Jio Till June 2017: How To Extend Free Internet till 30th June 2017


Reliance Jio Till June 2017: Hey Friends, Today I have another amazing news for your related to Jio. If you were worried about Jio Free Services ending on 31st March 2017, then this will surely make you happy. After huge rumors of Jio 4G VoLTE feature phone @ Rs.1299, Reliance Jio Till June 2017 Extended Offer has surfaced over the web. Rumors are that Jio will give Free Internet Services till June 2017. And we all knowthe past Jio Rumors about Happy New Year were even true.

Jio Till June 2017

Reliance JIO Till June 2017 Extended Offer Details:

Reliance Jio might give you Free Internet Services till 30th June 2017. The news in the market is that Jio will extent their Happy New Year Offer from 31st March till 30th June.So, here I will tell you all the things that you need to know about jio extended offer 2017.

First of all their is No official announcement of this extended offer. But we can surely rely on this news as even before we wrote about such news before Happy New Year offer. But here is in Jio Extended June 2017 offer, Jio will not give Completely Free Internet but can charge a minimal amount of Rs.100 for its services. So, you have to pay some amount to continue using Jio services. I hope you already know about using Unlimited Free Jio 4G Internet at Night, if not they surely read with us.

  • Happy New Year Expiry Date: 31st March 2017
  • Reliance Jio Extended Offer Date: 30th June 2017

How To Extend JIO Till June 2017?

Extending Jio Free Services till 30th June 2017 is going to be very easy. You just have to make a special recharge of Rs.100. Previously a Jio Executive said, “We have to start making some Revenue“. So, Even if Jio start charging Rs.100 the company instantly make a huge amount of Revenue because of its large user base.

Steps To Make the Recharge:

  1. Firstly, Download Jio Wallet App.
  2. Now load your wallet with Rs.100
  3. Click on the “Recharge” Tab on Homescreen
  4. Now, Enter your Jio Number and Pay Rs.100
  5. That’s All! Your offer will not be activated. (But do it only after 31st March)

Hence, With just Rs.100 you can extend free JIO services like Internet Data and Apps till 30th June 2017. Also, to save money on Recharge, you can use Jio Wallet offers to get cashback.

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Why JIO Will Extend Free Internet Offer?

Their are various reason due to which Jio will Extend their Free internet Offers:

Calling Issue:

Jio has still not resolved the Call Dropping and call merging issue completely. Alot of people face call drops even now. And often the call does not even get connected to the other number. So, Inspite of giving absolutely Free Services, Jio will charge really low prices so that people keep on using Reliance Jio. And meanwhile, Jio can fix all the call related issues for better user experience.

Increase User Base:

Another probable reason for Jio to introduce another offer is to increase the user base. Jio currently have 72.4 Million users across county but its aim is 100 Million. So, To fulfil their Aim they will introduce a better offer to join more customers.

User Behavior:

A big reason for Jio to Extend their offer till June 2017 is that the user behavior. Currently, Each Jio user consumes more than 1 GB internet data daily. So, If Jio suddenly starts charging huge amount of money then users will surely leave Jio and switch to other networks or Airtel Broadband services.

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So, to keep the users with they Jio will just charge Rs.100 and give unlimited services. By doing so, the users will easily pay and keep on using Jio. Else the users will definitely leave Jio because of its call issues and sometimes slow internet.

However, Reliance JIO till June 2017 Extended Offer is just amazing. So we hope to get really cheap internet for few more months and stick to Jio.

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