Hotstar App Customer Care Number and Contact Details

Hotstar Customer Care – Pretty much like the United States of America has Netflix, India has Hotstar. The concept behind launching Hotstar was that people who can’t keep up with the show timings should be able to watch the episodes of their favorite tv show or movie and not miss out on it. Hotstar is an online video streaming platform that lets you watch your favorite tv shows anytime anywhere if you have an internet connection. Hotstar can be used on a smartphone and is supported by Android, iOS, windows- all three of these platforms.

hotstar customer care

Hotstar is owned by a subsidiary of Star India Private Limited called Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited. Hotstar is the most watched online video streaming app in India because of the variety that it provides people. It has movies and shows in more than 8 Indian languages and also airs live sports. The quality of the video is outstanding, which makes the experience of watching your favorite tv show on your phone as good and pleasing as watching it on the television.

Hotstar Customer Care Contact Details

Most of the times, people find the need to contact Hotstar customer care when the video doesn’t work properly, or when the phone doesn’t seem to support the app. Hotstar can be viewed both for free and by paying and getting the membership. Obviously, when you make a payment and get a membership, you have more control over the app and there are a number of add-ons that you get to enjoy for being a member of Hotstar.

When you buy the membership of Hotstar, it is called premium membership. And when you get the premium membership, it lasts for a month- wherein you can enjoy all the premium benefits and watch exclusive shows and movies. For instance, if you have the premium membership of Hotstar, you get to watch English shows as well- that are exclusive to the premium members only. And since the premium membership lasts only a month, you need to renew it every month if you want to keep enjoying the perks of the premium membership.

Some of the people don’t quite understand how to get the premium membership for Hotstar. When this problem arises, you can always contact the Hotstar customer care and get to know what are the steps you will have to follow to get the premium membership. Besides this, if you have other questions or queries, you can contact the Hotstar customer care and clear it all for yourself. While Hotstar does not have any official customer care number as of now, there are a number of other ways you can reach them and clear all your doubts regarding their services.

We have provided various points of contact that you can use based on your convenience to connect with the Hotstar customer care team and seek solutions to your problems.

Facebook Page for contacting Hotstar Customer Care Team-

Twitter Page of Hotstar- @hotstartweets

Google Plus Page of Hotstar-

Official website of Hotstar-

Highlights of Hotstar

Amazing quality

When you play a video on Hotstar, unlike a lot of online video streaming apps, it automatically plays to the best of the quality. Depending on your internet connection, it will make most out of it and choose the highest resolution to play the video based on the bandwidth. So, whether you are watching a video on your phone or on your laptop/ desktop- the quality of the video is uncompromised.

User Interface That Is Friendly

Unlike a number of online video streaming applications and websites, both the versions of Hotstar- namely mobile version and website version are very easy to use. You don’t even need much time to get accustomed to the way you’d operate Hotstar since it very clear and simple.

Easy To Search Videos

Hotstar has a search bar where you can type the name of the show you want to watch and easily find it without having to scroll endlessly. Also, it has the convenience of autofill by which anything you type gets detected and you can find the show in the options without having to type a lot.

Latest And Popular Movies/ Shows

As soon as you open the app/ website, you would find the trending videos- movies and shows that are gathering most attention at that moment. This lets you watch what is popular and stay updated about recent shows and movies.

Original Shows That Are Hotstar Exclusive

Hotstar airs a number of exclusive shows online which are (apparently) only available on Hotstar and nowhere else. These shows have had amazing reviews and feedback from the audience, which means if you plan to watch these videos, you have to have Hotstar on your phone.

How To Get Hotstar Membership?

hotstar customer care

Getting Hotstar membership is really simple. It just takes three steps to become a member of Hotstar. We have mentioned those three steps below.

  1. After opening the app or website on your phone/desktop, go to page where you will see the option of getting the premium service.
  2. Once you click on “choose your plan”, you will be prompted to select one of the packages with different costs and for different time durations.
  3. After you select the package, you have to sign up if you are a new user or login if you are an existing user. After you do so, you will have to choose the means of payment and you become the premium member of Hotstar.

The best thing about Hotstar is that no matter what platform you use- whether it is an iPhone, Android phone, Windows, or whatever, Hotstar works really well on all of them. And if you face any troubles relating to anything, all you need to do is contact the Hotstar customer care using any of the social media links. Once you do so, you will be able to get the kind of help or clear your queries. Hope we were able to help you with your problem through this article! For more tricks and ideas, please read through the other articles that we have posted on

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