Jio Welcome Offer 2: Now Get Unlimited Internet, Voice Calls, SMS till March 2017

Reliance Jio Happy New year offer: Hey Guys, Today I’m going to share a very important and interesting topic with you about Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer. This is about none other than Reliance Jio, The Mobile network which gave Unlimited Free internet and Calls to Indians. You must be in a confusion if you will get Reliance Jio Welcome offer 2 or not?

Reliance Jio Welcome Offer 2

As you all know that Reliance Jio has promised to give Free Internet and calls till 31 December 2016. Relaince gave this free internet scheme under Welcome offer to attract more and more customers. But Now, Nation wants to know if they will get Jio Free Internet and calls after 31st December or not?

Now, coming to the topic if Reliance Jio Infocomm will provide free internet after 31st December or not? Their has been a lot of Rumors that Jio will introduce Jio Welcome offer 2. But their was No official statement by Jio personnel about not charging money after 31 December 2016 but now we have a statement from Mr. Ambani.

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Today, Mr. Mukesh Ambani announced that they will be giving Free Internet to their users even after 31st December 2016. Initially, Welcome offer and Preview offer just provided Free Internet till 31st December. And their were hints as mentioned below that Jio might increase the timeline fot their free internet and calling offer. So, Now Jio has started another offer called Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer which will give Unlimited Free Internet, Calls & SMS till 31 March 2017. Yes you heard it right, You will get free internet till 31st March in your reliance Jio sim card. 

Well Reliance Jio is going to launch Jio Happy New Year Offer in which you will get Unlimited Internet, Calls & SMS for free.

We all knew that Jio wants to reach 100 Million users and with Reliance Jio Happy New year offer they will surely do so. As of now Jio has 52 Million users in India within 83 Days. Jio has already become the fastest growing company in the world more than Facebook & Whatsapp.

Why Jio Happy New Year Offer Launched?

You must be thing why jio is launching Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer? Why did not they continue the old Welcome offer or Preview offer. So, Here is the straight answer for this. According to rules of TRAI, a Telecom company can not run any promotional offer for more than 90 days. Hence, They launched another offer as Reliance Jio Happy new Year Offer and continue to provide Free Internet.

Video Description: In the above Jio, Mr. Mukesh Ambani Announced that Jio will give Free Internet to its users till 31st March 2017. This new offer will be called as Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer.

Has Jio Happy New Year Offer Started Now?

As per the Official Announcement: Reliance Jio happy new Year offer will automatically start from 1st January 2017 for existing Jio users. Ultimately, Welcome Offer is extended to March 31, 2017 from 31st December 2016. Jio has named this offer as Jio Happy New Year offer.

Preceiving from the way Reliance Jio is working, it seems that they are going to give tough competitions to other telecom operators. They have already announced the cheapest 4G phone India as Lyf Easy Phone at Rs.1000 only.

So, I would suggest everyone to instantly go and grab a new Jio sim if you do not have as of now. You can use free internet and calls for a long time now and you do not have to spend a penny.

They plan to make India Digital. 🙂

Previously I shared my thoughts if Jio will launch another offer or not. You can also read below to see the facts.

I would also like to tell you the reason behind so much anxiety of people. According to a report an Internet user, used to spend about 60MB to 100MB per day before Jio came up with their Reliance Jio Welcome Offer. And Now the average usage per Internet user has gone as high as 4GB per day. Most of the people in India spend their data on Facebook,Youtube Streaming videos, Downloading Games, Music and Mobile Apps like Jio TV App.

Now the Question comes, If really we have to pay money after Jio Welcome offer expires or Any other Offer will be launched? Here I want to give you my views on both the sides with valid reasons. Moreover, You can have a look at Reliance Jio Frequently asked question if you have any queries.

Reliance Jio Welcome Offer 2 will launch:

Below are the reason that Why Reliance Jio will launch Jio Welcome offer 2 for its customers:  

1. Jio Needs More Users

Reliance Jio had an aim of adding 100 Million customers to its user base by 31st December 2016. But as of now they have around 20 Million users only. Despite of giving Free Internet and Calling reaching 100 Million user target seems difficult to be achieved. Jio has already connected alot of Indians digitally and to get more users they can start Jio Welcome Offer two also. Not only this, To acquire more and more users they had also given Free Caller Tune offer for Jio users.

2. Tricking TRAI Rules

TRAI does not allow Jio to run their Welcome offer for more than 90 days. ie. after 31st December 2016. But they can trick TRAI rules by launching another Jio Preview Offer 2 or Jio Welcome Offer 2.

Jio Welcome Offer 2

Reliance Jio Welcome Offer 2 Will Not Launch:

Below are a few Reasons for Why Reliance Jio Welcome Offer 2 Will Not Launch:

1. TRAI Regulations

According to the rules of Telecom Regularity Association of India, Jio cannot continue their Preview offer/Welcome Offer after 90 days.
For those who do not know about TRAI, as the name suggest TRAI is the regulatory association of India which keeps check on Indian Telecom sector.
And make sure that no malpractices are done by any telecom network. So, RJIL cannot give their existing Welcome offer to more users after 31st December 2016.Moreover, Reliance Jio Infocomm recently made a statement that No new Jio users will not be Free Internet and Calls under Preview/Welcome offer after 31 December 2016.

2. Lesser Call Drop

You must surely know that when Jio started their were a lot of issues of call drops. But as the time passed the quality of call improved and call drop reduced drastically. This was because Jio did not had the required interconnection from other telecom companies. But that issue is resolved now and Jio is planning to install 45000 towers also to improve the service. Previously, I had written a post about how you can Install Jio Tower at your place and Earn huge money.

3. Commercial Aspect

If we look at a wider picture, Reliance Jio is not making money at the moment hence they are not commercially launched as of now. Hence they need to work on monetisation now and might not launch Reliance Jio preview offer 2.

4. User Behaviour

Reliance Jio has successfully changed the user behaviour by providing Free Internet. Now, People are more likely to pay for the internet to use Facebook, Whatsapp,Youtube etc.
As we all know that Reliance Jio tariff plans are cheaper when compared with other Telecom networks. The possibility is that users will stick to it and make the most of the affordable Internet. Also, Jio company said that they will not charge for Voice calls and roaming even after 31st December 2016, this will surely give another boost to the company.

Has Jio Welcome Offer 2 Launched?

No, Reliance Jio has not yet started welcome offer 2. But according to some news site they may announce it soon. Moreover, Reliance Jio has not given any statement if this offer will be launched or not.

Furthermore, Reliance Jio is really working hard to make India Digital like using Jio wallet for transactions. They have already announced a new range of Lyf Mobiles that will cost only Rs 1000. Jio has named the mobile “LYF Easy SmartPhone” as it will help those people who cannot afford costly phones. This phone will be the cheapest 4G VoLTE enabled phone in India.

Their is One more thing that comes to my mind with Lyf Mobiles. Reliance Jio might give Free Internet and calls to all the users who buy LYF mobile even after 31st December. In this way, they can get more users and earn by selling new mobile phones.

What Are Benefits and Limitations of Reliance Jio Welcome Offer 2?

Reliance Jio has not yet declared benefits or Limitations of Jio offer 2. But as per my assumptions they will surely reduce the benefits that people used to get. They would reduce the amount of Free internet data from 4GB per day. Moreover, If you do not have the Jio sim card the you must surely grab one so that you can make the most of Jio Welcome offer 2 when it comes. Just follow the below steps to get a Jio sim card now.

  1. First of all just buy a New Jio sim card from the nearby Reliance Digital Store.
  2. Just activate it by putting it in your phone.
  3. You can now enjoy Unlimited 4G Internet, HD Calling and Sms.
  4. Most probably, Welcome offer 2 will be activated on your Jio mobile number afterAfter 31st Dec 2016.

I hope you liked the post, I will keep this updated will the latest information about Reliance Jio Happy New year offer. Do keep coming back here. 🙂