Frenzzup/Frihub Social Trade: Today’s Update on Frenzzup

Frenzzup/Frihub Social Trade: Hey Friends, you must have heard some News of Social Trade being closed. So in this post I will share all the Latest and Important information with you about Social Trade new site called Frihub Social Trade is the New Social Netwoking website of Social Trade where people can upload Videos and pictures and also complete daily tasks.Frihub Social Trade

As you know Multi level Marketing (MLM) is illegal in India. So, Social Trade is completely eliminating the concept of MLM and making a new site from 31 st January 2017.

#Latest: As Per Anubhav Mittal Message, The New site is, Read Full detail about Frenzzup Social Trade Here.

This might be a good news for some and bad new for others. So, Here in this post I will share each and every bit of Social Trade Frihub site so that you get to know everything.

Frenzzup Status: Started & Getting Work

Minimum Joining: Free

Type: Like Facebook, NO MLM

#Update: The New site of Social trade is called Frenzzup. And it will be live from 1st February. Keep Visiting, I will keep this post updated.

What is Frenzzup/Frihub?

To eliminate MLM from Social Trade Ablaze made a new site called is exactly same as Facebook, where people can upload pictures, videos, status and Connect with their friends and other people. Frihub/Frenzzup is absolutely Free for everybody and has amazing features:

  • Upload Pics, Videos and Status
  • Send Friend Requests
  • Like, Comment and Share on others Pics/Videos/Status 
  • Chat with Friends
  • Make Business Pages
  • Timeline updates regularly like facebook
  • Earn Money by Daily Click Task

In Frihub, Users will have to click on other’s post to earn money daily with task. And another good part of Frihub is you will get a Free Product with every Id Activation. Also, the Frihub site will be activated on 28th January.

Some Quick Information from Frihub/Frenzzup Social Trade:

  1. All the Payments will be Transferred weekly (Not Daily)
  2. No Admin Charges, Only 5%T.D.S.
  3. Payments will be accepted from 23rd January 2017 only through D.D. Mode.
  4. NEFT/RTGS will be accepted after 30th January 2017.
  5. Payment of Work Done between 16th to 22nd January 2017 will be transferred on 23rd January.
  6. 1 week booster Extension will be given to all those whose booster is failed during 12th January to 22nd January.
  7. site will be closed as soon a Frihub start running effectivly.
  8. The purchase of the Social Trade Biz Plan review will be considered as per the date of D.D. and not the date of activation of the plan.
  9. All the users will get their pending Daily Money and referral money once everything gets reconciled by Ablaze Social Trade within a few days.
  10. You will also get a gift product on activating ID on

Video Description: In the above video you will get to know the latest update about Frihub Social Trade.

How to Do Frihub/Frenzzup Login?

  1. Visit
  2. If you already have Social Trade Account, then Use the same Username & Password to Login.
  3. If you are a New user, then Click on SignUp and Make a Free ID.

How to Create Page On Frihub/

Creating Page on Frihub is a very easy work. First of all you have to login to your Frihub account with your UserName & Password. So, Lets see how you can make a page on Frihub Social Trade site.

  1. Login to your Social Trade/Frihub AccountFrihub Social Trade

2. Now, On left side, Click on Create Page

3. When a New Window will Open, Select Category, Subcategory for you page

4. Now, Enter Your Company/Page Name, Description and Click Next.

5. Upload the Profile Picture & Click on Finish.

6. That’s All! Your Frihub Page will be created Instantly & You can post Images, Videos and status on your Frihub Page.

Video Description: In the above, Video you will understand How to make a free page on Frihub Social Trade website.

How to Register on Fenzzup/Frihub?

  1. Goto
  2. Enter all your Details like Name, Email Id, Mobile Number and Password.
  3. Now Click on SignUp button.
  4. That’s All Your Frihub account is ready to be used.

You can make the Payment on the Below Mentioned account of Canara Bank. I will update more information here as soon as Frihub starts working properly.

Bank NameCanara Bank
Account Number1149214000021
IFSC CodeCNRB0001149

Frihub/Frenzzup. com Plans for Joining:

The joining plans for Fri hub are exactly same as Social Trade. Below you can see all the Frihub plans that you can join:

ST PlansPlan Cost
STP 10Rs.5750
STP 20Rs.11500
STP 50Rs.28750
STP 100Rs.57500
STP 200Rs.1,15,000

Frihub Earning Per Package:

Just have alook at the earning that you can do with each Fri hub social Trade Package Plan.

Plan NamePlan CostNo. of Daily Links You GetDaily Earning(Rs.5/Link Click)Daily Earning after Tax Deduction
STP - 10Rs.575010Rs.50Rs.42
STP -20Rs.1150020Rs.100Rs.84
STP - 50Rs.2875050Rs.250Rs.212
STP - 100Rs.57500125Rs.625Rs.530

STP10 – Rs.5750 Package

  • Member Gets 10 Links daily
  • Income 10 x 5 = Rs.50 Daily for 12 Months
  • Binary Capping – Rs.50,000
  • Links after Booster = 20
  • Free Product: Not yet Disclosed

STP 20 – Rs.11500 Package

  • Member Gets 20 Links daily
  • Income 20 x 5 = Rs.100 Daily for 12 Months
  • Binary Capping – Rs.75,000
  • Links after Booster = 40
  • Free Product: Not yet Disclosedfrihub earning stp 20

W 50 – Rs.28500 Package

  • Member Gets 50 Links daily
  • Income 50 x 5 = Rs.250 Daily for 12 Months
  • Binary Capping – Rs.2,00,000
  • Links after Booster = 100
  • Free Product: Not yet Disclosedfrihub package earning stp 50

W 100 – Rs.57500 Package

  • Member Gets 125 Links daily
  • Income 125 x 5 = Rs.250 Daily for 12 Months
  • Binary Capping – Rs.2,00,000
  • Links after Booster = 250
  • Free Product: Not yet Disclosedfrihub package earning stp 100

W 200 – Rs.1,15,000 Package

  • Member Gets 200 Links daily
  • Income 200 x 5 = Rs.1000 Daily for 12 Months
  • Binary Capping – Rs.2,00,000
  • Links after Booster = 400
  • Free Product: Not yet Disclosed

So, You earning in Frihub Social Trade will directly depend upon the package you take. As I told before, Now you will only be charged 5% T.D.S and No Admin fee. Which is surely a good news for everyone.

Note: Frihub has not yet given any specific way to Earn Promotional Income.

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Run Campaign For Page Promotion on Frenzup/Frihub:

I would like to tell that anyone can run the campaign on Frihub for its promotion. Just go through the below information to know more about running the sponsored campaign on frihub.

  • Users have to Buy ePoints From by paying through NEFT/IMPS/DD/Online Payment.
  • You can promote your page using the Purchased ePoints from frihub.
  • You can also select the Time Duration for the Campaign just like facebook ads.(Time Duration Can be Maximum six months)
  • All the Users Can Do Application For Refund of ePoints Within 48 Hours of the Purchase.
  • The best thing is that you can also Stop/Pause/Resume the running Campaign anytime.
  • You can choose the State and City of the Audience according to the requirement.
  • FriHub does Not Guarantee assured likes to any Campaign.
  • Moreover, Frihub do guarantee visibility of the Campaign over the portal to the committed audience.
  • All the Audience Will be Calculated by Allotted ePoints and Available Audience whichever is Minimum. (Expected Reach: Number of ePoints Allotted to Campaign × 10 Audience).

A Few More Information

  • Any Page can enroll with in Profit Sharing Program.
  • will provide a chance to all its page owners to Earn Money with a Profit Sharing Program.
  • As does not have Many users in the starting. So, Fri Hub Will Hire Other’s Pages for the Advertisements Posts.
  • There Will be Slots Available on all the Pages for advertisements.
  • Total Number of Ads Depends upon the Number of ePoints Purchased by that user, 500 & Above= (ePoints/500).
  • will pay Rs.40 per ad post to the owner of the page.

Terms & Conditions for Page Ads

  • The Page should be Active Page.
  • It should have a Proper Display Image & Cover Image.
  • Must have Minimum 100 People Connected to the page.
  • Minimum 1 Post is required every day.
  • The Page should not belong to some third party if it is the third party, then a self-declaration from the actual owner is required.

Hot Topics:

Refund From Frenzzup/Frihub Social Trade?

If you are not satisfied by the work of the, You can take the refund from Frihub within 10 days of activation of your id. Consequently, once cancelled or refunded, you can not signup again for next 6 months. But you can use your different Email and Pan Card to signup again 😛

So, Getting Frihub Social Trade Refund is not a big issue, you can easily get that.

Legal Documents of Social Trade Frihub Company:

The legal documents of Frihub are same as Social Trade because both companies comes under Ablaze Company. So, You do not have to worry much about the authenticity of the company.

Ablaze Frihub Pan Card

social trade pan

Ablaze Info Frihub Registration

Social Trade Biz Registration

Frihub Plan COI

Social Trade COI

Frihub Company Address:

Head Office:

ABlaze Info Solution Pvt. Ltd.

F-472, 2nd Floor, Sector 63,

Noida – Uttar Pradesh, India

P.O. Box Number : 201301


Branch Office:

D-8, 3rd Floor,RDC, Ghaziabad – Uttar Pradesh, India

P.O. Box Number : 201001

Frihub/Frenzup Review, Is it Fake or Not?

Frihub is another company of Ablaze Info Private limited. Since, MLM is illegal in India so now Social Trade cannot word on their business Model. Social Trade was a Multi Level Marketing Company where people had to join other members. So, Frihub will be a different company where users can earn money by clicking on ads.

For a few days people did not get their money but company is saying that they will soon give everybody’s money in the bank account. I think that people will soon get the money as till now most of the users have got their money and its not fake. So, Their are a lot of questions if Frihub is fake or not, is frihub trade scam?

Moreover, Currently people are getting the pending money of Social Trade and will tell you when they start giving money through Frihub.

Social Trade Biz Payment Proof

Finally, Below you can see the Income proof of Social Trade Biz. So, Do not take the risk of money that you can not afford to loose.

Social Trade payment Proof

I will surely keep you updated with activities of and Social Trade. So, Do share your views in the comments below.

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