Convert 2G Sim to 3G/4G: [Sept 2017] Trick For All Networks

Convert 2G Sim to 3G/4G: Hey Friends, Recently a reader asked me about upgrading his 2G sim to 4G. So, I thought why not share this new trick to Convert 2G Sim Into 3G/4G for any network. So, In this article you will get the process of how to convert your 2G Sim to 3G or 4G Sim easily.

Convert 2G Sim to 3G/4G

Here I will tell you the trick for all the Telecom Operators of India which includes Airtel, Aircel, Reliance, Idea, etc. So just grab your phone and covert any 2g sim that you want.

Here in this post I will tell you two different ways to upgrade your Sim:

  • Convert from 2G sim to 3G sim
  • Upgrade from 3G Sim to 4G sim 

So according to the requirement you can choose any way.

Trick To Convert 2G Sim to 3G:

Below are all the tricks and ways using which you can upgrade your existing 2G sim to 3G Sim.

OperatorTypeSend To
Tata Docomo3GLIFE53333

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1. Airtel 3G Sim Activation

  • Go to messages and type START3G
  • Send it to 121
  • Your 2G sim will soon be upgraded to 3G.

2. 3G Activation in Idea Sim

  • In your SMS, Type ACT3G & Send it to 12345
  • Now, You will get an SMS to select on MIGRATION TO 3G
  • Soon, your Idea 2G sim will be upgraded to 3G sim.

3. Vodafone 3G Activation

  • Type ACT3G in SMS
  • Send it to 144
  • You will get an SMS & Select option MIGRATION TO 3G
  • Done! Your Vodafone sim is now upgraded to 3G

4. Reliance sim 3G activation

  • Go to messages and type START3G
  • Send it to 53733
  • That’s All! You will get an SMS that your 3G has been activated in Reliance.

5. BSNL 3G Sim Activation

  • In your Messages, Just Type HELPING & Send it to 52244.
  • You will get an SMS & then Select MIGRATION TO 3G Option.
  • That’s It! You BSNL 2G will be converted to 3G instantly.

5. Vodafone 3G Activation

  • Type ACT3G in SMS
  • Send it to 144
  • You will get an SMS & Select option MIGRATION TO 3G
  • Done! Your Vodafone sim is now upgraded to 3G

6. Aircel 3G Sim Activation

  • Firstly, Type START3G & Send it to 121
  • Thats it. You will get a sms that your 3G is activated.

7. Tata Docomo 3G activation

  • Type 3GLIFE & Send it to 53333
  • Soon, You will get a sms that your sim is 3G activated now.

The above tricks were to Convert 2G Sim to 3G. Now, lets see, how you can convert a Sim to 4G network.

Convert any Sim To 4G Sim:

Now lets have a look on how you can change a sim to 4G sim.

1. Airtel 4G Sim Activation

  • Go to 4G SIM upgrade link of Airtel
  • Enter Your Mobile Number & Click on “Check if 4G Ready“.airtel 4g sim upgrade
  • Now, Fill all Details like Name, Address etc.
  • Thats it. Your 4G Sim will arrive within 1 day.

2. Idea 3G To 4G Sim Upgrade

  • First of all you should have a 4G Smartphone.
  • Now Check if 4G is available in your location or not. Check here
  • Once seen, you can go to the Nearest Idea Offie and Take the Sim.


  • Visit Idea 4G Sim upgrade Link.
  • Enter Your Mobile Number & Check if Idea 4G is Available.idea 4g sim upgrade
  • If available, then go to the nearest Idea store and take the Sim.
  • Furthermore, You will also get a 2GB Free Data on Upgrading the Sim.

3. Vodafone 4G Sim Activation Upgrade

  • First of all Go to the Nearest Vodafone store & take a 4G Sim.
  • Now, SMS SIMEX <20digit SIM number> to 55199, Using your current active SIM.
  • SMS last 6 digits to 55199 when prompted.
  • That’s All! Once Verified, Your Voda 4G Sim will be activated within 20 minutes.  Vodafone 4G sim upgrade

I hope you liked the article about Convert 2G Sim to 3G/4G. Do read our other post to know more about Technology & Offers.

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