Makeup Hack For A Simple And Flawless Look For Any Occasion

Being a girl, most of our dressing tables/wardrobes have a corner that’s totally dedicated to makeup related stuff. And most of our “makeup corner” are crowded too, just to make sure we have everything we need. No matter what sort of products we own, oftentimes we find it hard to figure out the kind of look we want. It might just be one of those days when we wish we’d have just had one lipstick to escape choosing out of so many. Or maybe you are too lazy to make a choice. When that happens, the only mantra is to look simple yet presentable. And for the same, you need to know about the most basic makeup hack that will prove to be a blessing for you. The makeup hack we’re going to talk about will be perfect for any occasion you can think of. Here’s all that you have to do to get the simple look!

Makeup Hack #1: Cover The Dark Circles

makeup hack

We all have a habit of applying the foundation all over the face, obviously including the under eyes. There’s nothing wrong with covering our under eyes with foundation. But when we directly apply foundation (both liquid and powdered) to cover the under eyes, instead of matching the color of the rest of our face, it looks whitish. To make sure your under eyes perfectly match the rest of the face, you have to neutralize the color of your under eyes. In the color chart, you’d find that the color right opposite to it neutralizes it. So like you can see, brown is neutralized by shades of orange. And mostly our dark circles are brown in color.

While you’d find color neutralizers in the market that are solely prepared to neutralize the color of your dark circles, they might seem pricey. And suggesting a pricey product won’t do justice since you’re obviously looking for a makeup hack!  It is pretty simple to find a substitute. All you have to do is find an orange or close to the orange shade of matte lipstick. Rub a bit or the lipstick under your eyes (just enough to cover up the dark circles). Once you are done with that, you can apply foundation and compact powder over it.

Makeup Hack #2: Avoid The Cakey Look

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There was a time when cakey look didn’t seem that bad. Now that most people have educated themselves about makeup and the trend has changed, a cakey looking face is a big NO! You end up with a cakey face when you apply foundation and it doesn’t settle down perfectly. And as an amateur, that happens with most people. The new trend is a glowy face. But it seems quite tricky- how can we apply foundation and still get a glowy finish? Well, it is really easy and cheap to achieve the look. All you need is coconut oil. When you apply foundation to your face, add equal amounts of coconut oil to it and mix well. Once you mix them and apply, you’ll know what I am talking about when you let it settle for 5 minutes. You can also use a cotton ball to get rid of excess oil and make it look perfect. If you have a very oily face, there’s another thing you should do. Before applying foundation, apply a generous amount of your regular moisturizer to your face. Once done, apply foundation.

Note- If you live in a place that has very hot climatic conditions, avoid mixing oil to your foundation. Alos, Instead of moisturizer, essentially apply a layer of sunscreen before foundation.

Makeup Hack #3: Choose the Subtlest Highlighter

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When we talk about makeup hacks for a simple look, we have to stay away from highlighters that are too loud. Choose the one that is closest to your complexion and is not too shiny. To keep it simple, highlight the tip line of your nose and cheekbones. And as you do it, don’t forget to keep it to the minimum.

Makeup Hack #4: Shape your Eyebrows

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The next makeup hack is flawless looking eyebrows. You might’ve seen makeup experts using amazing tools to shape their eyebrows. While that’s an amazing thing to do, a lot of times it seems like it’s overdone. You don’t have to go to that extent to make your eyebrows look good. All you need to make your eyebrows look good your regular “kajal” which is called kohl in English and the thinnest paintbrush. Take a bit of the kajal with the paintbrush and draw the outline of your eyebrows. After that fill in the eyebrows. Don’t make it too dark since it’ll look too bold and unnatural. Also, to make it look natural, don’t fill in the tip of the eyebrow (the points closer to the nose).

Makeup Hack #5: Use a Very thin Stroke Of Eye Liner

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Instead of going for a bold line over your lid, just make a thin line to enhance your lashes. Besides serving as a neat line on your lid, it will also alleviate the need for fake- eyelashes.

Makeup Hack #6: Choose Shades of Pink or Nudes In Lipsticks

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To keep it simple, go for shades that are closer to the color of your lips or skin. When you choose lipstick, go for matte shades. If you don’t want to apply lipstick and keep it even more simple, go for a nice natural lip tint or lip gloss. Make sure the lip gloss is the same shade as your lips so that it just enhances your lips without making it look too bold.

If you follow all of these steps, the outcome can be nothing but satisfying. You don’t always have to follow each makeup hack. For instance, if you feel you want to leave your eyebrows untouched, skip the hack. The overall look is really easy to work with and you can rock the look for any occasion. Besides being really easy, the products and tools involved are quite reasonable and won’t make you shell out an obscene amount of your money.

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