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Patanjali Products List 2018: Are you looking for natural, organic, and healthy products? One of the most trusted brands that promise quality at a reasonable price is Patanjali. Read ahead to know what is the best of its products.

Patanjali was started by Ramdev Baba and Acharya Balkrishnab in the year 2006. Since then Patanjali has successfully established its name in the market for providing high-quality health products at cheap prices. Patanjali’s motive is to make people healthier so that they can live the life in a better way.

Patanjali Products List

As we all know the food & products we consume are mostly full of chemicals these days. But Patanjali products are crafted such that we can escape harmful chemicals. Not only this, the best part is Patanjali products are much cheaper than other brand products. This makes Patanjali an amazing ‘Made in India’ brand that works for enhancing the lifestyle of the people in the country.

Moreover, Patanjali offers a wide variety of products like beauty care products, food, and snacks, spices, ayurvedic herbs, sharabats, home utilities, toiletries etc. This is the huge variety of Patanjali products which you can purchase from Divya Patanjali Stores as well as online.

Here I will tell you about all the products which you can buy online from Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or even from Patanjali official site that is Patanjali Ayurveda. There are around 444 products including 45 types of Cosmetics and around 30 eatable items.

Also, their catalog has many other Patanjali products for weight loss, Patanjali Products for Hair, Face, Weight Gain, pimples, Diabetes and much more. Actually, Patanjali has tried to cover all the major variety of products that can be beneficial for a person.

So, Let’s talk about Patanjali Products List.

Patanjali Products List

As I already told you that that are more than 444 products in Patanjali list, I had tried to filter the products as per the category. I hope you like it and if not, then don’t forget to share a valuable feedback.

I had given Product Name, Price and Quantity, if you want to buy then just click on the product link.

Sometimes, the products are not available so in that case, you can search for them at:

The categories which I will include are:

  • Health Care Products
  • Patanjali Food Products
  • Personal Care Products
  • Ayurvedic Medicines
  • Herbal Home Care Products
  • Patanjali Publication Products 

Patanjali Health Care

Let’s have a look at some amazing Healthcare products of Patanjali.

Desi Ghee1 kgRs. 510
Desi Ghee500 gmRs. 270
Pure Honey1 Kg70
Pure Honey500 gmRs. 135
Pure Honey Multiflora250 gmRs. 75
Badam Pak250 gmRs.130
Chyawanprash1 kgRs.190
Special Chyawanprash500 gmRs. 130
Pachak Ajwain100 gmRs. 46
Pachak Anardana Goli100 gmRs. 35
Pachak Chhuhara100 gmRs. 45
Pachak Hing Goli100 gmRs. 55
Pachak Hing Peda100 gmRs. 35
Pachak Hing Peda20 0 gmRs. 60
Pachack Jal Jeera200 gmRs. 60
Jeera Khatti Mithi Goli100 gmRs. 35
Pachak Methi Nimbu100 gmRs. 32
Pachak Shodhit Harad100 gmRs. 35
Jamun Sirka570 gmRs. 65
Gulab Sharbat750 gmRs. 100
Litchi Drink65 mlRs. 5
Orange Squash750 mlRs. 75
Patanjali Mango Drink65 gmRs. 5
Amla Juice1.1 ltrRs. 100
Amla Juice500 mlRs. 55
Arjun Amla Juice500 mlRs. 80
Aloe Vera Juice (Orange)1 ltrRs. 200
Aloevera Juice With Fiber1 ltrRs. 180
Amla Aloevera Juice (Lichi)70 mlRs. 50
Giloy Juice500 mlRs. 80
Giloy Amla Juice500 mlRs. 90
Karela Amla Juice570 mlRs. 75
Lauki Amla Juice1 kgRs. 90
Tulsi Panchang Juice570 gmRs. 90
Thandai Powder500 gmRs. 190

Herbal Home Care Products

Here are some of the best Home Care products available in the market.

Product NameQuantityPrice
Dish Wash Bar175 gmRs. 10
Hawan Samagri500 gmRs. 50
Agarbatti Jasmine28 gmRs. 20
Agarbatti Lavender28 gmRs. 20
Agarbatti Meditation28 gRs. 20
Agarbatti Sandal28 gRs. 20
Agarbatti Rose28 gRs. 20
Agarbatti Konark24 gmRs. 20
Agarbatti Oudh25 gmRs. 20
Agarbatti Amber24 gmRs. 20
Agarbatti Utsav24 gmRs. 20
Agarbatti Vangandha24 gmRs. 20
Agarbatti White Flower25 gmRs. 20
Agarbatti Yajna Sugandham25 gmRs. 20

Personal Care Products

Ojas Aqua fresh25
Lemon honey kanti body cleanser19
Divya Dhara30
Coconut hair oil72
Kanti neem15
Lip balm strawberry flavored25
Body lotion60
Divya gulab jal30
Rose body cleanser45


Patanjali Publication Products

  • MP3
  • Books
  • Audio CDs
  • Audio
  • VCDs
  • DVDs

By now, you must have gotten all the Patanjali Products list that you wanted to see. Now, let’s have a look at some of the best Products of Patanjali and their specialty.

Patanjali Healthy Products

Most Famous Patanjali Products List

Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel

Dant Kanti

Amla Juice

Coconut Hair Wash

Kesh Kanti Natural Shampoo

Honey Orange Face Wash

Benefits of Patanjali Products:

  1. Ayurvedic Products
    One of the main reasons for using Patanjali Products is that they are really helpful for the health. Most of the products are 100% ayurvedic which means they have ingredients derived from special herbs which makes them extremely beneficial for personal health.
  2. Cheaper than competitors
    In spite of being healthier and organic, all the Patanjali products on the list are cheaper than their competitors. This allows more and more people to buy these products, hence more sales.
    Actually, the reason for such low and competitive prices of Patanjali Products is their sales system. Patanjali sells its products through a few Authorised stores and not through commission-based distribution chains.
  3. No Harmful Chemicals
    The best part about Patanjali Products is that they do not have any sort of chemicals which can harm your body. I have personally experienced that people who are allergic to most of the soaps and shampoos face no problem while using Patanjali personal care products.
  4. Enhances lifestyle
    Though these products from the list are chemical free, ayurvedic, all these products help in enhancing lifestyle. This means the probability of you getting diseases or getting ill is really less.

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I hope you liked my article about Patanjali Products List and you got what you were looking for. If I missed any product, just comment below and I will surely add it.