Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer: All Conditions To Use Free Internet Till 31st March

Reliance Jio Happy New Year offer

: Hey Guys, I know many of our users were curious to know about the Reliance Jio 4G Sim card. Most of them have already availed the Sim card but few people are still awaiting for it. We all know that Reliance Jio promised to give free services till 31st December. But their was a lot of buzz if Reliance Jio will carry on their Free Internet and Calls services after 31st December or not? The Big news is that Mr. Mukesh Ambani has announced Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer. With this Jio Happy New Year Offer users will get Free Internet, Free Calls and SMS till 31st March 2017.

Reliance Jio Happy New Year offer

As alot of users now have many queries about Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer. So I thought to make a single post for all the questions. Finally, here we have all the Jio question along with that you might have regarding Jio Happy New Year Offer. 

On 1st December 2016 Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman of Reliance Industries, announced that Jio will continue giving their Free services. Initially, Jio promised to give Free Internet and Calls till 31st December 2016 under Jio Preview or Jio Welcome Offer. Now, Jio has brought another offer to provide free internet and calls to all the users till 31st March 2017. With the Jio Happy New Year Offer, New and Existing customers will be able to use Internet, Make calls and access various Jio services without having to pay anything for three more months.

Although Jio Happy new Year Offer is a great news for Jio customers. But there is huge difference between the New offer and the Welcome Offer. The major difference is the amount of daily Free Internet data we can use under the new plan. However, Reliance Jio Happy New Year plan will come with a Fair Usage Policy or FUP which means the maximum data a Jio user can use is 1GB per day. Whereas, Under Jio Welcome Offer daily cap of Internet in Jio was 4GB per day.

So below, I will try to cover most of the common questions regarding Jio Happy New Year Plan. Feel free to comment below if you have any other query regarding Jio new offer plans.

What is Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer?

Reliance Jio Happy new Year Offer is the latest offer that Jio company has announced. All new customers who join Reliance Jio network from December 4 onwards will be signed up for the Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer. With this offer users will be able to make use of all Jio services for free without paying a penny.

As Jio Welcome Offer is set to expire on December 31 2016 with the new Jio Happy New Year Offer, company will continue providing its free services to the users. Similar to the Introductory Jio Welcome offer, Users will get Free 4G Internet, Voice calls and Jio apps from 4th December to 31st March 2017.

How Can I Get Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer?

Any New user who buys a Reliance Jio SIM after December 4, 2017 will automatically be signed up for the Jio Happy New Year offer. Hence, a user will get the benefits of Free Data, Voice calls, SMS and Jio App services like Jio TV App & Jio Wallet.

So, If you want to New Jio sim after December 4 then you will considered under Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer.

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When Will Jio Happy New Year Offer Launch?

The Reliance Jio Happy New offer will be launched after 4 December 2016. The new users who get the sim after 4 December will come under Happy new year offer and the old users will automatically switched to new offer on 1st January 2017. It would probably start when the Jio Lyf Easy Phone at Rs.1000 will launch.

What Is The Difference Between Jio Welcome Offer & Jio Happy New Year offer?

I would like to tell you the most important and basic difference between Jio Welcome offer and Jio Happy New Year Offer. In Jio Welcome Offer customers used to get 4GB Free Internet Data per day but in Jio Happy New Year offer, customers will get only 1GB Internet per day.  After 1GB data cap is exceeded the speed will lower down to 18kbps per day.

I’m Jio Welcome Offer Customer, How Can I switch to Jio Happy New Year Offer?

This is one of the most important and most frequently asked question regarding Jio Happy New Offer. People who already have bought Reliance Jio sim do not have to worry about what will happen after 31st December 2016 to their Jio sim. Many people are thinking that they have to buy a new Jio sim inorder to keep enjoying Free internet. I would like to tell you to not to worry.

People who have bought Jio sim under Jio Preview/Welcome offer will be automatically moved to the Reliance Jio Happy New Year from 1st January 2017. They will continue getting the same benefits till March 31, 2017. In simple words, If you already have a Jio SIM, then you do not need to get a new connection and you can enjoy free benefits till March-end.

How Can I Get Home Delivery Of Jio Sim?

Mukesh Ambani also announced the company was launching the home delivery of Reliance Jio SIM cards. You can easily order a Jio sim and it will surely be available at your door step. All you need to do is:

  1. Just download MyJio App
  2. Generate the Barcode.
  3. Visit Jio Home Delivery Page
  4. Fill in all the required details and set the time when you want the sim.
  5. Now keep the Adhar card ready and you will get the sim activated within 5 minutes.

Will I Get Unlimited Internet With Happy New Year Offer?

At the Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer’s program, Mukesh Ambani said that 80 percent of Reliance Jio customers use under 1GB of data per day while the remaining 20 percent consumed high amount of data. Moreover, Under Jio Welcome Offer, Users got 4GB Free Internet per day after which the speed got slow.
He also mentioned that Jio networks get congested because of 20% users who use extremely high amount of data. So, to make the network better, Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer introduces a daily limit of 1GB. Once you you consume 1GB data in a day then you will get 128Kbps Internet speed. Reliance Jio has also planed to Install 40000+ Towers in India and you can also get installed at your home to earn huge money.

Jio happy new year offer

What About Calls And Messages Under Jio New Year Plan?

As I had already mentioned, All calls and messages will be free. As announced by Mr. Mukesh Ambani, All calls and messages on Jio network will always be free and you just have to pay for Internet only. So even if Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer ends you do not need to worry about paying for Calls and Messages.

What About Jio Cinema, Music, and other apps?

All the benefits of Jio will remain same except the daily internet cap. So under Jio Happy New Year Offer you will be able to enjoy unlimited free Jio app services. Hence, You will still have full and free access to all of Jio’s apps. You can also watch your favorite channels on Jio Tv App or you can watch any movie on Jio cinema app without paying any money. All the apps are free to use under the Welcome Offer and will continue to be free under the Happy New Year Offer as well..

Hope you liked the post. I will keep this post updated with furthermore information about Jio.