Hangover Tips That Will Help You Escape From Skipping Work/School


Drinking can never be a sensible decision. Well, to start with, it can. But the more we drink, the more we want to drink more. This is why a “no hangover” drinking is almost impossible. And maybe this is why the opposite of hungover doesn’t exist. When you are hungover, you inevitably skive off work or school because a spinning head and a boss/teacher is a bad combination. After a night when you do rows of drinking, you need best hangover tips to be sober and function like a human at work/school. So, here’s a list of hangover tips for the hungover you.

Hangover Tips That Should Be At Your Fingertips

1. Pre-Drinking Rituals

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The hangover treatment starts even before you get hungover. Always make it a point to wash some food down your throat with water or any non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated beverage. It might sound like filling your stomach already and barely leaving any space for alcohol. But that is not the logic here. But trust me when I say this is one of the hangover tips. When you drink on an empty stomach, the alcohol gets absorbed into the bloodstream easily and has a greater impact on your organs, like liver, kidneys, and heart. If you have alcohol after eating some food, it slows down the rate of absorption of it into the bloodstream. If this sounds too biological and goes over your head, let’s break it down to simpler language. Food in your tummy equals lesser chances of a hangover. Snickers, Two slices of bread or a pack of chips doesn’t count as “food”. You have to have a proper meal or any significant food before you are about to hit the club.

2. Take It Slow And Steady

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The thirsty-for-alcohol side of you would scream at the top of his/her lungs to “bottoms up” the entire beer bottle or glass of vodka. There are two reasons why you shouldn’t be listening to that side of you. First up, it definitely is the not-at-all classy way of taking alcohol. Secondly, you are again supplying great amounts of alcohol all at once to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. Instead, when you drink slowly, you are letting the alcohol be absorbed little by little, leaving lesser chances of a hangover the following morning.

3. Have a Proper Sleep Post Drinking

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When you drink too much and skip sleeping for at least 7 hours, you will end up having a worse hangover. Not getting a proper amount of sleep impacts your memory, concentration, mood, performance, and motor control. If a hangover sounds bad enough, these are the add-ons which you can only get rid of if you sleep for at least 7 hours.

 4. Consider Exercising

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Waking up after heavy rounds of alcohol the previous night makes us clumsy. It also makes us want to skip work/school and just rest the entire day. While that’d be the best thing to do, a lot of times going to work or attending school might be too important. When it is so, pick yourself up from the bed and exercise. This helps you revitalize so that you can function in your work/school. Also, when you exercise, your body releases endorphin which is a mood booster. This will cheer you up and prepare you for the rest of the day.

5. Take a Cool Shower

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There can be nothing more freshening than a cold (not too cold, though) water shower. Make it a point to never skip shower when you have a hangover and need to be at work/school. Use the best smelling body wash and just let the water do its magic. The whole process of showering, toweling off and dressing up energizes you and makes you feel better. On the contrary, if you skip a shower, you’re going to end up feeling as bad as you did when you woke up.

6. Have A Proper Breakfast

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Let’s begin by saying alcohol messes up the level of nutrients in the body. So, basically, when you have a proper breakfast in the morning, you are balancing the vital nutrients in your body so that you are able to function for the rest of the day. Alcohol lowers the amount of potassium in your body. So, it would be great to have one or two bananas for breakfast as bananas contain potassium. You can have milk and toasts and just about anything that has a good amount of fats. Fats help to break down the alcohol that is in your liver. So a combination of milk, bananas, and boiled potatoes and something that is fried would be great for breakfast. Avoid caffeinated drinks the entire day since it can make your hangover worse.

7. Have Ginger and Lemon

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Hangover is accompanied by the feeling of nausea most of the times. Both ginger and lemon help in fighting the nauseous feeling. You can either have ginger lemon tea (made from fresh gingers and lemons). If not tea, you can cut ginger into small pieces, add a few drops of lemon and a spoon of honey to it and have it. You don’t have to have too much, just a tablespoon will suffice.

8. Keep Having Water All Day

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There are two reasons why you should keep having water throughout the day at regular intervals. First of all, alcohol causes extreme dehydration. When you have water, you are restoring the needed amount of water in your body and are rehydrating yourself. Secondly, having lots of water will make you urinate. This helps in draining out the alcohol from your bloodstream and to get rid of it quickly. this is one of the most important hangover tips that you should remember.

9. Try Avoiding Drinking on a Sunday Night

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All of us know what Sunday night means. It means waking up to Monday mornings when no one says “yay no work!”. This is exactly why you shouldn’t drink on a Sunday night. It will drain your energy and leave you hungover on a Monday morning.  Monday mornings are one of those mornings when you need to be completely recharged. There’s so much to do and starting tired would mean feeling tired and demotivated for the rest f the week. While this not exactly one of the hangover tips, it sure might help you in avoiding a Monday morning hangover that is a total sabotage to the rest of the week.

Hope these hangover tips help you everytime you plan to drink.

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