New Year’s Resolution for Self Improvement

The most important thing associated with New Years is New Year’s resolution, without a doubt. No matter how old we are or how many times we have failed to keep the resolutions, we always tend to start over each year. The idea of New Year’s resolution, as such, is amazing. It pushes us to bring changes in life and achieve little goals that can make bigger differences. However, as already mentioned, they are not easy to achieve. There are a few ingredients, like perseverance, consistency, and dedication that you need to add to your personality to be able to keep the resolutions. Here is a list of resolutions that will help you enhance your personality and become a better person.

3 Things You Are Grateful For

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Most of us are busy complaining about every single thing we don’t possess or lack. A person with straight hair wants curly hair and vice versa. A person with a busy life wants free time and vice versa. But little do we realize, these little things that we constantly keep complaining about make us unhappy in so many ways. So many times the reason why we go to bed all sad is that we have been spending our day complaining and being dissatisfied. The benefits of even listing out just 3 things you are grateful for, in a day are amazing. No matter how big or small those things are, they give us a sense of satisfaction and can turn a bad day into a good one. You can do it as soon as you wake up or right before you go to bed, depending on what feels better. Waking up and stating three things that you are grateful for makes the entire day pleasant. On the other hand, listing 3 things you are grateful for at night gives you a sense of satisfaction and you sleep with no regrets or bad thoughts. And, why be so thrifty? If something does good to you, you can expand the list. You can even keep stating things you are grateful for any time in a day. The day is to be grateful and express your satisfaction with even small things.

No Snooze Mornings

One of the biggest reason why we fail to wake up early in the morning is that we hit the snooze button every single time the poor alarm tries to wake us up. When you commit yourself to waking up early or on time without hitting the snooze button, you create room for a lot of things. You don’t get late to work anymore, and can take all your time to get ready and get things done without rushing or running late. Also, there is a positive correlation between people who are highly successful and waking up early. In order to make this your New Year’s resolution, you can try a number of ways that will help you wake up without having to snooze your alarm.

Spending Half An Hour In A Day Alone

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The importance of solitude is unparalleled. Name any invention or discovery- it took place when the inventor or discoverer spent time contemplating, all by himself. In the world that has an abundance of extroverts, we often try to surround ourselves with people most of the time. And in the 21st century, if not physically, we are mostly using our phones continuously and are never alone in a real sense. Being able to spend some time alone can also help you start meditation. If you commit to spending some quality time with yourself without needing anyone else, it will help you build a feeling of fulfillment and completeness. Every person needs to learn how to be alone and not feel lonely. In the hustle and bustle of life, we often forget to answer important questions for ourselves, because of which we hardly know ourselves. Spending some time alone brings us closer to ourselves and helps us know and identify our actual purpose and goals.

Maintaining a Journal

Maintaining a journal has many benefits. We have all promised ourselves to write down what comes to our mind at some point in time (if not, reconsider your life choices). What holds us back is our laziness. Writing a journal is also one of the traits of successful people. It helps you gain a better insight into your life. It makes you self-aware. It also fosters creativity. So many times there is a creative idea that comes to our mind and we fail to note it down. And as time passes, we forget about it or don’t remember or recall it completely. This gives rise to the extinction of that idea. If you value every precious idea that comes to your mind, start writing it down. A journal where you write about every day also helps you know how your day has been.

Coming Out Of The Comfort Zone

Our level of confidence in carrying out any task is greatly defined by what our comfort zone is. We are confident when we stay in our comfort zone. Stepping out of the comfort zone involves being nervous and doing something we are scared of doing. But gradually, this stepping out of the comfort zone gives us more confidence and expands our comfort zone. Every time we start going to a new place, for instance, a new workplace, we feel uncomfortable. However, going there every day helps us adapt to the point when it becomes natural and comfortable for us. This is just how everything works. If you repeat what you are scared of doing, you gradually achieve confidence doing that action. This is why, for this New Year, make a list of things that intimidate you or make you feel less confident, for example, public speaking. Now, once you have identified your fears, get out of your comfort zone and expose yourself to the act. This will cause you a lot of anxiety initially, but slowly you will master it. Based on what the task is, you can either make a step-by-step plan or directly dive in.

One Help A Day

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This is one of the best things to commit to anytime. Making this your New Year’s resolution will only give it a clearer perspective and help you build it as a habit. Most of us are so busy with our lives, we often forget the essence of helping people and being grateful. While we have already discussed the importance of being grateful, here’s about helping. Helping is a habit that keeps us grounded and builds empathy- one of the most humane traits. Helping doesn’t mean doing big things. Little acts of help can make a big difference for the person you are helping. It could be anything- helping your family members, friends, or even strangers with maybe even small things. But make sure once you help someone, you don’t show it off or announce it. That’s not the purpose. When you start writing your journal, you can add a part where you mention how you were helpful to someone each day.

One Compliment A Day

We all feel great when we are complimented. It increases our self-confidence and makes us feel valued. The same way, when you compliment someone else, you are helping them be more confident. Paying at least one heartfelt compliment a day is not a difficult task. This helps the other person as well as you. In a world where most people envy others, you can change your habit of being envious, since envy does nothing well. Instead, make it a habit to look at people with a very positive attitude and find the positive side of people. If you think to yourself “she has a beautiful smile”, just think it out loud and say it out louder. But, note that there is a difference between a genuine compliment and a fake one. People can easily make out when you say something just for the sake of saying it. That is why make sure what you say is what you feel.

New Language

Learning a new language only has perks and can be an extremely beneficial New Year’s resolution. Whatever language you decide to learn, it helps you communicate better with the locals of a specific place. Besides, it also enhances your memory and adds more words to your brain’s dictionary. So, why not? You don’t have to spend a lot of time learning a new language or join classes and spend a lot of money learning a new language. We are blessed to live in a world that has YouTube and mobile phones. All you need is an active internet connection, your device, a notebook, and a half hour’s time. Start off by downloading a few PDF books of the language and do the sorting and selecting. The simple rule is- choose a book that seems the most friendly. YouTube channels that teach a particular language is also a good option if you don’t want to read books. Don’t go too hard on yourself. Start with alphabets and after you learn alphabets, start learning three new words in that language every day. Along with three words, also analyze the sentence building rules and how to make sentences. Doing this every day will help you build your vocabulary and slowly learn the language better.

It is not necessary to have a long list of New Year’s resolution. You can also choose one of the resolutions and carefully work on it. Besides the list of New Year’s resolution that has been discussed above, you can also customize and create your own list of New Year’s resolution for the year that you are starting afresh. Whatever makes it to the list, all you need is consistency to make it work and bring positive changes in your life.