Interview Dress Code Men Should Follow To Look Presentable

The importance of looking good when you are about to give your interview cannot be denied. The person you are sitting in front of you while you give your interview is possibly judging you based on it. And there are fair chances you might score better and be chosen over someone else because you looked more pleasing. Though it might seem unfair, that’s how human brain judges- we definitely go by looks sometimes while deciding. There is a certain interview dress code men need to follow to make their interview a complete success, besides being able to answer all the questions. Let us take a better look at what are the interview dress code men should follow.

Interview Dress Code Men should Follow For A Formal Interview- Clothes

If you are going for a completely corporate interview that involves you being a hundred percent formal, you have to be more careful while choosing your outfit.


interview dress code men

The shirt that you wear should be a lighter color. That is the best way to go about it. Sticking to the most basic colors is the best idea. Try wearing a shirt that is blue or pink and possibly the lightest shade of the color. Try avoiding checked shirts. Wearing a plain shirt with no checks or not-too-evident and big checks is the best thing to do.


interview dress code men

Wear a darker colored pair of pants. Stick to the basic colors, like dark blue, navy blue, dark brown, or black. A pair of pants that don’t have thicker stitches and looks plain is the kind of pants you should go with.


interview dress code men

If the interview is quite formal, wearing a coat with your outfit would be a better idea. A crisp coat completes the formal look and is the ideal interview dress code men should go for. However, make sure to coordinate the color of your coat and pants. They should match exactly. It is even better if you wear a set of coat and pants, that is a well-stitched suit.


interview dress code men

To add more professionalism to your outfit, you should wear a tie. There are two types of ties- regular tie and skinny tie. For a completely formal interview, choose to wear a regular tie. A skinny tie is more trendy than formal. So save yourself from making an impression of not being “exactly professional” by wearing a skinny tie. You can wear a red or blue tie. Red tie signifies that you are very passionate and dominant. If you choose a red tie, make sure you show complete confidence. When you choose to wear a blue tie, you are portraying yourself as a hardworking person who loves calm and peace. The length of the tie should be such that it just touches the buckle of your belt. Not too long, not too short- both might totally ruin your professional look.


interview dress code men

The color of your belt should be very close to that of your pants if not exact- just letting it camouflage. Also, the buckle of the belt should be really simple. Wearing showy, big, colorful buckles is a big NO-NO. The buckle should be silver in color as it blends in with the dress more than golden would. Choose a plain belt with no pattern on it.


interview dress code men

Make sure the socks that you wear are dark and match the color of your pants. You wouldn’t want your interviewer to evidently notice the fact that you wear socks. Colorful or contrasting socks destroy the formalness of the entire outfit. They become eye catchy and any person who looks at you will first notice the fact that you are wearing unmatching pair os socks. Besides that, it is also very informal to wear a pair of socks that don’t match properly. Also, make sure you wear plain socks. Cats, paws, hearts, etc are a big no-no when it comes to patterns. This is why the best thing to do is totally avoid patterned socks and pick a simple, matching, and plain pair of fresh socks.


interview dress code men

The shoes that you choose to wear should be clean and polished. Now, the color of the shoe can be anything between dark brown and black. Choose a pair of shoes based on your built. If you are short or thin, don’t choose a pair of bulky shoes. Make sure you don’t wear shoes that have a long and tapered tip.


interview dress code men

Make sure your hair is properly combed and the hairstyle isn’t too cool or trendy. You have to look like a gentleman in your interview and ditch that punk in you. A good haircut is a must before you go for an interview. Your hair should not touch the collar of your shirt. And your hair should not fall on your face. This is pretty much a distraction for the interviewer just like colorful socks.


interview dress code men

Since guys don’t put on makeup, there is just one you have to look out for. Stubble is something you can’t have when you are going for an interview. Being clean shaved makes your face look clean. There is less amount of distraction with all that hair.


interview dress code men

  • Don’t wear a very strong smelling perfume.
  • Cut your nails short and keep them clean.
  • Make sure your clothes are neatly ironed.
  • Wear clothes that fit you perfectly. Ill-fitted clothes ruin the look.
  • Don’t unbutton your shirt’s first button.
  • Don’t roll your sleeves up.
  • Carry a bag or a proper folder for your resume.
  • Wear a watch but make sure you pick the one that has a simple dial.

Now that you see all the points, you surely might be realizing the importance of an interview dress code men should be following. It shows your dedication and your want for the job. In order to please the interviewers, you have to go a bit beyond your resume and be dressed to let your clothes speak about the kind of person you are. It is true that people have an unconscious tendency of judging from the looks.

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