Reliance Jio Soon Going To Launch ‘Jio Coin’ Cryptocurrency

What is Jio Coin? Well, you all are known to the fact that the value of cryptocurrency is rising day-by-day. A number of investors are getting attracted towards it so as to invest in buying cryptocurrency. Not only the ones who are aware of it, even those who know nothing about it have started investing lots of lakhs and crores in such Digital Currencies including ATC Coin, Bitcoins, Ripple, Ethereum etc to earn more profit in no time.

Jio Coin

Since the value is increasing like anything, Reliance Jio, the Indian telecom operator is also going to launch its own cryptocurrency called “Jio Coin”. Yes, it has planned to develop its own cryptocurrency in the market. You might be wondering what is Jio Coin cryptocurrency, how to buy and sell, what will be the prices of Jio Coin, what is the Jio coin launch date, and many others. So, in the following article, we will discuss the Jio Coin Cryptocurrency. Scroll down to read the complete information about it!

What is Jio Coin

If you are yet not aware of the news of Jio Coin, then sorry to ask you but where are you living? These days a very hot and amazing news about the Cryptocurrency of Reliance is flying all around the world. This is one of the bigger things to come in the market. This would prove to be next big thing by Mukesh Ambani, after Reliance Jio. Yes, son of Mukesh Ambani i.e Aakash Ambani is leading this project. And, the company is planning to take over the market of Bitcoin in the year 2018. Well, it could be possible that this would bring itself to the topmost position in the market of Cryptocurrency.

Jio Coin

Do you learn what are Cryptocurrencies? If no, then it’s fine. Cryptocurrencies are a  digital money and you can consider it to be a currency or an asset for you. You can use it for all the transactions that you would make digitally.

Likewise other Cryptocurrency, however, there are chances that JIOCoin might come with an ICO. What is ICO? ICO is an acronym of Initial Coin Offering.  It is an unregulated means by which the funds of the new ventures of cryptocurrencies are raised. It is mainly used by the startups so as to regulate their process of raising capital. Basically, this process is required by the banks or the venture capitalists.

What are the Jio Coin Price

Well, officially it is not yet confirmed but undoubtedly, there are many people who want to learn the Jio Coin price. But, if we consider the popularity of Reliance Jio, it is being expected that the Jio Coin price would be around 1$. Or, you can say it would be Rs.64 approximately in Indian Currency.

Jio Coin Launch Date

Umm, no idea guys. :/  I will update it and will tell you once Reliance Jio would announce the Jio Coin launch date.

Jio Coin

No worries, till you get to know about the launch date, enjoy your life and keep waiting for the announcement from Jio about the launch. Have some patience and keep reading TrickIdeas so as to get all the updates of the price. Keep in mind to keep yourself away from the fraud sites.

How to buy Jio Coin

A number of wallets for the bitcoins are there in India to buy and sell them. And when it comes to the buying the JIOCoin, you can use the buying and selling best cryptocurrency wallets like Unocoin, Coindelta, Zebpay, and These are providing you Bitcoins, Ripple, Litcoin, and other cryptocurrencies to buy/sell them in your own currency i.e Rupees. As per the recent reports, it has been recorded that you can easily sell the it using the official website of MyJio or a separate mobile app that would be developed by the Reliance so as to make it safe to buy and sell Jio Coin.

Jio Coin

As per reports, I have come to know that in the initial times, Reliance would launch its cryptocurrency on the “JioMoney” mobile app. Guys, this would be easy for you to buy Jio Coin Online using these mobile applications. In these apps, you will be able to use the wallet balance that you will have. Keep yourself connected with us to be updated with all the news and announcements made by Reliance Jio.

Final Words

Spread this news as much as it is possible to your friends. Make use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. If you find anything difficult, please feel free to ask in the comment section below. And once this Cryptocurrency of Reliance will be launched officially, we will update the article. Till then, stay tuned to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When and how should I purchase Jio Coin?

Since the date of launch is not yet confirmed, it cannot be said that when you can purchase Jio Coin. You can buy them either through wallets or  MyJio app. Exact information can be given only after the final launch.

  • Should I invest in JIO coin?

Before you plan to invest your hard earned money in this cryptocurrency of Reliance, make sure that you do proper research and learn everything about it.

  • What is the future of Jio coin?

Since there is no official statement come from Reliance, it is completely irrelevant to say anything on it.

  • What is the price of the Reliance Jio coin?

Yet not announced!