How to Remove Holi Color From Face: Not As Difficult As You Think

Learning how to remove Holi color from face is very important so that your favorite festival doesn’t give you a colorful hangover for the next few days. It will be horrible to go to college or attend that business meeting when you look half human and half a rainbow. That’s why I’ve got you a list of tips and tricks that will help you learn how to remove holi color from face.

how to remove holi color from face

Holi is undoubtedly one of the most important festivals of India. It is not just celebrated in north India like many people would believe. Holi has become the favorite festival for many South Indians as well and the major reason for that is the fun with the colors. One of the most important things you should keep in mind while playing with colors is that you should make sure that you’re using good quality colors. Bad quality colors contain harmful chemicals that are hard to remove and can cause serious skin irritation and hair loss.

You can always play Holi with natural colors which can be made at home. For example, red color can be made from Red Sandalwood powder, Saffron powder, or dry hibiscus flowers that are dried in the shade. Green color can be made from Mehendi leaves or the leaves of Gulmohar tree and turmeric powder can be used as yellow. All of these natural items will never harm your skin and can be removed without much trouble.

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How to Remove Holi Color From Face and Body

how to remove holi color from face

  • Apply olive oil or castor oil on your face and skin before playing with the colors since they will shield your skin from the colors.
  • After playing Holi with colors, use Cetaphil cleanser to wash your face and apply a good antiseptic cream in order to prevent any kind of infections and skin irritations.
  • You might see colored spots on your skin, especially in the folds and in places with facial hair. Mix some lemon juice into some aloe vera gel and rub it to remove the color.
  • Apply petroleum jelly on your lips and inside your nails to protect them from the color.
  • Using a good foundation will also help you shield your face from the colors. Make sure that you use water proof make up so that it stays while you’re playing with colored water.
  • Use a make up remover or cleansing milk to remove the color from your face.
  • Make a paste of gram flour mixed with turmeric powder and some water. Apply this paste on your body and let it dry before you take a shower.
  • You can also make a paste of Multani mittiĀ with water and apply it on your skin to remove color.

How to Remove Holi Color From Hair

how to remove holi color from face

  • Apply a lot of coconut oil on your hair and scalp before you play with colors. Make sure that every corner of your scalp and every strand of your hair is colored. Now tie your hair in a bun so that only a small portion of your hair is exposed to color.
  • After you play with colors, use a cup of curd mixed with a few drops of lemon juice to effectively clean your hair and scalp from all the color and dirt.
  • A vinegar rinse will also help in cleaning your hair well. I would prefer apple cider vinegar for this purpose. Take one table spoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it with half liter water. After shampoo and conditioner sessions, apply this mixture well on your hair and scalp. Massage it all around and let it stay for two minutes before washing it off with cold water.
  • Mix to eggs with two table spoons of lemon juice. Apply this mixture on your hair and massage it will before washing it off. This is a good way to remove color from your hair and scalp.

How to Remove Holi Color From Nails

how to remove holi color from face

  • Apply at least five to six coats of a good nail polish on your fingers before playing Holi. Make sure that you use a dark colored nail polish so that the Holi colors don’t reach your nails.
  • Apply some olive oil inside your nails so that the colors that cake inside can be easily removed later on.
  • Fill the gap between your finger and your nail with petroleum jelly to avoid caking of colors in there while you play Holi.

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I hope that you found this article useful. Let us know your secret tips and tricks on how to remove Holi color from face, in the comments section below. Keep following Trickideas for more tips and tricks that will make your life much easier.