Codes To Check IMEI Number And Many More Ways

Codes to check IMEI number- IMEI numbers are really important information when you go to buy any new hand-phone. The full form of this term is- International Mobile Equipment Identity, which is a unique 15-digit (most of the times) code. Every single phone comes with an IMEI number, so you don’t have to put any special efforts to get this number. This number serves as the identity number of your cellular phone, pretty much like your unique Aadhaar number is your identity. You might ask what all are the devices that have an IMEI number/code. Any phone that uses the terrestrial network- networks like 2g and 3g to connect have an IMEI number or code. This is exactly why a tablet and even laptops that have PCMCIA wireless internet cards also come with an IMEI number.

Why Do We Need IMEI Code

If you are wondering why it is so important to have an IMEI number, it is a very simple concept. We all know our phones are really valuable. If and when we lose our phones, there is a lot more than just a financial loss for us. Our data and everything goes away with our phone. Now, when a phone has an IMEI number, it cannot be stolen and be used by merely changing the sim card, since the IMEI number can be identified and the phone can be traced. In case your phone is stolen or you lose it somewhere and can’t find it, you can request to block the phone by using the IMEI number.

How To Find Out If My IMEI Number Is Valid

Just as important as you know an IMEI number is, you have to find out if your IMEI number is valid or not. In case your IMEI number is not valid, it can’t help you in any way in tracking your phone or blocking your phone when it is lost or stolen. This is why you should definitely check if your IMEI number is a valid one or not. But you would be relieved to know that most trusted brands, like Samsung, LG, Apple, Panasonic and thousands of other well-known brands have no chances of giving an invalid or counterfeit IMEI number to their devices. But if you want to be on the safer side, you can check if your IMEI number is valid or not.

How To Check IMEI Number

USSD Codes to Check IMEI Number

Now, the first question that you might ask before knowing about codes to check IMEI number would be- what is a USSD code? To begin with, it has a very complicated full-form that is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. But to make it clear to you, we also call it as feature codes and quick codes. Now, these codes are basically our saviors that if we dial on our phone, would help us fetch the kind of information we are looking for by communicating with the mobile network. So, pretty much like other info, there are certain USSD codes that have been made to help you find what your phone’s IMEI number or code is.

The USSD codes to check IMEI number or the universal code that can help you figure out what is your phone’s IMEI code is *#06#

As soon as you dial this number on your phone, without even having to press the send or enter button or option, the IMEI number of your phone will be displayed on your phone screen. But since you can’t copy paste this number, you will have to take a note of it physically and make sure you write it down somewhere. Also, when you enter this USSD code on your phone, you can only get the IMEI code of your phone. You can’t use another phone to retrieve your phone’s IMEI code.

No matter what your telecom network is or what brand phone you use, this USSD code works on each phone universally.

Checking The Sim Card Slot On Your Phone

A lot of phones also have the IMEI number of the phone written on their sim card slots or trays. So besides using codes to check IMEI number, you can make use this method as well.

Checking The Settings Menu

When you go to the settings menu of your phone, you can find your phone’s IMEI number in the “about phone” section. It will be clearly written under the title IMEI number on your phone and is very easy to find. Irrespective of what brand your phone is of, all the phones have the IMEI number mentioned.

Checking The Box

Most of the phones have their IMEI numbers printed on the box itself. So, all you have to do to keep the IMEI number with yourself without having to note it down somewhere is- keep the box of the phone with yourself to be able to find the IMEI number whenever you want to.

The Battery

codes to check imei number

Chances might also be that the IMEI number of your phone would be printed on your phone’s battery. So if you are frantically looking for your IMEI number, don’t forget to check your battery for the same.

The bottom line is that as important as your phone’s IMEI number is, it is also equally easy to find it out. You can also find out the IMEI number of your phone using this link.

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