on and off on their own, and bulbs flicker when there’s a paranormal presence around. Some theorists also say that spirits can drain energy from batteries of electrical appliances as well.

Some paranormal researchers say that ghosts have the ability to create a particular field around them. This field can interact with the human brain and can cause hallucinations, dizziness or other neurological symptoms which will make them realize the presence of an unnatural entity. These researchers say that the solar winds interact with earth’s magnetosphere in such a way that it stretches out towards the side of the earth that’s dark. They claim that this is the reason for most of the people to experience paranormal effects through these fields at night.

  • You can see apparitions

signs of ghosts

Sighting a ghost will happen after many days of other signs of ghosts around you. Even though you may see shadows, apparitions are something that’s of the next level. These will look like real human beings and you will be able to make out the body of the ghost distinctively including the hair, face, hands, dress, and may be legs- if they’re there!

If you’ve started seeing apparitions, that means it’s kind of high time that you get help because the next level can be dangerous where the ghost might take control over your body and mind or hurt you and your loved ones.

To make sure that there are paranormal entities around you, you can use an EMF recorder, a spirit box, and an EVP recorder. Since these things are pretty expensive, there are apps that will convert your smartphone into these devices. The legitimacy of these apps are not really established. However, you can give them a try. To know more about them read 3 Paranormal apps that will detect unnatural presence around you

If you like this article and found it to be useful, let us know in the comments section below. You can also share your experiences if you’ve had any paranormal entities around you and what you did to get rid of them.

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