Idea Balance Check Number, Data Loan for Sept 2017


Idea Balance Check Number: Is you Idea sim out of balance? Do you want to check your Idea sim Balance? Are you looking Idea Balance Check codes? There is a lot of times when you want to check your Idea Balance but you don’t know to check it.

There were a big trouble to check your different types of  balance like data balance vioce balance sms balance etc. But don’t worry as I will provide you all the details of Idea Balance Check Number for Idea Net balance check and other Ussd information.

Idea Balance Check

If you are wondering how to check idea net balance, how to check balance in idea or how to check net balance in idea. Then, You can easily get all the information about your Idea number just by using the below given USSD codes. All you need to do is just dial them from your number and that’s it! You will instantly get all the details according to the Idea USSD code that you use.

Idea Net Balance Check Number

If you are guys are looking for Idea balance check number then you will be glad to know that  I am here for you with a great opportunity to get all information to about your queries.

Nowadays all telecom companies are providing difference generation according to demand of user named 2G 3G 4G etc. So different generations there are again trouble to check different types of generation’s balance.

Here is given below ussd Net balance code: *131*3# or *125#

Idea Balance Check Number (How to Check idea net balance)

First of all, let me give you share all the Idea balance check ussd codes.

These are Idea Balance and Idea Net balance Check Codes.

Idea USSD ProcessIdea USSD code
Idea Main Balance Check*130# or *121#
Idea Net Balance Check*131*3# or *125#
Idea 3G Balance Check*125#
Idea 4G Balance Check*125#
Idea Net Usage Check*167*3#
Idea SMS Balance Check*451#

Check Own Idea Number?

Their are a lot of times when we forget our own number, so in that case just dial the below given ussd code from your Idea number and your Idea number will flash on the screen.

Check Own Number in Idea*131*1#

If you have any other sim, then you can check Mobile Number of Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, BSNL.

Idea Balance Inquiry

Hey guys if you are looking for your balance inquery then you will be glad to know that I brought to you some ussd code for check your balance inquery code.*130#

Idea Loan Number (Idea Loan Codes)

If you are out of Idea Balance or Idea net balance, then you can get a loan by using the below given Idea ussd codes.

Idea USSD ProcessIdea USSD Codes
Idea Loan*150*10#
Idea Data Loan CodeSMS ICREDIT to 144 and you will get 30MB 3G for 1 day
Idea USSD Loan code for 20 Data*150*773#
Idea Loan Benefits*167*4#

Idea prepaid balance check number

Hello friends there is a big  confusion to idea users to be check their between two tyoes of service provided named prepaid and postpaid. So here I am going to end finish your a*451#ll confusion to check your prepaid idea balance . There is list of ussd code for idea users to check your Idea prepaid balance check code: *121#

Idea SMS Balance Check Number

If you guys are running to know about check your sms balance number ussd code, then you are at right place. Just check once list of ussd idea codes which given in below:*451#

How to Know Idea Balance 

Hey guys if you are going to know iea balance but there is literally confusion that how checked out my idea balance so don’t worry about that because there is list of all ussd code for check your idea balance.

How to check your all Idea offers

If you are guys want to know about offer that what offer is runnig out for particular your idea number then don’t be fear to see the trap of much number of ussd codes. There is list of ussd code for ideas users only.

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Idea USSD Code for Idea Services:

Apart from Idea Net balance check and Idea loan codes, their are a lot of other services provided by Idea. So, if you want any service like DND, PUK or anyhting else, just have a look on the below table.

Idea USSD ServiceIdea USSD Code
Check Idea Number*131*3#
Idea DND Service activationSTART DND to 1909
Idea DND Service DeactivationSTOP DND to 1909
Check VAS and DT Service on Idea*121*4*4#
Check Idea Festive Days*121*4*6*1#
Check PUK Code for Idea*121*4*6*3#
Check Idea BAR Service*121*4*6*5#
Check Idea Last 7 Calls*147*1*1#
Check Idea Last 3 Recharges*147*1*2#
Check Idea My plan Information*147*1*3#
Check Idea Last charges*147*1*4#
Check Idea MOB Service*147*2*1#
GET SIM Check Code*147*2*2#
Idea ACT STATUS Check code*147*2*3#
Check Idea Roaming Charges*121*4*7*1#
Check Idea Roaming Plan Check*121*4*7#

Idea Service Activation and Deactivation Codes:

Their are alot of time when some Value Added Services(VAS) get applied on our number and balance starts deducting. So, to check and remove those services from your idea number you can use the below given idea ussd codes.

Idea Service ProcessIdea USSD Code
Activate Idea Call Waiting service*43#
Deactivate Idea call waiting services*44#
Activate Idea cellular GPRSSMS “FRESH” to 4666
Activate Idea live TVSMS 3GTV to 54777
Activate idea night, SMS packs, local packs*369#
Check Best Idea Offer (Idea Balance Check)*121*21#
Activate Idea 3G InternetSMS “ACT3G” to 12345
Deactivate Idea 3G InternetSMS “DEACTIVATE3G” to 12345
Transfer balance to another Idea Mobile Number*567*< Receiver Number > space
amount #
Get Hunny Bunny hello tuneSMS “HB” to 56789
Idea Customer Care number198

If you are new to ussd codes, then let me tell you what USSD codes are and how they work to increase our efficiency.

What are USSD Codes?

This is a service which provide us a quick access to check our all type of balance of idea balance.This is most essential service provided to us by Company for surveillance of user s of Idea. You must have heard a lots about using USSD codes to check your internet balance, check SMS balance, check main balance or even idea loan code. But most of us don’t know how this stuff works, so I want you to spare a bit of your time and have a quick look.

USSD is the short form of “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data“. Feeling confused? USSD is a Protocol that works upon pre-defined rules and regulations. These protocol(processes) are already set by your Network provider and whenever you run that protocol from your SIM, it directly gives you the required information.

Mostly all the network providers have different USSD codes according to their requirement. So, Here I will give you all the USSD codes for Idea, that you can use to check own idea number, check idea balance, loan data and much more.

Use of Idea USSD Codes:

If you are thinking about why do you need to use ussd codes or what are the benefits of using Idea ussd codes.Then, let me give you a few beneficial points:

  • Easy Idea balance check
  • Idea 4g balance check
  • Idea Net balance
  • Balance inquiry
  • Idea sms balance check
  • Idea data loan
  • Instant information
  • Idea offer check code
  • Check Idea best offer
  • No need to call Customer care
  • No charges apply
  • No need help other

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How To Use Idea USSD Codes:

Using the above given Idea ussd codes is really very easy. Just follow the below given steps:

  • Open Keypad of Mobile
  • Enter the required USSD code
  • Hit “Call Button
  • That’s it! Details will pop-up on the screen.

I hope that all you queries regarding How to check idea balance, How to check Idea balance, How to check Idea internet balance, how to check idea 4g net balance and other idea ussd codes details. Also, All these ussd codes work like a charm in all the India states naming a few Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Patna, Bilaspur, Ahmedabad, Allahbad, Gujarat, Lucknow, Chennai, Bangalore and others.

Do share your views if you liked our post about Idea ussd codes and Idea Balance check.


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