Premium Tatkal Booking : All That you Need to Know About Premium Tatkal Tickets

Premium tatkal booking: If you’re a frequent traveler or a person who likes traveling inside the country, then chances are you already know about Indian railways. Indian railways is probably one of the most common modes of communication for people staying in India. They connect to most of the parts of the country that are not connected by air, which makes it a very convenient way to travel inside the country. To travel on the trains you need to book tickets well in advance as they are full most of the times.

However, there are times where you try to book tickets and find that the train is already full, this is where the tatkal scheme comes to rescue. The tatkal scheme of the Indian railways allows you to book tickets one day before your date of journey. This is a huge respite for people who couldn’t book at the right time or people who want to travel somewhere urgently. However, people still don’t get tickets as the number of tickets is very limited in the tatkal scheme. This is why Indian railways have introduced another scheme called the Premium Tatkal scheme. Let’s see what Premium Tatkal is and how can you do Premium Tatkal booking.

What is Premium Tatkal Booking?

This is a new reservation system introduced by the Indian Railways to help people get tickets in trains. In this reservation system, the Indian Railways has some reserved tickets in all the trains and you can book them even if the train doesn’t have any empty seats. These tickets can be booked in reservation counters or they can be also be booked through IRCTC the online wing of Indian Railways that lets you book tickets online.

Difference between Tatkal and Premium Tatkal

Well, there’s not much to differentiate between Tatkal and Premium Tatkal. However, the most important difference between them is the way they are priced. While the prices or Tatkal tickets are the same every time, the prices of Premium Tatkal tickets keep on changing on the basis of their demand. The other difference between them is the booking timings; while you can book Tatkal tickets in a specific slot, the Premium tatkal tickets can be booked at any time of the day. The Premium Tatkal booking timing starts after 10 AM for all coaches and.

Premium Tatkal booking process

Like every train ticket, the Premium Tatkal tickets can be booked in two ways, online and offline. Let’s see both the ways.

Offline method of booking Premium Tatkal tickets

  • You need to visit the nearest railway station.
  • Find the reservation counter.
  • Once you find the reservation counter, all you need to is just ask them to book your tickets in Premium Tatkal,
  • Remeber, the Premium Tatkal tickets, like the Tatkal tickets can only be booked the day before the train starts.
  • You can book Premium Tatkal tickets after 10 AM.

Online method of booking Premium Tatkal tickets

  • Visit IRCTC’s official website, or click here.
  • Login your IRCTC account. If you don’t have an IRCTC account please click here to get all the details on how to create an IRCTC account.
  • Once you log in, you need to enter the from and to station details.
    premium tatkal booking
  • Enter the date of travel then click on submit.
  • You’ll now see the list of trains on your tight traveling between the stations that you mentioned.
    premium tatkal booking
  • Select a train that you want to travel in.
  • Click on the Premium Tatkal option present in the top of the list of trains.
    premium tatkal booking
  • Then the coach you want to travel in.
  • You’ll be now asked to fill in your details.
  • Finn in your details and complete the payment process.
  • Once you’re done voila! your train Premium tatkal tickets are booked.
  • Remeber, the Premium Tatkal tickets, like the Tatkal tickets can only be booked the day before the train starts.
  • You can book Premium Tatkal tickets after 10 AM.

Premium Tatkal fares

Since Premium Tatkal tickets are very different from the normal Tatkal tickets, their fares are also different. While the Tatkal fares are same all the time, Premium Tatkal costs fluctuate. This is because of the dynamic pricing model that the Premium Tatkal scheme follows. It’s more or less equal to how the prices in airlines are fixed. If there are a lot of people trying to book Premium Tatkal tickets, then the prices of the tickets increase many folds. However, if there’s no demand for the tickets then the prices are kept a little higher than Tatkal tickets.

Here are the steps to book premium tatkal tickets. If you want to read some more article like this please visit Trickideas. Also, if you want to know more or want us to add some more information about Premium Tatkal please write to us in the comments below.

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