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Chandler, Ross, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, and Rachel- these are the names of six friends who are friends with different generations of viewers since 1994. Friends series is one among the most loved and ever green sitcoms of all time. And it’s not just me who’s saying this, there are polls which prove the fact that Friends is one of the best sitcoms of all time.

The reason why Friends series is evergreen is that it appeals to a particular age group and it does not involve anything that depends a lot on time. So, when we watch them now, we feel like we’re one among them. We all want friends like them and that’s why we connect with the series so much. The series is loved by people who weren’t even born when it was first aired and amazingly, they can connect to the characters as well.

If you’re in love with the six friends and the ten years of their lives, you might be interested in knowing what exactly happened in which season. That way, you can be the biggest fan among your group and can win quiz competitions on Friends! So, here’s what happened in every season of friends!

Friends Series- Friends Season 1

Episode-1 (The one where Monica gets a roommate)

  • Rachel leaves Barry at the altar and comes to Central Perk and meets Monica.
  • Ross says that his ex-wife Carol moved out of their house.
  • Rachel decides to stay with Monica and start her independent life, without her dad’s financial help.
  • Monica goes on a date with Paul, “The wine guy and he cheats her.”
  • Ross tries to make a move on Rachel, but he keeps it subtle.
  • Rachel takes the job of a waitress at Central Perk.

Episode-2 (The one with the sonogram at the end)

  • Carol tells Ross that she’s pregnant.
  • Ross and Monica’s parents visit them and they pick on everything Monica doesn’t want to hear about her.
  • Rachel loses her engagement ring inside Monica’s lasagna.
  • Ross tells the others and his parents about Carol being pregnant.
  • Carol and Susan says Ross can get as involved as he wants.
  • Ross, Carol, and Susan goes to the OBGYN doctor and clearly there’s a tension between Ross and Susan.
  • Rachel meets Barry to return her engagement ring and he reveals his relationship with Mindy (Rachel’s maid of honor and close friend).
  • Ross shows sonogram picture of the baby to everyone and Monica gets all emotional.

Episode-3 (The one with the thumb)

  • Joey, Ross, Phoebe, Monica, and Chandler explains about the dating language to Rachel.
  • We get to know that Chandler was a smoke addict and he quit with a lot of difficulty.
  • We also get to know that Rachel is a terrible waitress.
  • Phoebe gets extra money in her bank, she gives it to a homeless lady. The homeless lady buys her a soda in which she finds a thumb and the soda company gives her even more money.
  • Chandler starts smoking again and phoebe says she will give all the extra money she got to quit smoking.
  • Monica dates Alan and everyone loves Alan but then they break up and everyone gets depressed.

Episode-4 (The one with George Stephanopoulos)

  • Ross is upset because it was the first day him and Carol had sex.
  • Rachel is upset because her first salary was very less.
  • Rachel’s rich group of girls come to visit her in the coffee house and she feels bad about what she gave up in life.
  • Ross, Joey, and Chandler goes to the Knicks game and Ross gets hit on his nose by a puck.
  • Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe has their own slumber party at Monica’s place and they look out at George Stephonopoulos, ther handsome neighbor.

Episode-5 (The one with the East German laundry detergent)

  • Joey and Monica goes for a double date with Angela (Joey’s ex) and her boyfriend, Bob.
  • Ross and Rachel go for laundry together where Rachel deals with a mean woman all by herself and feels empowered.
  • Chandler breaks up with Janice for the first time, he can’t and Phoebe helps him.

Episode-6 (The one with the butt)

  • Chandler dates Aurora, who is married and has another boyfriend as well.
  • Joey is in a play where he sings “All you want is a dinkle” song.
  • Joey meets Estelle for the first time.
  • Rachel cleans the apartment and moves the green ottoman, which Monica takes back to it’s regular position. Here, we can see how clearly Monica is struck by OCD  (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).
  • Joey gets to play Al Pacino’s butt in a movie but he gets fired.

Episode-7 (The one with the blackout)

  • Phoebe starts singing at Central Perk for the first time.
  • There’s a blackout and Chandler gets stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre.
  • Ross tries to ask Rachel out and Joey gets to know about his feelings.
  • Ross tries to express his feelings to Rachel again but Rachel find Paolo, and kisses him.

Episode-8 (The one where nana dies twice)

  • Chandler’s colleague mistakes him as homosexual.
  • Ross and Monica nana passes away.

Episode-9 (The one where underdog gets away)

  • The underdog gets away and flies over Monica and Chandler’s building.
  • Monica cooks her first Thanksgiving dinner but it gets burnt because they gets locked out from the apartment.
  • Everyone’s Thanksgiving day with their family gets cancelled somehow and all of them end up together.

Episode-10 (The one with the monkey)

  • Ross introduces Marcel, his new monkey to everyone.
  • Phoebe meets David, the scientist guy and starts dating him. David leaves to Minsk for work.
  • Everyone’s worried about not having a date on New Year’s, but Chandler gets Janice, Ross gets Marcel, Rachel gets Paulo, Joey gets his date, and Monica gets fun Bobby.
  • In the end, everyone’s date becomes a disaster and they end up being six single people when the clock hits 12.

Episode-11 (The one with Mrs Bing)

  • Monica says “wohoo” to a handsome guy by the road and he gets hit by a truck. He goes into coma but is taken care by Monica and Phoebe.
  • We get to meet Chandler’s celebrity mom in this episode. She is an erotic novelist and Chandler hates the way she’s with men.
  • Mrs. Bing and Ross kiss because Ross was too drunk.

Episode-12 (The one with the dozen lasagnas)

  • Monica makes lasagnas for her aunt Silv, but she makes non vegetarian ones and aunt Silv wanted vegetarian ones. So she’s left with a dozen lasagnas.
  • Everyone gets to know that Ross is going to have a boy baby.
  • Joey and Chandler buy the foosball table.
  • Paolo makes a move on Phoebe, Rachel breaks up with him.
  • Ross tries to make a move on Rachel again, but she says she’s sick of guys and she doesn’t want to date anyone.

Episode-13 (The one with the boobies)

  • Chandler sees Rachel’s “boobies” by accident.
  • Phoebe dates Roger but everyone hates him.
  • Joey finds out his dad has another woman, Ronnie.

Episode-14 (The one with the candy hearts)

  • It’s valentine’s day and Chandler is with Janice again. Coincidence in its worst form! Lol.
  • Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe are upset because they never had a good partner and they try to do a boyfriend cleansing ritual.
  • Ross goes on a date with his neighbor but ends up with Carol who also comes to the same restaurant by mistake.

Episode-15 (The one with the stoned guy)

  • Rachel gets a raise but he leaves the job because it’s not the job what he wants in life. However, it ends up taking it because he gets a higher raise.
  • Joey teaches Ross how to talk dirty.
  • Steve, Phoebe’s massage client owns a restaurant and Phoebe helps Monica get a trial round at their place. Steve comes stoned and messes up the dinner, Monica doesn’t get the job.

Episode-16 & Episode-17 (The one with two parts)

  • We get to meet Phoebe’s twin sister, Ursula.
  • Joey dates Ursula, which Phoebe disapproves of, Ursula leaves Joey but Phoebe tries to make him feel better.
  • It’s Phoebe’s birthday!
  • Chandler dates Nina Bookbinder, his subordinate.
  • Marcel swallowed a scrabble tile and Ross feels like a dad taking care of him

Episode-18 (The one with all the poker)

  • The guys and girls play poker against each other.
  • Rachel says she wants to try other jobs, gets one, but then loses it.

Episode-19 (The one where the monkey gets away)

  • Ross asks Rachel to take care of Marcel, but he gets away. Finally they find him.
  • Ross tries to ask Rachel out again, but Barry pops out of nowhere saying that he still loves Rachel.

Episode-20 (The one with the evil orthodontist)

  • Barry cheats on Mindy with Rachel. Rachel finds out Barry used to cheat on her with Mindy when Barry and Rachel were engaged.
  • A stalker stalks the friends, but they become friendly with her.
  • Chandler dates this woman who never called him back, he waits for her call and messes things up, this clearly shows us how scared Chandler is of commitment.

Episode-21 (The one with the fake Monica)

  • Someone steals Monica’s credit card and uses it to do everything Monica wished she would have done. Monica becomes friends with the thief, but the thief gets arrested.
  • Ross gives up Marcel because Marcel reached sexual maturity and he humps everything he sees.
  • Joey wants a new stage name.

Episode-22 (The one with the ick factor)

  • Rachel dreams of her having sex wit Chandler and Joey which makes Ross jealous and angry.
  • Phoebe starts working as Chandler’s new assistant.
  • Monica dates “young Ethan,” whom she finds out is a senior in high school and breaks up with him because it’s icky.
  • Carol goes into labour.

Episode-23 (The one with the birth)

  • Carol is in the hospital and everyone is with her. Monica says how badly she wants a baby too.
  • Rachel flirts with Carol’s doctor, Dr. Franzblau.
  • Joey helps n unknown women give birth.
  • Ross and Susan gets stuck in the store room with Phoebe and they have a huge fight about the baby’s name. They finally fix it on Ben. Ben is born.

Episode-24 (The one where Rachel finds out)

  • It’s Rachel’s birthday and Ross has to go to China.
  • He gifts her an expensive pin, and it slips out from Chandler’s mouth that Ross loves Rachel.
  • Rachel decides to tell him that she likes him too, but Ross lands in the airport with Julie, another woman he’s dating.
  • Joey donates sperm for a study, but the girl he dates wants to have sex.

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