Makeup trends and Hair styles this fall party season

The party season is here, and everyone seems to have already got into the mood for fun and frolicking. If you are a salon owner, you must be already drowning in the sea of clients asking for a chic party look for themselves. But are you ready to deal with their incessant demands of good hairstyles and makeup trends? In case you are unprepared, here are a few hair and makeup trends and tips that you can look into, to make their hair and makeup impeccable for the next party.

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This article has been penned down keeping in mind the multiple salons and spa owners that tear at their head each and every day trying to come up with new ideas for their clients. If you are a salon owner or an aspiring beautician, then this article shall help you provide the much-needed expertise in selecting makeup trends and styles for your clients this fall season.

Fall Hairstyle Trends for 2017

This party season, ask your clients to go for buns and braids. For short or mid-length hair, suggest messy buns or top knots to complement their face. You can also suggest braids like the Dutch braid for mid-length hair. In case of long length hair, go for the classic style of keeping the hair down, with soft curls or beachy waves that give off a fresh and dreamy look.

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Nayana Karunaratne, Owner, Salon Nayana, says

It is always better to go for crisp short looks that are feminine yet practical and easy to maintain. Unswept styles like soft curls are extremely popular this season. However, one should avoid going for anything that looks too tight or formal.

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For short haired people who want to go for a long hair look, extensions work like magic and can be used to get the flowy look they so desire.

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Joining the colors with Fall Makeup looks 2017

Kylie Jenner started a crazy hair color trend last year, with people from all over coloring their hair in teal and similar shades of blue. However, this year, suggest your clients to go for more natural colors.

Naina Gunjikar, hair artist at High Gloss, says

It’s really trendy to go for rose gold this party season. Although it is difficult to achieve and takes all day, the end results are so magnificent that it makes up for all the effort. Other colors to look out for are lavender and shades of grey for a fun, party look.

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In case your clients are not ready to color their entire hair length, go for highlights or flashes of color for them, which seems to be highly in vogue this season. Use colors like bright pink, red, blue and silvers so make for a really funky and stylish look.

Swati Gupta, Creative Director at Bodycraft, suggests going for styles like balayage and ecaille, the newest trends that have emerged this year.

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Balayage is a French word meaning ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep’, and gives off a softer looking, sun-kissed hair color that looks extremely natural, with less noticeable growth lines. Ecaille, on the other hand, is another French word meaning tortoiseshell. So as expected, this particular coloring style is inspired from the highs and lows as seen in a tortoiseshell, giving off a 3D effect to the head of your hair.

“To make heads turn,” says Swati, “make these looks bolder by working in contrast shades with the balayage and ecaille styles.”

Autumn Winter Makeup Trends 2017

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With all their party plans in place, your clients would definitely want you to go for whatever is trending this season. Bright lips, lots of glitter and winged eyeliners are the styles to go for this party season. Gouri Kapur, Professional Makeup Artist and Grooming Consultant, tells us,

Creating healthy-looking shine with makeup to give your skin natural looking glamour is very much in vogue this party season.

Makeup Trends for Fall 2017 that Catch the Eye

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Eyes are the most attractive aspects when putting on any sort of makeup. Most of the time, the obvious choice would be to go for a simple eyeliner and a dash of kohl. However, when your client wants to glam up for a party, go for styles like the classing winged eyeliner, thin or bold lines (depending on the overall look). Another thing that you can try on is graphic shades like sharp pointy lines or little boxes for eyeliners which look really trendy and chic. You can also experiment with colored eyeliners, which never really go out of style. However, make sure you choose the right colors for the eyes. Sonic, from MAC Cosmetics, says

When applying makeup for Indian complexions, it is better to stick to jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue or a really deep shade of purple with a little brightness, as it greatly compliments their skin tone.

When it comes to eye-shadows, softer looking eyes are the trend to go for this season, suggests Gouri. A dash of any matte color added to brown still keeps the eyes looking soft yet glamorous, she says. Another trend that is fast catching up is the use of metallic shades for the eyes, says Sonic. Shades like gold, bronze, champagne are extremely chic and keep the eyes dramatic. Also, bright shades like fuschia and a bright green can also make for trendy party colors.

Party like there’s no tomorrow this fall 2017

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With all this information at your fingertips now, it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge to dress up for your next soiree. So go out there, dressed to be in vogue with your makeup on fleek and blow everyone’s minds with your charming personality!

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