Hidden Reliance Jio Terms and Conditions that You didn’t Know

Reliance Jio Terms and Conditions –

Hey Dear, Today I’m going to share pretty little secrets of a newly launched and renowned Reliance Jio 4G. Yes, you heard it right that there are alot of secrets or you can call them hidden terms and conditions in Reliance Jio sim. I in this amazing post i will tell you all the Reliance Jio terms and conditions that they have told and also a few that were hidden at the time of its launch.


Reliance Jio has already shaken the market of the existing Cellular Networks like BSNL, Airtel, Idea, Tata Docomo & vodafone by their schemes. Reliance Jio started with the Welcome offer by giving Free Unlimited 4G internet, Free Unlimited HD voice and video calling Free Unlimited SMS and also Free Jio App services for next 3 months. Initially this Welcome offer was just restricted to LYF Mobile phones but now Reliance Jio sim is available for everyone. With this steps of the company now every person in India can easily use Reliance Jio 4G sim.

Now as a wise person you must be thinking if Reliance Jio seriously gives Free 4G Internet & Free Calling ? Do not worry as I will share all the hidden Terms & conditions behind these Free Internet and Free Calling. Not only you but even I was confused about this Free Internet & calling offer. So, then I decided to dig deep about these offer and plans for Jio 4G Sim. And once I discovered the truth behind Reliance Jio Free Internet and Plans, I thought to share the same with everyone else. So now, the biggest question of the year arises that is Reliance Jio Free for everyone ? Are there any Hidden Reliance Jio terms and conditions that the company has not shared with their valuable customers? And the list of question about Reliance Jio genuinity goes on and on.

You might have many Questions related to Reliance Jio. And I will try to cover most of the Questions that you want to know about Reliance Jio 4G.

Q 1. Is Reliance Jio really offering Unlimited Free 4G Internet ?

This might shock you but Reliance Jio is not offering Unlimited Free 4G Internet data. If you use a Reliance Jio sim then you will only get 4GB 4G data to use everyday. According to Reliance Jio terms and conditions, Once your 4GB Internet data is fully consumed then the Internet speed will reduce to mere 128KBPS in which you will feel like using an Edge or a 2G connection.

Q 2. Is Reliance Jio offering Unlimited Free Voice and Video calls ?

Yes, You can easily make Free Voice or Video calls but only if you have a Smartphone that supports VoLTE (Voice over LTE) feature. Moreover, if you you do not have an VoLTE featured phone still you can make Free calls. But in that case, you have to Download Jio 4g Voice App (formely known as Jio Join App) through which you can make Free calls. The Jio4G Voice App does not work offline i.e. you need to have an active Internet connection to use it.

Here, I would like to share a personal issue that I faced while using Jio that call never gets connected in the 1st attempt. The user has to try atleast 4-5 times to make a successfully call. Another issue after a successful call is Call Drop i.e. the call gets disconnected in between.

Q 3. Is their any special Discount for Students ?

Yes, As per the official announcements at Jio launch event, Students will get 25%extra benefits on existing Jio 4G plans. So, it will be a benefit for you if you are a student and have Jio sim. I think the reason to give extra 25% to students is to promote e-learning in India, which is a great step.

Q 4. Is Reliance Jio really offering 1GB 4G data for Rs.50 ?

Yes, You heard it right that Reliance Jio will give 1GB 4G data for Just Rs.50. But the hidden Reliance Jio terms and conditions that no body will tell you is that this offer is valid only on selected numbers. And nobody knows which will be those specially selected numbers jio numbers. ?


Q 5. Can Reliance Jio Sim be used in any Mobile Phone ?

No, This might be a disappointment for you as Jio Sim can only be used in 4G enabled Mobile devices. Even if you try to use Jio sim in your normal 2G or 3G smartphone, you will not receive signals. You cannot even use Jio sim in 3G/2G mobile phones. So, make sure that you own a 4G Smartphone before buying Jio sim and if it has VoLTE enabled then it would be an icing on the cake.

Q 6. Will my Mobile Sim Slot block after 3 months of using Reliance Jio Sim?

In this last question about Reliance Jio terms and conditions, I would like to tell an important thing. You must have heard on some Whatsapp Audio or message stating that your Mobile Sim Slot will be blocked after using Jio Sim for 3 months and then only Jio sim can be used. But I would like to tell you that this is not at all true. Not only this, no such technology has been invented till know that can block your sim slot.

I hope this post will give you answer to all the questions that were in your mind. If you have any other Question apart from these common Questions, Just feel free to comment it down below.