Nokia Edge 2017: Price, Features and Specification

Nokia Edge 2017: Hello Friends, If you want  to know about Nokia Edge 2017, then google has landed on the best page for that. You must be knowing about out old favorite Nokia, which benchmarked itself as one of the best phones around 2009.

Today I’m going to share everything you need to know about Nokia’s most awaited phone of 2017. Yes, you guessed it right. Nokia Edge 2017!

Nokia has announced to launch various Android Smartphone and don’t think them as a normal Android Phone. They have planned to Launch Nokia Edge 2017 which has jaw dropping Display, Features at a very genuine price.

Nokia Edge 2017

Nokia is going to launch a next generation phone in 2017 and will be know as Nokia Edge 2017 and also Nokia NX Xpress Music. This Nokia upcoming android phone will have the feature as suggested from it’s name .i.e Edge. Thus the upcoming phone with have an edge to edge screen, which means the display will be till the side, as seen in the above image.

Nokia Edge 2017

Here I will tell you about Nokia edge first look, Nokia edge Price, its features, Nokia edge display and Nokia edge launch date in India.

Let’s have a quick look at Nokia.

Their was a time when Nokia used to rule the market but due to stiff competition of other smartphone makers, Nokia could not keep up to it. Hence, Nokia was sold to Microsoft in 2014 and Microsoft continue to produce Lumia Phones. But Now as we all know even Lumia didn’t worked out well.

Nokia is making a comeback in the market with its own name and will now deal in Android Smartphone industry. Unlike previously where it tried to stick up with Windows operating system.

Nokia has not officially launched or gave any statement on Nokia Edge Android phone. But in an Investors event they presented Nokia edge smartphone. In the Investor’s event November 2016, Nokia showcased its upcoming Nokia Edge phone for 2017. Fortunately, The images and features were leaked out and we came to know about this new phone of Nokia.

Nokia Edge 2017

We all have been fans of Nokia’s amazing quality and features back in those days. Nokia even tried to sell their Android based phones but they were not good enough to compete with other phones available in the market. So, In 2017 Nokia will try from its head to the toes to make their phones Hit the market again. And give tough competition to the likes of Motorola, Lyf Jio, Xiomi, Samsung, Google Pixel and even iPhones.

Moreover, According to the recent Nokia leaks we came to know about the phones that will be launched in 2017 in India. New phones will Include Nokia Edge 2017, Nokia Heart, Nokia Nx, Nokia 3310Nokia D1C which might be launched in the first quarter of 2017.

Moreover, You can have a look at the full list of Upcoming Nokia Android Phone in 2017.

So Now, Lets have a look at the important things like Nokia Edge Launch Date, Features, Price, Display etc.

What will be the Price of Nokia Edge 2017

Nokia Edge Mobile will come up with a new type of display called Edge to Edge Display. Their will be no borders around the screen and will cover the phone till its sides. Another cool feature of Nokia Edge Smartphone will be its buttonless screen i.e. screen without buttons. In my perspective, this phone will give a very tough tough competition to iPhone 7, Google Pixel and Samsung Edge.

Nokia Edge 2017 Specifications

Nokia Edge 2017 will have high end specifications. Let’s see what Nokia Edge Phone is going to offer us.

InboxHandset, User Guide, Warranty Card, Charger, USB cable, Battery, Headset
Storage32.00 GB
Max Storage128.00 GB
Display size5.50 inch All 6inch Display Phones List
Display details1920 x 1080 Pixels Full HD Resolution
Primary camera23 MP All 23MP Camera Phones List
Secondary camera13 MP All 13MP Selfie Camera Phones List
Camera detailsCarl Zeiss Lense
ProcessorOcta Core processor
Speed1.80 GHz
RAM3.00 GB All 3.00 GB Ram Phones List
OSAndroid v7.0 Nougat OS
Battery3600 mAh All 3600mAh Battery Phones List
SimDual sim
4GYES, It may support Reliance Jio 4G Offer All 4G Mobiles List
Fingerprint scannerYES All Fingerprint Scanner Phones List
Removable batteryNo All Removable Battery Phones List
OTGYES All OTG Supported Phones List

Epic Features of Nokia Edge Mobile

Nokia Edge will have some really unique features that you must have not seen in any phone till now. Let’s have a look at Nokia Edge 2017 features:

  • Finger Print Sensor
  • Iris Scanner (Scan the eye to unlock phone)
  • Slim looks
  • Volume control support
  • Metal body
  • Fully Water Proof
  • Aesthetic Colors
  • Support High Speed internet

Screen Size: As told above, Nokia Edge wil have a big 5.5 inch end to end screen. Similar to what you must have seen in Samsung Galaxy Edge.

Battery Capacity: Nokia Edge comes with a 3600 mah Lithium ion Battery which will give it high screen standby time.

Camera Quality: The Rear Camera would be 23MP and Front Camera is 8 MP with high zooming option and auto focus for better quality pictures.

Connectivity: This Nokia phone supports all type of connectivity Such as 4g, 3g, 2g, Wifi , Bluetooth 5.0. This features will surely give Nokia an edge over other phones.

Chipset & Processor: Nokia Edge has Octa core Processor for high speed processing along with Android Nougat.

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How Much Price Can I expect for Nokia Edge

Nokia has not officially announced any price for Nokia Edge phone But with these specifications and features we can assume Nokia Edge Price in India to be something around Rs.50000. Here, The price of phone looks high but when compared to google Pixel and iPhone the price can be justified.

What is the expected Launch Date in India

Nokia has not released any timeline for the launch of Nokia Edge but with internal sources we can expect the Nokia Edge Launch in Mid 2017 in India. I will surely keep this post updated with any Launch date or prices we get to know.

Nokia Edge Images:


Classy Color

Nokia Edge 2017

Front & Back Camera

Nokia Edge 2017

Edge to Edge Screen

Nokia Edge 2017

The Concept of Nokia Edge Phone looks similar to the Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge. But here only the concept is same and not the whole phone. The features of this phone are remarkably new and high end. The phone has a 2k touch screen which has never been seen before and it does not even have any buttons on the screen. Nokia Edge is a full waterproof phone hence you do not need to worry about it in the rainy season.

Discussing about Camera has become an important part as it comes in the daily life of people now. As told above, the phone comes with really high quality camera which will definitely give you the pictures like Best DSLR’s. Not only the back camera but also the front camera has a remarkably good quality. You can shoot HD videos from the front camera as well and you will feel amazing with the images.

Must Have a Look:

Talking about the processing and working speed of Nokia Edge 2017, I will say that it will be really fast. The process HMD company will use would be really of high quality so that users get the best experience out of the mobile. You can judge about the speed of Nokia edge by taking reference of Nokia 5233. When Nokia 5233 was launched, it was one and the only phone that really worked without any issue and was a value for money. The processing speed was outstanding and gave users a feel of fastness. Nokia Edge would probably be combined with Android OS Nougat which will further improve its workability. By this combinations the end product will be really amazing and would directly compete iPhones.

Final Verdict on Nokia Edge 2017

As Nokia is trying hard to make a come back, Nokia Edge could be a game changer for them. If the prices are affordable and the features are unique then Nokia can really get Hit again. I hope the battery backup of Nokia Edge would surely be extra ordinary. So, lets wait and watch when this Nokia Edge will be launched in India.

Hope you liked our post and tell us what you think about Nokia Edge 2017. Do share this amazing information with your friends and family aswell. 🙂