Paynut Digital Plan: PayNut Digital Reviews | Scam | Latest Details

Paynut Digital Plan: Hey Guys, Today I’m going to share an important information about Paynut Digital is similar to Social Trade where users Earn Money Online by clicking on links daily. So Here I will tell you about Paynut Digital Plan, Paynut Digital Review, Paynut Digital Legit, PaynutDigital Payment Proof, Paynut Digital Plan & if Paynut Digital Scam or not.

Paynut digital reviews

Quick Facts about Paynut Digital Plans:

Type of Work: MLM with Online Earning

Minimum Investment: Rs. 4025

Withdrawal Amount: No Minimum Amount (Weekly)

Refund Policy: Yes, 10 Day Refund Policy

Paying Status: Pays Money Regularly

Payment Way: Bank Transfer i.e. NEFT

Is Paynut Digital Scam: No, Till Now it is Paying regularly money but Read more to know.

What is PayNut Digital?

Paynutdigital is a link exchange portal just like Social Trade. PaynutDigital provides high quality affiliate and Digital marketing services to big companies. And now they started last year so that people of India can earn money online.

First of all you have to purchase a Package from PayNut Digital, then you will get daily links as tasks and you will earn money by clicking on these links. The best part is that you will get Rs.20 per task and earn a huge amount of money very easily.

However, Paynut Digital Plan Company is being operated since 2013 and has the head office in Jaipur and was launched last year.  Paynut company is a big identity in India and has all the legal documents like Certificate of Incorporation, Pancard and other important documents.

You might have already heard about Afofee Plan, Wepagelike,  WebWork Plan, Adcash Plans through our previous Posts. Digital Paynut works on same Multi level Marketing structure and helps people to earn money online.

Benefits of Joining Paynut Digital Plans:

  • 5% Direct Referral Income
  • 10% Binary Promotional Income
  • Rs.20 Per Task
  • Binary Closing on Every Friday
  • 30 Days Booster Time
  • Regular Weekly Bank Transfer

Ways of Earning With PayNut Digital Plan?

Their are various ways to earn money with PayNut Just have a look on how you can make money with Paynut digital for free:

  1. Daily Task Clicks
  2. Direct Referral Income
  3. Binary Promotional Income
  4. Monthly Reward Income

How to Join Paynut Digital Ads?

Since you would have understood the working of PayNut Digital. So, Lets see how you can easily join the website to earn by link clicks. Just follow the below steps to Signup/Register:

  1. Go to for Registration/Signup.paynut digital signup
  2. Now, Enter IntroducerID: and Choose the position.
  3. Enter all details like Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Pan Card ID and Country.
  4. Click on Register Now after filling all the details.
  5. That’s It! On the next page you will get your User ID & Password.

How To Activate PayNut Digital ID?

Steps to activate your Paynut Digital ID:

  1. Firstly, Make the Payment at the below Account Details.
    Account NamePayNut Digital Pvt Ltd
    Account Number0512425360
    Bank NameKotak Mahindra Bank
    Branch NameNew Sanganer Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan
    IFSC CodeKKBK0003544
  2. Now Login with your UserID & Password.
  3. Click on Wallet, Then Request for Cash Wallet
  4. Now, Fill all the Payment Details, Transaction No./Reference Number and Upload a Screenshot or Picture of the Payment Receipt. activate-paynut-digital-id
  5. Hurrah! Your Id will be activated in just 12 hours and you can start earning money by clicking on links now.

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Paynut Digital Plan & Packages:

PayNut Digital has 5 Plans from which you can choose anyone according to your needs. The validity of each plan is 11 months and you need to renew it once expired.

Paynut Digital PlansPrice
OPALRs. 4,025
GARNETRs. 16,100
SAPPHIRERs. 32,200
PERIDOTRs. 64,400

Paynut digital Plan

Earning With Each PD Plans?

Your earning will totally depend upon the package you purchase. With higher package you will get more links, hence more income. So, Have a look on the earning that you can make with each plan.

OPAL – Rs. 4,025 Package

  • Links Per Day – 2
  • Per Click Income – Rs. 20
  • Daily Income – Rs. 35
  • Income After Booster – Rs. 70
  • Binary Capping/Week – Rs.35,000

CRYSTAL – Rs. 8,050 Package

  • Links Per Day – 4
  • Per Click Income – Rs. 20
  • Daily Income – Rs. 80
  • Income After Booster – Rs. 160
  • Binary Capping/Week – Rs.70,000

GARNET – Rs. 16,100 Package

  • Links Per Day – 10
  • Per Click Income – Rs. 20
  • Daily Income – Rs. 200
  • Income After Booster – Rs. 400
  • Binary Capping/Week – Rs.1,80,000

SAPPHIRE – Rs. 32,200 Package

  • Links Per Day – 20
  • Per Click Income – Rs. 20
  • Daily Income – Rs. 400
  • Income After Booster – Rs. 800
  • Binary Capping/Week – Rs.2,80,000

PERIDOT – Rs. 64,400 Package

  • Links Per Day – 40
  • Per Click Income – Rs. 20
  • Daily Income – Rs. 800
  • Income After Booster – Rs. 1600
  • Binary Capping/Week – Rs.5,00,000

Booster Activation in PayNut Digital:

Activating the booster in PayNut Digital Plan is similar to other sites like Divineads, StarTouchMedia and WebPageLike. You have to Join 2 people under you within 30 days of activating your ID.


PayNut Digital Legal Documents:

PayNutDigital Company has all the Legal Documents for Registration and Business Purpose. Below are some of them:

Certificate Of Incorporation

Paynut digital legal documents


Paynut digital legal documents pancard Address:

PayNut Digital has their head branch in Jaipur.

Head office Address:

117, 1st floor, Metro

Polic Mall, Ajmer Road, DCM, Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Company Number:

+91 0141 – 6612032

Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

Email Address:

WebPageLike India Review on Fake or Not?

Till Now, Everyone is getting their money on time. As the company is new started so it is the best time to join any Paynut digital Plan and earn a lot of money.

I would however recommend you to invest only that much that you can afford to loose. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1. Is PayNut Digital is based on Network Marketing?

Ans. – PayNut Digital works on the process of Referral or Affiliate or Recommendation or Word-of-Mouth promotion.

Q. 2. What Services PayNut Digital offers?

Ans. – PayNut Digital is SEO/SMO based Digital Marketing company. And Earns money by promoting big companies likes Amazon, Flikart and Apps like Paytm on their Portal.

Q.3. What is an E-point?

Ans. An e-point is a number that corresponds to a visit done by an Individual to a designated website by clicking the respective weblink. This weblink is of a customer of PayNut Digital who has bought this e-point.

Q. 4. With 1 PanCard How many Id’s can be made?

Ans. – You can make 3 User IDs on 1 PAN card w.e.f. 1 September 2016.

Note: 20% TDS deduction will be apply if PAN card is not available & 10% TDS after providing PAN card.

Q. 5. Can I buy ePoints if I don’t have a PAN card ?

Ans. – Yes, You can make the account without Pancard but you have to add Applied for in Pancard Section. Once your PAN card is ready then update PAN in “My Profile” & upload KYC against PAN card.

User must submit PAN Card as KYC within 30 days otherwise all HBW payouts & promotional payouts will be washed out.

 Q. 6. In how many days does the KYC gets approved?

Ans. – It will take atleast 2-3 days after uploading KYC related document.

Q. 7. When can I get my links in the dashboard (Home based work) ?

Ans. – You will get the work from the next day of becoming the member by paying the amount of your Paynut digital plan.

Q. 8. What is the age limit of joining Paynut digital company package?

Ans. – You must be 18 years old to purchase ST packages & Maximum Age of 65.

Q. 9. What are the Administration Charges?

Ans. – An admin charge of 5.75%  is deducted from your income.

Q. 10. How much TDS Amount is deducted from my income?

Ans. – Company deducts TDS from both ‘Promotional Income’ and ‘Daily Task Payment’ :

  • Promotional Income – 5% from total income
  • Daily Task Income – 10% from total income

Q. 11. Can I refund or cancel my Plan/Package?

Ans. – As told above you can easily cancel or ask for refund if you are no satisfied by the paynut digital introducer id package.  You can send a mail at or raise a request in ‘HELPDESK’ section in 10 days from the date of activation.