How to Make Slime at Home? 6 Different types of Slime

If you’re a regular user of social media platforms like Instagram, you would definitely have seen a slime video. So, what is a slime? A slime is a gooey semi solid substance that you can play with. You need not buy slime if you want to play with it, and you can learn how to make slime at home through this article. Come on peeps, it’s time to bring out the creativity in you!

how to make slime at home

The kind of fun this gross toy provides questionable though, since you just mix and mix it and nothing much. However, according to studies, people go nuts over slime and slime videos. The history of slime can be traced back into 1976, when the toy company Mattel started manufacturing it. The earliest kind of slime produced by Mattel was green in color and cold to touch.

You can always buy slime toys from a toy store, but when you learn how to make slime at home and do it on your own, you got tonnes of ways you can customize them in. There are different ways you can make the yucky but fun goo at home, using different items. You can pick the one most convenient and feasible to you.

How to make slime without borax at home?

There are different types of slime which you can make without borax. In this section, we’re going to learn how to make slime without borax using 5 different sets of slime ingredients. That means, you can make either one of these slime depending upon the slime ingredients available for you at home.

How to make slime at home with Cornstarch?

To make this slime you will need:

  • Constarch
  • Warm water
  • Food color

Warm a cup of water and add some food color to it. You can choose your favorite color, but make sure that you add a shade extra to the water because the color will get lighter when you add the cornstarch. Mix this warm colored water with cornstarch to make a thick paste.

Make sure that you mix the ingredients well. Put the slime in an air tight container and wait for two days. After two days, you will get the perfect slime you always wanted to play with. Add glitters and small toys to it as you prefer.

How to make slime at home with baby powder?

To make this slime you require:

  • Baby powder
  • PVA glue
  • Food coloring

Mix a cup of PVA glue (Example: Fevicol) with the food color you prefer. Add baby powder to this mixture until you make a thick paste. Leave the paste in an air tight container for two days. After two days, you can start playing with the slime.

How to make slime at home with powdered fibre?

Things you need:

  • Powdered fibre
  • Water
  • Food color

Take one tea spoon of powdered fibre and mix it with a cup of water. Add your preferred food color and microwave the mixture. Make sure that it does not boil and pour out of the bowl. Cool it as you mix it with a spoon and then heat it again. Repeat this process for at least seven times. After the process, cover it and keep it in an air tight container for a day.

How to make edible slime at home?

You will need:

  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Food color
  • Corn starch

This would be the safe slime for kids who are really young and you don’t trust them eating the slime. Heat the condensed milk and add cornstarch to it. Mix them well and add a few drops of food color to it. Let the mixture cool so that you can play with it. Store it in an air tight container.

How to make slime without glue?

Things you will need:

  • Shampoo
  • Shaving Cream
  • Salt
  • Food color

Mix the ingredients well in a bowl to form thick paste and freeze it for half an hour. That’s it! your slime is ready to be played with.

How to make slime with glue?

Things you will need:

  • School glue
  • Air freshener

Okay, now this is one of the most popular and easiest ways to make slime. However, you may need a lot of regular school glue and a bit of air freshener. Pour out the glue in a big bowl and spray the air freshener on to it. You might need one can of air freshener for three big bottles of glue. Once you’ve sprayed it all, mix it well and store in an air tight container for two days.

After two days, you will get crystal clear slime to which you can add glitters and cute stickers to. Otherwise, you can cut an old lipstick and add color to your transparent slime.

I hope you will try one of these sets of steps on how to make slime at home. Let me know how you’re experience with slime making was. Also, let us know if you have any other tips and tricks in slime making in the comments section below.

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