How To Stop a Baby Crying? 6 Easy Tips that Will Save Your Day


Babies are so cute and adorable, aren’t they? but when they start crying and doesn’t stop, most of the people think twice about that feeling. The mommies are the most affected and they research about so many methods on how to stop a baby crying. But believe me, what most of the mothers after pregnancy and delivery require is good sleep and rest. This is why it is important to know how to stop a baby crying.

how to stop a baby crying

Babies can cry due to many reasons which include serious indications towards sickness. However, most of the time they cry to catch the mother’s attention. Sometimes, mothers get exhausted when they cannot comfort their child and the baby wouldn’t stop crying. All new moms cannot manage to get help with their babies. If you’re a new mom, you must know how difficult it is to take care of yourself and your sleep, when you need to take care of your crying baby all the time.

It’s vital to learn about how to stop a baby crying because it saves your time, energy and peace of mind which are very important for your health. Some new moms may have postpartum depression and can go through a lot of mental stress which gets worse if they feel there’s no way to deal with their crying babies. But yes, there are ways that you can try!

Try to understand patterns in the way they cry (How to stop a baby crying-1)

how to stop a baby crying

Babies cry due to many reasons and here’s a list of the most possible reasons

  • When they are hungry
  • When they are sleepy
  • When they are sick- fatigue, colic, gas
  • When the diaper is wet or dirty
  • Due to fear of strangers or other objects
  • Irritation from loud noises

Your baby may not cry the same way all the time. Try to understand the pattern, pitch, and the way of crying to have an idea about what’s wrong.

Do the basic checks first (How to stop a baby crying-2)

how to stop a baby crying



Instead of wondering why your baby is crying, do all the basic checks first. When I say basic checks, you need to check if the diaper is dirty, if something’s around your baby that’s bothering him or her, or if the baby is hungry.

Once, you’re sure that none of these things is the problem, you can check if the baby is sick or deprived of good sleep.

Instant calming trick by holding the baby (How to stop a baby crying-3)

how to stop a baby crying

Take the baby in your arms, hold both of his hands slightly pressed towards his chest, point him outwards from your body and gently rock him. Your one hand should be holding the baby’s hands while the thumb of the same hand should be supporting his chin and neck. Babies’ necks are very delicate and they require support for a few months after their birth.

The other hand of yours should be on the baby’s bum. Face him outwards from your body at 45 degree. Now, rock the baby upwards and downwards gently. You can also rock him from side to side, and in circular motion. This will help you calm your baby. To watch a demonstration video of this  trick, click here.

Other things you can do to comfort the baby (how to stop a baby crying- 4)

how to stop a baby crying

Always make your baby sleep on his back. However, if your baby is crying and making all sorts of expressions that send you signals that he’s not really comfortable, try to make him feel secure. The best thing to create a secure environment is by wrapping up your baby in a thin, soft cloth and holding him close to your body. When you hold the baby close to your body, make sure he’s laying on his stomach or by the side of his stomach.

If the baby hasn’t been getting enough sleep, make sure that you take him away from all kinds of noises. Switching on the fan will create a sort of white noise that will cover up all the faint sounds around that may disturb the baby. Give your baby a pacifier to suck on because studies have shown that sucking on things like feeding bottles, pacifiers, and even thumbs comforts babies.

If the crying is because of colic (How to stop a baby crying- 5)

how to stop a baby crying

Colic is severe pain in the stomach and intestines which is mostly suffered by babies. When they suffer from this pain, they will cry like anything and you will not be able to comfort them with the help of any of the above tricks. Most of the doctors will just ask you to give it time and patience since colic will go away on its own and it is not harmful for the baby.

To ease the pain, doctors may recommend you to use Mylicon (simethicone) drops or gripe water for the baby which will improve the condition. Try to check with your pediatrician, if your baby is allergic to some food or if you need to make any changes in your diet which will prove beneficial to your breastfed baby.

Try not to handle it all (How to stop a baby crying- 6)

how to stop a baby crying

No matter how much ever you try, babies are after all babies and they will cry. You cannot make them stop crying just like that, all the time and sometimes you just need to be patient.

Too much of stress soon after delivery might make you feel irritated and you might end up misbehaving or neglecting your baby. Yes, it is shocking but if you’re too stressed, you might end up taking a rough course on you as well as your baby. This is why it’s important to have some sort of help from your spouse, family, friends, or a nanny.

If you’re baby is being taken care by someone else, at least for a while, that means you get time to concentrate on yourself for a while. This is necessary because you need rest too.

If you found this article useful, please let us know in the comments section below. Also, feel free to share your experiences and tips on how to stop a baby crying.

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