Instagram Tips and Tricks 2023 – Tricks you Probably didn’t Know

Instagram tips and tricks 2018

Instagram tips and tricks 2018

Do you savvy Instagram tips and tricks 2018? Are you an alpha that knows how to use Instagram? How to post on Instagram? And how to do Instagram business?

Instagram tips and tricks 2018 are trending on the internet. Well, I feel proud of myself for being real fast adopter to social media. However, one of the social media platforms I was slow to learn is Instagram. Reason being, I was a fan of Flickr until I found the cool Instagram captions shared on a friends phone. The nice captions for Instagram caught my attention and made me install it.

Though most of us know only to scroll down the news feed and upload filtered pictures occasionally, there are other important Instagram tips and tricks 2018 probably you didn’t know.

Though the main functions of Instagram are easy to access and use, here are the top Instagram tips and tricks 2018.

Instagram Tips and Tricks 2018 You should know

1. Instagram allows you to swipe through DM

Instagram tips and tricks 2018

It’s one kind of a cool Instagram tips and tricks 2018. In Instagram, you can swipe through your DM and see all friends from your list who are actively online and when they were active last time. Likewise, they can see your activity status as well. Me being an open book, I don’t mind people looking at my activity status. But if you want privacy, you can turn off last acted activity. Here’s how you can do that, go to your profile, hit on gear(settings) icon, scroll all the way down until you see ‘Show activity status’, and then toggle it off. From then, your friends can’t see when you last acted, but that also means you can’t see their activity either.

2. Unsend messages on Instagram

Instagram tips and tricks 2018

While we are on the topic of DM’s, did you know that we can actually unsend messages?
All you gotta to do is just go to messages, find the message that you find regret sending it to your friend. Click and hold down and tap ‘Unsend’ pop up that appears. Just make sure you do it fast enough that the person you’re sending it to doesn’t see it.

The next trick is one of my favorites. Just that it takes some practice to get good at it.

3. Change the text into various colors

Instagram tips and tricks 2018

Did you know that you can change the text color into gradient available rainbow colors?
All you have to do is highlight the text you want it to be colored, place the first finger on the cursor and the other finger on the color pool. Then drag both fingers across to apply the desired colors on the text.

This next step is pretty savage, but I am gonna say its one of best in Instagram tips and tricks 2018.

4. You can mute people’s stories

Instagram tips and tricks 2018

Muting the people means that those people’s stories won’t pop up in your news feed. Just hold on their story icon and then tap on ‘mute’ option that appears. Their icon will be pushed to all the way back so that you can go and unmute them whenever you want. Plus, they won’t know that you’ve muted them which is a bonus trick.

5. You can hide your stories from specific people

Instagram tips and tricks

Tap on the settings icon and roll down to ‘story settings’ options. On the top of it, you’ll see ‘hide stories from’. Then you can chose who you want to hide your stories from. Don’t worry they won’t know that you hid their stories from ’em. Unless your mutual friend watches your story but they don’t see it.

Last but not the least of Instagram tips and tricks 2018 is probably the best one.

6. You can actually Turn On Post Notifications

Instagram tips and tricks 2018

If you turn on posts notifications, you’ll get a notification every time an user posts something. You can do this in two ways.
1. If you’re already on the news feed, click on the three dots, and a pop up comes. Tap on       ‘Turn on Post notifications’.
2. Second by is, go to your user profile and click on three dots on top right hand                     corner. Then click on ‘Turn on Post Notifications’.
So if you haven’t turned on Post Notifications yet for Instagram, you should do it now.

If you already knew all of these tricks, here’s an virtual Hi-Fi. Also, if you have any more cool Instagram tips and tricks that I might have missed. Share them in the comment section below. I would love to hear them.

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