What To Do To Make An IRCTC PNR Current Status enquiry

The railway is the most preferred mode of transport in India. Great connectivity and affordability are two major reasons why people prefer traveling in trains. While the whole process of reserving seats, making payment, canceling a reservation used to be exhausting, online information has made it all really easy. To access your travel related info, you just need to make IRCTC PNR Current Status Enquiry.

PNR Status Live Check

irctc pnr current status enquiry

To begin with, let’s talk about what exactly PNR is and how does it help to have a PNR. PNR is Passenger Name Record which comes in numeric form for an individual or a group of people. If you see a 10-digit code on the top-left side of your ticket, that is your PNR. Basically, your PNR is used to track any info related to your journey. You get your PNR number when you provide all the essential details and reserve a ticket. Using your PNR number, you can find out the status of your journey. Also, your unique PNR can help you know whether your seat is confirmed or not; and if not, you can keep checking from time to time what the status is. Similarly, the detail of your seat, berth, contact link, etc. can be found out using your PNR number.

If you want to check your PNR status, you can visit the website of Indian rail that lets you check whether you have a reserved seat or not. When you visit the website, you will find a search bar right in the center of the page. You simply need to type your PNR number and click submit. This will take you to a page where you can see the status of your seat, journey, etc.

PNR Prediction

irctc pnr current status enquiry

With the Indian Railways being the most preferred means of transport in our country, there is a set pattern of PNR predictability. During National Holidays, you would find most people flocking to railways stations or making reservations online. This makes it obvious that train seats get filled faster compared to normal days.

It is worthy to know that you can reserve seats in a train that covers long distance 60 days prior to traveling. For short distance trains, you can do so 30 days prior to traveling. If it is not a festive season, chances are that you can find available seats even a day prior to travel. But if it is festive season or summer break, the sooner you book seats, the better. Here’s a list of festivals or occasions and an estimated time of the year when you might want to book seats well before time.

  • New Year- Last week of December to the First week of January
  • Lohri and Pongal/ Makar Sankranti- Mid January
  • Holi- First or second week of March
  • Summer breaks- May and June
  • Raksha Bandhan- First or second week of August
  • Dussehra- Last week of September
  • Diwali- Last week of October to the First week of November
  • Christmas- Last week of December

When you book your tickets, you can even check the predictions of your PNR. This lets you know the chances or probability of your reservation being confirmed. PNR prediction is made on the basis of seasons, holidays, cancellation trend, etc. using data analytics. You can check the prediction for your PNR by clicking here.

PNR Status Seat Availability

After you provide all the info and reserve a seat, you have your PNR number. As already mentioned, you can use the PNR number to find out the status of your seat availability. When you see there’s a waiting list, you can find out the chances of a confirmed seat by travel date using PNR prediction. And you can use your PNR to make IRCTC PNR Current Status Enquiry for seat availability. Here’s a list of the status of seat availability you would find while reserving a seat in a train.

  • CNF- CNF simply means you have a Confirmed Ticket. You can board your train without any chances of the ticket being canceled.
  • RAC- This stands for Reservation Against Cancellation. Most of the times, a person with an RAC ticket gets his seat confirmed by the time the chart is prepared. If you don’t get a confirmed seat even after the chart is prepared, you will get half a berth on an RAC ticket. This means you will have to share half berth with another RAC ticket holder.
  • GNWL- You get a General Waiting List when you are boarding the train from the origin or a station close to the origin. GNWL has the highest possibility of being confirmed.
  • RLWL- You get Remote Location Waiting List when you have a ticket for a station that’s somewhere between the origin and destination. These tickets don’t have great chances of getting confirmed.
  • TQWL- These are the waiting list for tatkal quota. When the waiting list for tatkal comes down, it directly gets confirmed without being changed to RAC or GNWL. But a GNWL is cleared first, so the chances of a TQWL being cleared isn’t a lot.

How To Make IRCTC PNR Current Status Enquiry

If you want to make an IRCTC PNR current status Enquiry, you can download an app (there are many) on your smartphone. You can even visit the website that has been provided under PNR status live check. If both aren’t easy options, you can go for an SMS service. All you have to do is, SMS PNR to the given numbers-

  • 139
  • 5676747
  • 54959

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