Jazz Internet Packages: Latest Mobilink 3G Packages for Today

Jazz Internet Packages:  Hey friends, if you are looking for Jazz internet packages? Do you know about the latest Jazz 3G packages ? Or do you want to recharge your Mobilink 3G Internet packages 2017? Then you have landed on the right place at the right time.

These packages are especially for those peoples who spend their more time on internet but there is trouble of high charges of internet. But don’t worry, as today I will sharing some important information about low cost Jazz and Mobilink internet packages and plans.

Jazz Internet Packages

Here I will give you each and every detail about all the Mobilink Jaaz 3G Package. These details will include the package charges, Bundles details, Volume, Validity, Subscription Code etc.

Mobilink Internet Packages

But first of all lets have a few words about Jaaz Mobilink.

Types of Jazz Internet Packages 3G:

The company has divided all the Jazz 3G packages under a few categories categories to recharge:

  1. Mobilink Daily 3G Packages
  2. 3 Day 3G Package
  3. Weekly 3G Package
  4. Monthly 3G Packages
  5. Hybrid 3G Packages

But before I take you forward to all the package details, Let me tell you that you can easily subscribe to these Mobilink internet package by recharging with the amount. You can either go to your nearest recharge shop or can recharge through your main balance as well.

How to Subscribe to the Package with Main Balance:

  1. First of all Open the Dialpad
  2. Now enter the given Subscription Code
  3. Now Click on Yes, at the Pop-up
  4. That’s it! Your Mobilink 3G Pack will  be activated instantly.

So, Now let’s have a look at all the 3g Packages of Mobilink Jaaz that you can subscribe.

Mobilink Daily 3G Package: 

I will tell you about some daily affordable Mobilink 3G packages in which you can recharge the packages according your need.

  •  Daily lite 3G Package
Plan NameMobilink Daily Lite 3G Package
Data1 GB (3am to 6pm)
Subscription Code*114*14#
Check Remaining Balance*114*14*2#
  • Mobilink Daily 3G Package
Plan NameMobilink Daily 3G Package
Data100 MB
Price17.93 PKR
Subscription Code*117*1#
Check Remaining Balance*117*1*2#
  • Mobilink super daily 3G Package
Plan NameMobilink Super Daily 3G Package
Data200 MB
Price 29.88 PKR
Subscription Code*117*4#
Check Remaining Balance*117*4*2#

Jazz 3 Day 3G Packages

Here is an amazing package for user to get 3G Mobilink internet package for 3 days. So guys you can get enjoy for 3 days unstoppable internet surfing after recharge this package on your phone. So I will give you every details about this jazz package in table below:

Plan NameMobilink 3G 3-Day Package
Data300 MB
Price41.83 PKR
Subscription Code *117*3#
Check Remaining Balance*117*3*2#

You should go for it:

Mobilink Weekly 3G Package:

The company has divide this package in two parts.

  1. 3G  Weekly Package
  2. Super 3G Weekly package  

3G Weekly Package

This is the package in which you can surf on internet for one week continuously to get all information around the world ,you can download your favorite music song or movie on low cost recharge. So you can recharge this Mobilink internet package on your mobile from your nearest mobile shop or from your main balance. Therefore I have taken here all the details about this Mobilink net pack. So there is a table below to get all details about this package.

Plan Name 3G Weekly Package
Data1.5 GB
Price71.70 PKR
Subscription Code*117*7#
Check Remaining Balance*117*7*2#

3G Super Weekly Package

Guys if you have bored to the internet with limited speed and now you want to surf with a high speed on your mobile then i am here with wonder Jazz internet Package to grow your surfing speed and experience in internet world. So all important information about Jazz net packages 3G weekly are in table below:

Plan NameSuper 3G Weekly Package
Data2.5 GB
Price119.50 PKR
Subscription Code *117*77#
Check Remaining Balance*117*77*2#

Monthly 3G  Packages

Nowadays Everyone wants to save their time. But there is trouble which is faced by our Jazz internet package (Mobilink) user which is to recharge as soon as they have finished their Internet data.

So today I am here with the solution of all users of Mobilink. There is way to recharge your data pack for a months with great speed and low cost charge. So I will all of you all information about these Monthly Mobilink Jazz 3G Packages.

There are three types of Mobilink Monthly Packages

  1. Mobilink 3G Monthy Lite Package
  2. Mobilink 3G Monthly Heavy Package
  3. Jazz 3G Monthly Super Package
  • Mobilink 3G Monthly Lite Package: 

    If user want to recharge his Jazz monthly 3G package with a low cost so there is package for those users which all details are given below:

    Plan Name3G Monthly Lite Package
    Data2 GB
    Price 239 PKR
    Subscription Code*117*31#
    Check Remaining Balance *117*31*2#
  • Mobilink 3G Monthly Heavy Package

This Package is for good internet speed lovers. So this Package is low cost as per demand of users. So i will give you some details about the Jazz Monthly Package 2017 as below:

Plan Name
Subscription Code
Check Remaining Balance

Must Checkout:

Readers if you want to get Super speed with good quantity of data then You would be glad to be here.I will give you information about Mobilink 3G monthly package in this post. So there is table below in which you will get all details about about this package.

Plan Name3G Monthly Super Package
Data12 GB
Price 1,195 PKR
Subscription Code*117*32#
Check Remaining Balance*117*32*2#
  • Hybrid 3G Package

Nowadays Everyone wants to multi offers with a particular recharge. Others companies provide these offers but only for some particular users but Mobilink Jazz gives service named Hybrid 3G Packages. In this package user will get data talk time minutes sms pack etc. So user get ready to enjoy all service in one recharge. I will give all details below about this package.

Plan Name3G Hybrid Bundle
Data 2 GB
Price 478 PKR
Subscription Code *117*40#
Check Remaining Balance*117*40*2#

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