9 Latest WhatsApp Hacks – Important WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Latest WhatsApp hacks

Latest WhatsApp Hacks that Make you a Wizard in Messaging

It’s time to unleash latest WhatsApp hacks and tricks to master yourself in messaging. Now, text messages through in built messenger is almost dead. It’s successfully replaced by the popular, user friendly, and entirely free flexible app – WhatsApp. The number of WhatsApp users, 1 billion in 2016 to 1.3 billion in 2018, have exponentially increased. Because of its simple usability and speed, we can assure that the number of users count will follow the same direction. Addition of video calling facility have ensured nothing to stand between you and the endless chats. Thus, making you to progress and become a ‘mage’ by learning latest WhatsApp tips and tricks.

From eluding awkward messages to keeping the adult things private, here are the 9 latest WhatsApp hacks and tricks that will make you a messaging wizard.

1. Recover the deleted messages with ruse

Latest Whatsapp hacks

Texts, Blushes, and boom! abruptly pressed delete… and that’s it, the number of that breathtaking beautiful/handsome guy/girl’s is gone. Relax! It’s not gone, albeit, there’s a way to reincarnate(recover) them from the corpse. Here, you’re going to anticipate your message deleting misfortunes.

Most of the WhatsApp users will have automatic daily back up system. Unless you have unchecked the daily back up box, it can be recovered. Daily back system of WhatsApp will save entire chats to cloud in the wee hours of morning. Thus, if you have lost contacts or chats, you easily can restore them with wizardry like Harry Potter just by deleting and reinstalling the app. WhatsApp chatterious, recovernium! How good is this latest WhatsApp hacks?

2. Hide yourself from being caught by ignored people

Latest Whatsapp hacks

Debar those blue ticks response by Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts > Un-tick. It’s the best way to escape ‘I know you’ve seen my text’ rebuttal messages when you purposely want to ignore somebody. Keep this setting all the time, however, it grows suspicion if you’ve a girlfriend/boyfriend.

You can even escape reading it when you think he/she might catch you being online. Turn on the airplane mode, read the message and leave the WhatsApp before you turn of the airplane mode again. Sender can’t see you online and think you’re busy to see a text. Recently it’s updated and you’ll get the pop up text with reply option on arrival of new text. when you reply from here, it doesn’t show you online. You can easily chat with only the people you wish.

3. Italicize and bold your texts to make a point

Latest WhatsApp hacks

WhatsApp has greatest features. Its message tone isn’t the best one always. Luckily, it has many hidden features that help you get better at your texts. You can show your urgency to your friends or family through it. You can text in italics, bold, and even with an underline.

Know how? Well, it’s not as simple as one might think it be. Instead, in order to emphasize the texts you are sending, you should insert certain command shortcuts to make it italic or bold. To italicize, you need to type underscore on both sides of _word_ like this while you put asterisk on either sides of *word* to bold up, and insert tildes (~) to get a strike through.

4. Block dirty images from your camera roll

Latest Whatsapp hacks

If you’re a kind of person who shares images with your friends. And you keep receiving the images you don’t want to peek into or being saved to your camera roll, you can stop it.

Go to settings > chats and toggle up the save incoming media option. Now you get no images without your permission.

5. Make important messages to be found easily

Latest Whatsapp hacks

We have all experienced it. Ain’t we? Scrolling down hundreds of contacts and scrolling down hundreds of chat messages to find the address we had received earlier. You can find it easily though – just star(*) your important message for future finding. It’s quite similar to ‘favouriting’ tweet. You need to touch and hold the message you wish to and tap the star icon that pops up.

So, when you’re in need of it, you can straight away go to starred messages and find it. The task of scrolling up and down the chat list is begone.

6. Keep privacy in group chats

Latest WhatsApp hacks

You are on the multiple friend groups, aren’t you? Yes most of us are because we are the social butterflies. We might as well be in the groups having friends of friends whom we haven’t actually met at all sharing the group chats. They can sneak in your inner secrets or personal details.

Though, it’s improbable to hide your phone number details, you can still limit the access to your personal status and profile pictures. You can do this by Settings > Account > Privacy and tap on to be seen by only your contacts.

7. Unsend messages or delete the message before your receiver reads

Latest WhatsApp hacks

It had been in under development process for long and it’s live now. WhatsApp officially named it ‘Delete for Everyone’ and it has rolled into the devices with updated version of WhatsApp.

It allows a user to revoke or delete the message within 1 hour. Either its seen or unseen by the recipient, you can delete the message for both of you within an hour.

8. Add emojis or draw on the pictures

Latest WhatsApp hacks

Though Facebook and Snapchat can be leading in this feature of adding special effects to the pictures you take. WhatsApp still can be handy in using such picture effects.

Once you have captured the photo or you inserted the photo from the Gallery to the app, you’ll get a series of editing options on the screen. You can use these options to draw on picture, add emojis or even write a text on it.

9. Make your favorite contact a WhatsApp themed app on home screen

Latest WhatsApp Hacks

Are you a WhatsApp junkie? Do you find it hard to search your best-mate from the chat contact list?  Well, here’s a WhatsApp hacks and tricks to give priority to such people. However, this is available to only Android users and pardon Apple owners. You can cut short the searching time by adding WhatsApp contact shortcut to your home screen.

To do this, go to chat list and long press the desired chat that launches a set of options. Tap on the ‘Add to shortcut’ option and now you can see that on home screen. Now you can share selfies instantly and be a chatterbox quicker than before. It feels like having an app personally for a best mate. Isn’t this latest WhatsApp hacks exquisite?

Wrapping it up

Get hold of these latest WhatsApp hacks and tricks to become a WhatsApp wizard. WhatsApp keeps introducing new things just like Google does with Google algorithms. So, keep yourself updated with newer versions of WhatsApp to enjoy the latest features. Recently, it released an update where an user can lock voice message before sending it. Know more about other WhatsApp tips and tricks here.