IRCTC Tatkal Train Ticket Booking Time: Get your Ticket in 45 Seconds

Tatkal train ticket booking

Tatkal Train Ticket Bookings

Tatkal train ticket booking.. Seems everyone knows of it. Are you the one who generally plan for vacations or trip at the last moment? You worry about railway ticket booking? So Do not worry now, as there is an amazing scheme launched by IRCTC called Tatkal Train Ticket Booking timings, where you can book your train ticket in one day advance.

In English, Tatkal means immediate and millions of people use this immediate service every day. So, With this service, you can instantly book your train ticket and reach your destination with any issues.

When tatkal ticket bookings started on October 1, 2014, it covered half of the ticket on certain trains. This program began with a pilot of about 80 trains. At that time these tickets can only be purchased online but now it can be done both online as well as offline.

And if you already know about Irctc Tatkal train ticket booking, then you would definitely know about the stress it causes in railway ticket booking. In fact, Once the tatkal ticket is booked, it feels like winning a lottery ticket.

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Booking a tatkal ticket is not a piece of cake, you have to be very quick when it comes to tatkal booking timings. As there is a very short window of time to book your tatkal ticket online. Moreover, There are two types of Tatkal Tickets, One is Normal Tatkal & other one is Premium Tatkal, which is much costlier.

So, Here in this post, I will tell you each and everything about easily booking your tatkal ticket. I will share the Irctc Tatkal Ticket booking timing, tatkal booking software, New tatkal ticket rules, Why Tatkal timings changed, Solution of problems while booking tatkal ticket fast and other faqs.

IRCTC Tatkal Booking Timings

So let me give you a brief introduction to Tatkal Booking in Irctc. First of all tatkal ticket booking time starts only in 1-day advance.

For example. If your train is for 7th, then you will be able to book a tatkal ticket on 6th only. To make it more clear, let’s say if you train to start on 7th and reach the destination on 8th, you can book the tatkal ticket on 6th.

I hope you are clear about the booking schedule.

Now coming to the main point of the timings of booking the tatkal ticket for your train.

Booking TypeTimings
AC Class10 AM
Sleeper Class11 AM

Read the full information in next para.

Moreover, Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation(IRCTC) keeps bringing New Tatkal Booking Rules every now and then. So Here I will tell you the latest and exact tatkal ticket rules valid for 2017.

Tatkal Train Ticket Booking Timings

As I already told above, IRCTC keeps on changing the tatkal timings so it’s very important to know the exact timings in order to get a ticket booked. In 2013 the bookings used to start at 8 AM every day for 2 hours. But in 2016, Irctc changed the rules of Tatkal scheme and allowed the bookings between 10 AM to 12 PM every day.

But due to heavy load on servers for two hours, IRCTC changed the booking rules again and did it only for 1 hour every day. So know you know a lot about tatkal timings online, so let’s move to the main point.

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What is Tatkal Train Ticket Booking Timings 2018?

Now, According to the new rules of Irctc Tatkal Booking timings are divided into two slots:

  • AC Class – 11 AM
  • Sleeper Class – 11:30 AM

AC Class – You can make tatkal ticket booking for AC class from 10 AM to 11 Am just one day before the train origin station

Sleeper Class – If you are looking to book a ticket in sleeper class of the train. The tatkal booking timings for sleeper class is 11 AM, one day before the train starts from the origin station.

Tatkal Train Ticket Booking

I hope by now you must have clearly understood the exact time of reservation of your tatkal ticket from IRCTC 2018. If you still have any doubt, feel free to comment below.

Is Online and Offline Tatkal Ticket Booking Timings Same?

As you already know the new tatkal rules of booking the ticket very well, you must be thinking how to book the ticket. You must be knowing that you can book a tatkal ticket online as well as offline (from the station).

Moreover, the timings for booking the tatkal ticket online as well as offline are exactly same. There is no change of timings if you book the ticket from IRCTC online website or from any nearby railway station.

What is Tatkal Booking Timings for Agents?

You must be knowing about the agents of Irctc who can book the ticket for you. They just charge some extra service charge and give you a ticket instantly.

But Irctc has different tatkal booking timings for Agents. It is divided in 3 categories.

This is Tatkal Train Ticket Booking Timings for Agents:

Booking TypeTimings
General Bookings8 AM
Tatkal AC Class10.30 AM
Tatkal Sleeper Class11.30 AM

As you can see, Ticket agents are allowed 30 minutes late to make the bookings.

AC Class – Agents can make the tatkal ticket booking for AC class from 10.30 AM to 11 AM just one day before the train starts from the origin station.

Sleeper Class – The Tatkal Train Ticket booking timings for Sleeper class for agents are from 11.30AM to 12 PM, one day prior to the starting of the train from the origin station.

Charges of Booking a Tatkal Ticket

If you have ever book or heard about tatkal ticket bookings. Then you must be knowing that their are some extra charges that you to pay for tatkal ticket. But most of do not know about the exact charges that we have to pay. So, Here I will give you a glimpse of the charges that you need to pay for different categories of train tickets.

These are the Tatkal Ticket Booking Charges:

Tatkal Ticket BookingCharges
Second Sitting (2S)10% of base fare
Sleeper (SL)30% of base fare
Third AC (3A)30% of base fare
Second AC (2A)30% of base fare
Third AC (3A)30% of base fare

Their is also a condition for maximum and minimum charges according to your reservation type. Just have a look here.

Tatkal train ticket booking

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Key Features of Tatkal Ticket Booking

Till now you have got to know a lot about tatkal booking system of IRCTC. there are a few key features I wanted to share with you.

  • Tatkal Ticket booking starts at 11 AM on the day before the journey.
  • For AC class, Booking starts at 11 AM
  • For Sleeper Class it starts from 11:30 AM everyday.
  • Only unsold tickets are designated as Tatkal ticket, not the entire train is defined as Tatkal trains.
  • You will be not eligible for any Refund in case of cancelling a confirmed tatkal ticket.
  • Tatkal tickets on the waiting list may be cancelled and refunded.

Update for year 2018

IRCTC has finally introduced some new facilities, like Pay-On-Delivery and ePaylater for the normal and Tatkal tickets. These options now let you book the tickets first and pay the amount later. All you need to do is just choose ePaylater/Pay-On-Delivery option while making the payment for your E-ticket. Once you choose one of the payment methods, you’ll get the payment link through SMS and email once your booking is confirmed.

After the booking gets confirmed, you’ll get up to 14 days to pay for your tickets. You will be charged an extra amount of 3.50% on the total amount of charges plus applicable taxes. However, if you miss the 14-day deadline to pay the ticket amount, an extra penal interest of 36% will be levied on the total amount. This situation can also lead to cancellation or suspension of your IRCTC account.

Tatkal Train Ticket Booking more info:

Train Waiting List (WL)

IRCTC Waiting List

IRCTC Ticket CancellationIRTCT Customer care
Check Train PNR StatusIRCTC PNR Status

What is the difference between Normal Tatkal and Premium Tatkal

Premium Tatkal ticket more costlier and online booking service by Indian Railways and get extra more money from the passengers. They want to increase their revenue value by charge extra more money from the passengers. It is like airlines whose policy is like more demand more money charge.

But the main motive of this service is to escape the passenger by the problem named waiting. The reason is to like this service is escaping by wait list in online service. Nowadays the journey or traveling by peoples is common so the rush is too increasing and it is the main reason for the waiting list.

Normal Tatkal as we looking that is seeming by its name Normal Tatkal which means there is no extra charge for this service but there is a big problem for passengers is waiting list. Normal Tatkal booking is by online service and counter service is available. Normal Tatkal booking has to wait for the concept, in other words, we can say that there is not any confirmation concept for you in which the railways say that you have selected for your journey.

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Frequently asked Questions about Tatkal Train Ticket Bookings:

There are a lot of question that you must be wondering about Irctc tatkal ticket bookings. So I will try to add a few most frequent questions regarding the same.

Q1. Can I Book a Tatkal Ticket Online?

Ans. Yes, you can easily book a tatkal ticket online. You just need an active Irctc Account and a Debit Card/Credit card/Paytm Wallet etc to pay the booking amount.

Q2. Can I Book Tatkal ticket anytime during the day?

Ans. No, You can only book a tatkal ticket Online or Offline at 10 AM (AC Class) and 11 AM(Sleeper Class) just under the 1-hour window. Apart from this, you can not book the tatkal ticket at any other time.

Q3. How Many Tatkal train Ticket Bookings can I make?

Ans. You can only book 2 tatkal tickets from 1 IP address between 10 AM to 12 PM. If you will book more than that, you might get an error. You can, however, try with different IP address and Irctc Account to do the reservation.

Q4. When Does IRCTC Tatkal train ticket Bookings Open?

Ans. I had already mentioned about Tatkal Booking timings. And it is the same time at which tatkal ticket bookings open in 2017.

If you still have any question about the tatkal timings, just comment below and I will surely give you a reply of it.

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I hope all your questions about Tatkal Booking Timings, its Cancellation Charges, Updation in the system etc. have been resolved now.

Moreover, I will keep this post updated with the New Tatkal Train ticket Booking Timings rules and if any other changes takes place in Tatkal Train Ticket Booking Software system. Just click on the Red Bell Icon to know about the latest information from our site.