Home Exercises- Get in Good Shape and Save Up Money

Who doesn’t dream of a flawless shaped body with all the curves at all the right places? We’ve all been jealously scrolling through our Instagram feeds and giving it a thought if maybe joining a gym could be a good idea? And why not, it definitely is. Taking care of your body is an amazing thing to do. The only catch is- when you decide to join a gym, you have to spend a significant amount of money. If you are not very consistent and hate being time-bound, joining a gym, spending lots of money, and ending up skipping your routine would mean a total loss. Thankfully, there’s no rule you have to go to the gym for a perfect body. There are a number of home exercises that prove just as useful to tone your body. We’ve divided the exercises into 7 parts based on what body part they are concerned with.

Home Exercises For Arms

Triceps Dips

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Triceps dips help in toning the muscles on the backside of your upper arm. You don’t need any equipment for this. All you need is an elevated platform to rest your hands on. You have to first sit on the floor by extending both your legs straight in front of you.  Now keep both your hands on the raised platform and keep them shoulder-width apart from each other. Keep your hands on the platform such that your elbows bend to form a right angle between your hand and arm. Keep your back really close to the support platform. Now, by exerting pressure on your hands, lift your butt up. Once you raise your butt, your hands will stretch straight on the plank. Now, come back to the original position by bringing your butt to the ground and again making a right angle with your elbow. This is one rep.

One-Arm Side Push Ups

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To begin with, lie on the side of your body. Now, keep the hand that is on the resting side of the body at the other side, like you do when you fold your arms. Use this hand to hold your stomach for support. Now, the hand on the side has to be kept on the floor. After that, put pressure on the hand to raise your upper body. Raising and bringing your upper body to the normal position makes a single rep.

Wall Push-Ups

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If you have just started training and exercising and find one-are side push-ups and triceps dips difficult, you can initially try wall push-ups. The wall gives a great support for your body and saves you from too much exhaustion. But, make sure you don’t take too much support. Make sure you exert the needed amount of pressure on your arms.

Home Exercises For Chest


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When we talk about exercises, push-ups are undoubtedly the first thing that would come to our mind. While push-ups exert great pressure on your arms, they mainly have an amazing effect on your chest. While push-ups don’t need to be explained, since they are very common, but if you still aren’t sure how to go about it, here’s how. Place your hands on the ground shoulder-width apart. Make sure your toes touch the floor so that your bodyweight is on your toes. Lift your body such that your arms change from a right angle to straight. Then drop down slowly. This is a single rep.

Incline Push-Ups

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Incline push-ups are a more specific form of push-ups that focus on the middle and lower regions of the chest. You call these regions “sternal region” and so this is a sternal exercise. Besides, this is a great exercise for people who find full push-ups hard to do. Incline push-ups are pretty much like normal push-ups. The only difference is, instead of taking the support of the floor and being in a line with the entire body, you take the support of an elevated surface.

Elevated Push-Ups

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Elevated push-ups are a form of push-ups that completely focus on your chest and help build muscles there. If you’ve been doing the regular push-ups for a long time, for a change and challenging yourself more, you can start doing elevated push-ups. Pretty much like inverted push-ups, elevated push-ups need you to rest a part of your body on a slightly heightened platform. The only difference is, it is the other way around where your feet are placed on the platform. Except for that, everything else remains and you do push-ups like you would do.

Home Exercises For Abdomen

Leg Drop

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This is an exercise that focusses on toning your lower abdomen and strengthens your lower back. It makes your body learn how to be stable and lets you avoid straining your neck since it is just the lower body that is involved in the exercise. To begin with, lie down on your back and stretch your legs straight facing the ceiling, that is by making a right angle with your entire body. Now, drop one leg slowly to the floor, just a few inches without touching the floor. Now while you raise that leg back slowly, lower the other leg. That is how you go about it. And while you carry out this exercise, make sure you keep your abs tight.


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For performing the scissors exercise, first, lie on the floor on your back. You can rest your hands below your head or on the side of your body (like in an attention position)- whatever you like. Now lift both your legs and stop a bit before you make a right angle with your body. At this point, cross your right leg with the left leg and vice versa. This happens in a scissor-like movement, with your legs overlapping each other turn by turn.


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Roll-ups are the best exercise for the abs given you are ready to take that amount of physical efforts. Roll-ups are different from the other exercises mentioned above since it involves a movement of the upper body. But don’t worry, with what efforts you put, you will be able to witness quick changes if you are consistent. You start by lying on your back. Stretch your hands straight above your head on the floor. Now raise your entire body with the support of your arms and bring your arms to touch your toes. You don’t have to actually aim to touch your toes. Just stretch your body enough so that it exerts the needed amount of pressure on your abdomen.

Home Exercises For Butt and Thighs


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Out of all home exercises, squats are the best exercise for both butts and thighs. If you do it the right way, there’s no way you could be disappointed with this exercise. The only catch is, people, don’t generally do it rigth and then blame it on the squats. Doing squats needs knowing a proper calculation of how much to bend and what part to exert pressure on. Once you figure it out, you’d be able to perform easily. To begin with, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Now, extend your hands in front of you and bend your knees. Bend your knees and squat down till your hips go below your knee level. After that, go back to the starting position.

Glute Bridge

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In order to perform glute bridge the right way, lie down on your back. Now, instead of dropping your legs flat on the floor, lie such that your knees are raised and your feet rest on the ground (like in the image). Now lift your hip such that your thighs, stomach, and chest are in a straight line. After doing so, drop it down to the floor and then repeat it again. You can choose to keep your hands on the side of your body or extend them in the opposite sides on the floor. Whatever lets you perform the exercise properly is what you should choose.

Crossover Lunges

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After squats, the second best exercise for butt and thighs is crossover lunges. Start by standing still. Now, cross one leg with the other, pretty much like you do when you walk. Just, it has to stretch a little more over the other leg. And when you do so, keep your body straight. After doing so, drop your hip slowly like in squats. Come back to the normal position and repeat it again with the other leg. This makes a single rep.

Home Exercises For Calves

Calf Raises

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Calf presses are generally done with the help of machines and equipment. Since we are talking about saving money and not touching exercises that involve machines, there are ways you can do calf raises instead, which are just as effective. For this, you need to use your toes and need staircases or an elevated platform. With the balls of your feet, step onto the corner of the stair (look at the left side of the image). Now raise your toes further and put it back down. Here, you first place the balls of your feet on the corner and then raise the balls of your feet so that your toes come in contact with the floor. This is a single rep.

Basic Running

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If you make it a habit to run every day, there’s no way your calves don’t get in a good shape. Running mainly requires your calf muscles to be in action. This causes them to get toned. You don’t have to spend a lot of time running. Just take out a minute or so based on your stamina for running.

Jumping Rope

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Since we have already talked about how running tones calf muscles, it is clearly obvious how jumping rope can help you. Jumping rope is a static form of running. And when you jump rope by being on your toes, it exerts more strain on your calf muscles and tones them. You can also include jumping rope as your warm-up exercise, and for that matter, all calf exercises can be a part of warm up in a way.

Bodyweight Home Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are performed to gain an overall flexibility and body strength. The bodyweight exercises that have been discussed below do a great job at covering major parts of your body that need good toning and flexibility.


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Plank is one of the major home exercises you would never want to skip if you are passionate about toning your body. It is a core exercise in which your body acts as the weight you are performing the exercise with. The best way to perform plank is by starting with a push-up posture. Instead of keeping your palms on the floor, rest your hands on the floor such that your arms move and rest of the hands take the weight of your body. Also, place just your toes on the floor. Now, raise your body with the help of your arms. Stay in that position for a certain amount of time (whatever you are comfortable with). Then release your body to the starting position. Make sure you don’t over-exert yourself and make it a point to slowly increase the time duration instead of going for a long duration in one go.

Tuck Jump

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If you are good with squats, you already know half of how to perform tuck jumps. When you bend your hip like that in squats, instead of getting back to the original position, you have to quickly make a jump, land in the same sitting position again and go on with jumping. Do this as many times as your stamina allows. The reason why tuck jump is a core exercise is that when you jump, your toes carry the weight of your entire body.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climber exercise gives an amazing amount of core and upper body strength. If you have already read about how to perform planks, get you in the starting position of planks. Now, bring one knee close to your abdomen. After that quickly switch to the other knee by bringing the first leg back to resting on the toe. This is a very quick exercise where.

Since each part of your body has a point of pressure in order to tone the muscles of that part, different home exercises for different parts have to be chosen for an overall toning of muscles. Pick at least one exercise from each heading and make it a complete exercise regime. You can even switch from one exercise to another from time to time. However, make sure when you start, you are generous with yourself. Don’t work your body too much. Increase the duration and reps gradually and let your body get tuned to it. When you start exercising, you will experience pain in different parts of the body. This is a good sign and in order to overcome the pain, you have to keep exercising every day without skipping. Once your body gets used to exercising, you won’t experience aches because of exercising.

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